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  1. hi im just wondring if any of you green fingered people out there use florite in the tank and if so what are the pro's and con's of it. i want to use it as a alternative to gravel hoping to help my plants out as well as starting to use a firtiliser like florish so plz help and many thanks, Dan
  2. Amy hows it going ive always wanted to set one up to but dont have a Lfs that stocks marine things near me either gd LUCK Dan
  3. silver how big are they??? and what type lol lucky you id love to have some fry ickle baby goldys are so cool Dan
  4. yeah mine are still a bit to young to breed i think lol bout half a year i think lol thnx blinky Dan
  5. hey people im just wondering whats the youngest youve managed to succsessfully managed to breed goldfish at ????? any help is gd help :) Dan
  6. wooooow lol hehehehe bullet proof fish tank lol thnx for filling me in on that Dan
  7. woow they are so cute lol i want one lol but i aint got a marine tank lol were abouts is the shop you work in? dan
  8. lol flobby ??? is that a cross between fish and blobby? i want a fish called flobby lol
  9. i may sound stupid but what is lexan is it a type of glass? Dan
  10. yeah mines slowly getting less and less i think i had a algae bloom when i added anthor fish lol
  11. wow that tank is gorgeus id love to have a tank as beautiful as that Dan
  12. aaaaaaaaaw hope you feel beter lol i love your mini reef really make me want to start one but i havnet got any room Dan
  13. hi super wen ive also got a light brown/orangy colour algae growing on my fake plants and ornaments it doesnt seem to do any harm and i just wipe it off when i clean them in every 2 weeks i hope this helps
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