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  1. thanks guys! yeah its definitly for the sake of the pleco i just really want one it has nothing to do with the tank being dirty or anything. so what im getting is Bn from u guys but im still not sure im gonna go to the store and look at both and see whats going on hmm.
  2. hey guys i was wondering what is the better fish to get with my oranda, a bn or rb? im thinking about the rubber because it doesnt get as big as the brissle, but what is better to go along with the fish? is there much a diffrence? and what would i need to add to my tank to take care of it? i know i may need algae waffers n stuff but anything else? like rocks, etc. thanks =)
  3. whoaa thats alot! haha i definitly dont think im ready for a SW tank yet thanks for all the info though i wasnt aware on any of those things
  4. Thanks guys that clears up alot so i can really have say 2 clowns and a tang or something like that forexample and not need live rock or anything?
  5. wow id really like it but im not so sure if im up to all the responisibility yet >.< maybe i should go with another freshwater and see how it goes thanks guys =)
  6. hey everyone right now i only have a freshwater tank but hopefully soon im going to get a 30 gal and i wondered what to put in it and i was thinking saltwater fish/coral/inverts. but i have no idea how much work this takes. is it alot harder to deal with and take care of than freshwater is? does it cost more? what would i need..i dont think i could handle coral yet but is it possible to just get rock and fish?? please help if you can im really not sure what to get and id love any suggestions thanks =)
  7. yess it is going to be secondary basicly just for a bio filter =)
  8. hey are oyster shells good to put in the water or are they diffrent?
  9. Heres a diagram of the sponge filter i tend on making... the sponge used is an aqua clear 500 filter replacement and everything else i use is made from stuff purchaced at my LFS. will this work well ? i will post pictures when it is complete and hopefully it will work well. its a pretty easy project but i really would like to make it for the heck of it =) i made this buy cutting out a hole in the center almost all the way down but not all the way threw then drilling a small hole for the airline tube threw the bottom/side of the filter. then i fed the airline tube threw and attached the airstone/air diffuser. then put the 1 inch tube down the center of the sponge. hopefully this will drawl enough air out to make enough suction to create a decent bio filter, thats all im trying to get out of it =) of course the airline is connected to an air pump. will this work? well? thankyou
  10. hey guys last night i saw my oranda had a whitemark on the top of its lip kinda in the shape of a line, also it seemed to have a tiny red mark above the lip. it didnt have it the day before. is this a problem? if it is how can i prevent it from it getting worse?? ill include some pics when i get home ive been having extreemly low Ph levels like 5-6 could this be the cause? ive been trying to fix it but it taking to long =( thank you
  11. ahh thank you so much =) ill get some coral then =)
  12. wow i never checkd my Ph in tap..just did its about 7.3-7.5 >.> why is my tank sooo loww!? i use an API Ph tester kit blue is higher ph and yellow is low and its comming out dark yellow. uh ohh >.<
  13. Dellop5

    My 65 Gallon

  14. my Ph really dropped cause of my other fish dieing so ive been testing it and its around 6.0 or something and i need it to get back up there since my oranda is still in the tank. it prly went down cause of all my water changes i did since he died =( i dont have a Kh testor at the moment so im not sure what it is sorry
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