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  1. I have hornwort, red ludwigia, amazon sword, water wisteria and cabomba. I know some are for a higher light, so if they die I expect it. I won't be surprised. I fertilize with API and leave green algae on the back wall. (as my fish like to eat the algae as well). I thought the sunlight coming thorugh the window would help. I'm such a newbie. haha.
  2. My topfin 29 gallon aquarium came with a hood that only allows for one light bulb. I replaced the orig 17w that came in the hood with a 20w t-8 flora glo bulb. It was the one that mentioned helping plant growth, but now upon closer inspection of the box as I read it the other day it says it works best when paired with another bulb from the company. well my hood doesn't take 2 bulbs, nor do I have the money to go out looking for something better! Is this lighting not suiable enough? Across the room I have patio doors that let in a LOT of light, the room is very bright. Does something like that help? In the future, if I went with a higher rated bulb could I get away with only having one? I don't know what the K rating means.
  3. I had snails all in my filter and I could not get them out. So I left them. Eventually they all died out, probably with help from my fish. I have soaked my plants in hot water before and they DIED. The lady at P.etsmart said to rinse them in cold water. I did, but I got snails again... Oh well, I don't mind them. For me the last time, they ate my algae, I could see little clean trails running all over the back wall.
  4. When I lived at my moms my fish would get startled by her dogs barking (he's a lab), but the cats meow wouldn't affect them. Although when she was sitting beside the tank on a table, they'd swim to her and she'd desperately paw at the glass. I think they like to tease her. haha.
  5. Oranda. Love the headgrowth. AND that my own fish seems to know me quite well and he nudges my hand.
  6. Well I went with my mom and we watched them swim around at the store for quite awhile just making sure they all looked and acted like a healthy fish should. So far, all is well and they love each other. They are constantly swimming together (nicely I should add. he hasn't chased ONCE!!) I am so happy. Crossing my fingers!!! And Thank you for the compliment. I hope her colors don't change. I love how the black is only at the tips of her tail.
  7. Today I went to nnnn and got a beautiful Red and Black Oranda. I floated the bag for 30 minutes and then let "her" go. Been over an hour now and they're hanging out together around the tank. He has not chased, just hangs out with her. So adorable. I got some plants to cut down on the nitrates and such. My tank has always been healthier with the addition of real plants. I got cabomba, amazon sword, water wiseria and some red plant I can't remember the name of. why does it change the store name to "NNN" ?
  8. Marley April 6, 2009 (the day I got "him"): Appox. only about an inch long at the most (including tail) March 15, 2010: about the size of a coaster now / my palm. 5 inches or so I would say. He swims too fast to measure. (clickable thumbnails)
  9. the colors are really pretty too. lovely fish.
  10. alright, well you guys have got me thinking that I should stop playing my luck. I would hate to make my fish sick. Can a quarantine be set up only temporarily? I have an old like 3.5 gallon tank. I am sure a goldfish would be okay in it for a few days. I don't have the money to go out and buy a new, bigger one. I just don't have the space to have it set up permanently.
  11. The tank mate that I brought him home with came from the same tank (they were both red and white oranda) was chased by him and eventually got sick and died. I think he's just a bully, especially becuase of his size now. He's been alone for a few days and he is active as usual, if not more so. I am coming to the conclusion he is just a bully. He thinks it is his tank and he rules it. I am going to keep track of his behavoir alone, then go to a pet store and get another Oranda (preferably close to his size, rather than a baby) and watch how he reacts and behaves. If it goes badly and he shows signs of being a bully. Maybe my parents would like a goldfish additon to their house.
  12. The thing that makes me believe he bullies is that some have lived for months! One fish lived for 6 months. They eat, swim around like mad and suddenly one day they are sick. And Marley NEVER is the one who is sick. I have seen him chase them. In a few days, I think I am going to go to a different pet store and see what happens. Maybe I have just gotten unlucky. I live in a small apartment. I don't have much room for a quarantine tank. I've just always made sure to check out all the fish in the tank and if any look sickly or have died, I don't purchase them.
  13. he is a Red and White Oranda
  14. Hi! This is my first post ever, so I hope I am doing it correctly! haha I got my goldfish Marley just about a year ago now and every tank mate (Goldfish) I have ever given him has gotten sick and died. While Marley has always been healthy. I am starting to think that he does not like to have friends and just bullies them into getting sick and dying? Is this possible? For the last 6 months the tank mates have been much smaller then him as Marley is now approx 2.5 inches and most pet stores sell baby goldfish. Would size be a factor in him potentially bullying the little guys. My 29g looks pretty empty with just one goldfish, but I am afraid it is him that is causing all the problems. He chases them abit, especially at the beginning, but he does calm down in a day or two. From what I have read the chasing doesn't seem out of the ordinary. But who knows what goes on when I am in bed. (I say him cuz hes big, but I have no idea what the gender really is)
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