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  1. My first was my Oranda Marley who I still have. I've had him since April of 2009
  2. I like the last one. Is it orange or red? haha.
  3. Wow! i want a huge goldfish so bad. I hope at least one of mine gets there!!
  4. he gets Nutrafin Max betta color enhancing flakes most of the time. This one claims to have freeze dried bloodworms in the flake. I also have Hikari Brine Shrimp and Omega One Freeze Dried Tubifex worms. I just break off a little chunk. Gel food just makes too much of a mess. They had Omega one buffet, but it was flakes too!! I heard that some bettas wouldn't even eat flakes, so I went wit the cheaper one just to see if he would eat flakes. I can always switch to the Buffet.
  5. aquaticmagic on ebay!! I haven't had great luck with their java moss. It stayed brown and wouldn't grow. But I got great Java Ferns and Marimo Moss balls.
  6. Everytime I look for Betta food. The really crappy brands have pellets and the not so bad brand is flake! Can bettas have swimming issues like goldfish from eating food off the surface?
  7. I held a mirror up to mine and he swam to the other side of the tank.
  8. EEP! Don't tell me that. I might be moving in the next couple of days as somethings have gone down. So I cannot invest in a tank now. one day though, one day!
  9. As many of you know I just got a betta a few days ago. So far that is going really well and my Goldfish are in good health these days. I cannot help but look at the empty space beside my tv and want to stick a tank there with MORE fish. HELP! It's an addiction. haha. We need AA meetings.
  10. He eats, swims and make bubble nests, so I think he's doing okay. When I refill the bowl I use luke-warm water as cold water would be just cruel. That as if the room temp is abit cooler it just chills abit, rather then the room having to "heat up" cold water. I love him. I stand near the tank and he swims to me and stares at me. My boyfriend thinks Im a huge nerd. haha.
  11. Sparkling. Your fish look so small or is it because the tank is big?
  12. Well I will definitely keep an eye out. I will figure out how to get a small heater in the bowl if I need to or upgrade to a small 3gallon tank or something. so far hes loving to make bubble nests, which ive heard/read is a great sign that he is happy.
  13. Your tank really makes me want to go barebottom! so sparkling clean. Love your fish!!! Such flowy fins
  14. My house boils all year around. I live in an apartment building, so I only have one outside wall. So far he swims around like normal. I have a strainer that I put the aquarium gravel in and rinse with hot water. I kept the cup he came in, so I can put him in it while I clean his bowl.
  15. I think I may try the Minnows and see how it goes. If my big goldfish eats them, then I guess I treated him to a fancy dinner! Oh everyone bugs me that I will make a new type of person instead of the crazy cat lady I will be the crazy fish lady. I have a 29 gallon with 2 Goldfish and now my bowl with my Betta. My boyfriend asks if I can get another and make them fight. He isn't so much an animal person, but he puts up with me. I will change him. When he is old he will have grown to love animals if I get my way.
  16. I put the pot in and its been there for 1.5 hours now and he doesn't go in it. He still sits at the front of the bowl going "look at me, im pretty". haha!! The pot takes up a lot of space, so I may take it out.
  17. I love the colors! Is that a betta in the same tank? I think my fish would maul the betta to pieces. I wanted to get some Minnows, but I think my biggest Goldfish would eat them?!!
  18. After seeing people with Bettas in 5gallons, I decided I better make the bowl fantastic. I have a small tera cota pot that I took out of my Goldfish tank. I will add that in. He usually sits at the front of the bowl right out in the open and watches me. Now with the sun shining on him its amazing how many colors he has. I see blue, green, red, pink, purple. Crazy! I love it. Thank you for all the compliments. If he could understand english and blush, he would be doing so right now I imagine.
  19. hehe, Thank you so much. I adore him. I got my mom to come with me and we looked at each one closely. This guy stuck out to us. He would swim to the side of the cup that we were on and stare at us!
  20. theres a strand of Cabomba and a small Java Fern.
  21. So I got a regular male Betta. He is a rainbow of colors. His fins are red, but his body is blue/green. Pictures will come once I recharge the camera battery! His name will either be Finley or Simon. I am not sure yet. He is so happy in his bowl. He is making bubble nests and swimming around!!
  22. brittie

    My New Betta!

    aw, i really want a betta with colors like that. It's going to be hard. The petstore I am looking at keeps them in cups of blue water..
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