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  1. Yea didn't think so. Although it looked neat. haha.
  2. I clean it a lot and stir up the gravel. I like the look of the gravel. Plus both my fish love to dig through the rocks.
  3. I love the look of the Minnows with the Goldfish. I think I might have to get me a couple.
  4. Oh I will for sure! Unless none of them stick out to me. But I hope so. Last time I was at my lfs they had a huge selection of Betta. I am going to get a male, probably blue in color. I've seen photos of female bettas in tanks with Goldfish. Is that advisable?
  5. When I do a water change I will measure how much water it goes into it and see how many gallons it is. It goes out a lot near the middle. At the roundest part it measures 8 inches in diameter, the bowl stands at 7.5 inches high. I have the water line at 7 inches. Anyway, thanks for the opinions. I will be keeping a close eye when I get my Betta tomorrow and see how it goes. I will make sure to do water changes often. If it doesn't work, then I have a good excuse to get a new tank. hehe.
  6. Tis a secret known only to java-fern ninjas, but I will share it with you. I tie a bunch of java fern together with fishing line and then tie a shaped glass nugget under the roots, all that can be seen is the occasional sparkle of the glass and it makes it really easy to take them out and clean under them or move them around. Here's an example of some baby java ferns I tied up to stop them floating around. I've found stars are the easiest! Most of the plants in that tank aren't tied to anything, they're just wedged in on their little glass pedestals Oh wow, that is so cool. Where do you get the star shaped glass? I assume they're just for decor glass. I am considering going bare bottom or getting a better gravel cleaner.
  7. Without any rock how do you get the java fern and other plants to stay in one place at the bottom? The one nearest the front looks like it is not attached to anything.
  8. Why not just find a new tank? I think it is beautiful. I love the color.
  9. I found a goldfish bowl at a Thrift Store for $1.50. Can I put a male or female betta in it? I took some photos of it using my blackberry pearl to show size. Currently I put some rocks (cleaned) from my goldfish tank and put a rock with a small Java Fern attached. My house is very bright and really warm. Unheated water in my 29 gallon fish tank sits at a relatively constant 72f.
  10. So the python is worth it? My arms/back get so tired from carrying the buckets.
  11. Wow, that is neat. How big is that tank? They should have mini, mini lily pads. I want one. haha.
  12. so far the only one that has worked well for me is Java Fern. My fish don't eat it. They like to swim through it though. haha.
  13. This thread really makes me want a betta. I always thought it would be cool to have one beside my bed. But I am only ever in my room to sleep. I think he/she would get lonely.
  14. I would be pleased if it were different. Anyway, I have to wait. My boyfriend said "while we live in this small place, NO MORE". I want a house with a goldfish room. YEEAA
  15. my 29g has an aquaclear 70 and with two Orandas it does a fantastic job.
  16. I already had to give in and not have a cat, so if my boyfriend told me to get rid of the fish.. I would get rid of him. I personaly only have a 29gallon tank, so he can suck it up! But then again, I make my own personal money and only my money goes towards the fish and all the fish keeping is up to me. I cannot tell him how to spend his money, and he cannot tell me how to spend mine.
  17. Oh thanks for pointing that out! I have the 29gallon and it came with fluorescent. I didn't know they were different. Since it's the same package, just different size. Lame.
  18. Well if something is going to take up space I might as well get a tank over a rubbermaid. Right now it's not so much a cost issue, more of a space issue. If I lived alone I'd fill this place with cats and goldfish!! Pet.smart has a Top Fin 10gallon with a hood/light for $39.99. I just don't really have the closest space either. Old building, so storage space is CRAP. I think I will just have to do my damnest not get sick fishies.
  19. I live in a small one bedroom apartment meaning my 29 gallon already takes up a decent chunk of space as it is. Currently, I do not have a hospital tank and am interested in setting one up. Is a 5gallon acceptable since it would only be for a short period of time? In order to keep it cycled I want to get a betta and heavily plant the tank or maybe some white clouds? (then i could keep them in my main tank with my other goldfish if i need it for a hopsital tank)
  20. Well I've had habits of feeding my fish way too much in the past and it didn't go over well. haha. They eat 4 gel cubes (each is about the size of 2 pencil erasers) every morning and a pinch of reg goldfish food at night. They should be fine. They're just pigs.
  21. oh really? dang. Well I do vacum them when I clean the tank, so hopefully that helps! I would hate to lose them.
  22. Thank you!! Usually when I get home from work most of the plants are at the top, but since in the pots you can fill them with a TON of rocks, they haven't managed to pull them up yet! My java fern came that large from AquaticMagic on ebay. I paid like $5. So I recommend them for plants definitely!!
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