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  1. What a cutie!! Looks really healthy too.
  2. Holy, look at those plants!!! Amazing greenery, it's gorgeous even before the blooms come. Your water must be sooo clean.
  3. Zing is so pretty for a swampthing, lol. And it looks to me as well that he's grown, at least filled out and became a little more roley poley
  4. That is so relaxing! He's really pretty for an Oscar and cool to watch.
  5. They really look fantastic! I love the last one. And nice job on the captions
  6. I still can't get over this! Bless his heart. All these fish of ours we know and love and do everything every day to give them the best life possible, and he survives the sludge alone without feeding or express love. What an amazing find and survivor!
  7. That's amazing, Susan!!!! What a survivor. And not a common; he looks pretty fancy for a sludge survivor! He'll probably be happy with something to hide in, or lots of floaters to hide under. We have a few fish coloured like that, and once they were let loose in the pond we only saw them once in a blue moon. "Lucky" indeed!
  8. I agree with Hidr; give him lots of hiding spaces, he'll grow larger quicker in the pond. From the pic in my opinion your wakin could easily eat the little guy. Our koi ate too many of our smaller goldfish It's only one pic, but it looks to me like the Wakin must be a predatory threat for the little guy for him to feel safe so close to the surface (where predators usually lurk).
  9. Fun thread! At the moment we have a total of 9: Blitzen (common) Indoor Shubunkin (Shubunkin) Brutus (common) Sweet Pea (common/shubunkin mix) Baby Baby (common/shubunkin mix) 3 unnamed baby common/shubunkin mix Silverfish (common) For a Grand Goldfish Total of 168 + 9 = 177
  10. That...is...gorgeous!!!! Ingenious flower box covering the filter.
  11. Do the plants root right into the bottom subtrate rocks? If so, how does one go about cleaning the rock bottom without disturbing the plants? Or do you just uproot them and then stick them back in? I'd really love to get some live plants in my goldie tanks, especially for the benefits to the water quality, but am curious how cleaning,etc. works.
  12. That is really very pretty. I've never even thought of a planted tank, to showcase plants over fish, until I saw some of the tanks here at Koko's. It's encouraging to read you don't need special lights or CO2 to make such a beautiful display!
  13. Beautiful Fish! Bon Voyage and Godspeed, cuties!
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