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  1. I used to have an aquaclear on my 29gallon and had constant struggle with diseases. Once all my fish died, I tore down the tank and did a total restart. I no longer use the Aquaclear and use a Fluval Canister since December of 2012. I have now had a 100% sucess rate, no fish death or disease. I just recently bought a 75gallon and once again, bought a Fluval canister. I am very happy with it. (I also would like to Thank my Python water changer and the maltitude of Java Fern haha).
  2. would you say it is too large/powerful for a 75gallon goldfish tank? i can't decide to between this or the 406.
  3. when I first got my python I tried to remove the faucet adapter/connector bare handed, it sliced my fingers wide open (DONT RECOMMEND. painful!!), so I wear a rubber glove every-time I unscrew it now. occasionally, i have put it on too tightly and I've had to take pliers to it on a few occasions to help unscrew it. the gold metal part**
  4. my betta shares his Fluval Chi with a black mystery snail
  5. I have had a Fluval for 10 months now and I love it. Haven't had any issues with it so far. I replaced the carbon with more bio balls, otherwise it has cost me no $$ so far. I have never owned an Eheim, so I cannot compare the 2.
  6. i have had barebottom, gravel and TMS. I love (and currently have) Tahitian Moon Sand. I love how the green of the plants and the colors of my goldfish pop against the black. Although I love having live plants, so if I were to change substrate again I would pick a nutrient rich substrate. edit: plants root A LOT easier in the sand, than they did in the gravel. It takes longer for the Goldfish to uproot them. They also love to shift through the sand, i always see them spitting out mouth fulls of it. They also fall asleep on it.
  7. I just started using Flourish Excel and it has seemed to make a difference. Previous my java and sword plant would grow so slow they were covered in algae and I'd have to scrub them with a tooth brush weekly. So far, I have less algae growth on the leaves!
  8. i also agree on getting a larger tank, so you can have 2. My Goldfish are the best of friends. They swim together, sleep together, etc, so adorable. In the past I have owned 1 and it wasn't the same. Less active and seemed "depressed".
  9. whoa, love Ghostface's chubby face. If they Goldfish "cheeks" were pinchable, I would.
  10. My current plants and plants i just recieved have decent roots. I just find the roots stay in sand, but the base hoovers. Otherwise, it stays in! Here's a small, quick cellphone photo. I couldn't wait, I had to get the plants in my tank! I will probably move them as they begin to grow.
  11. Thanks for the help! The roots stay in the substrate, but the plant base comes out and floats haha. I added more, so we will see how it goes. I hope I can manage to get the plants to grow, theyre all stubby root things right now. not too pretty
  12. I like how you are punishing the fish. I laughed.
  13. I apologize, I got super busy with work and haven't been able to get on and respond!! okay, so no snail. The brightness of my condo's living room paired with the Aqueon LED light fixiture (2 White, 1 colormax led strips) sure causes green algae! At least it is green I guess haha. I can grow algae easily, if only I could say the same for aquarium plants. My plants arrived today!! So once done, I will have amazon sword, med/large java fern and a medium sized narrow leaf on driftwood, 3 amazonicus, 3 balansae, 2 wendtiiGreen. So at this point not heavily planted, as most of the plants are mostly roots, BUT if I manage to not kill them. It eventually will become heavily planted. My algae scrubber is really fat and I cannot fit it between driftwood and glass, so I have to move the driftwood for that as well. I found an old toothbrush the other day that I disinfected/cleaned. My hand/arm will get submerged, but it will be worth it. Forgot to say about substrate -- i used a 20LB bag, so its about half inch to an inch. But my current plant keeps uprotting, so i will be adding more this weekend before I plant. and prob aim for 1.5 inches.
  14. I ordered a bunch of a plants from Aquatic Magic (ebay) for my 29g tank with 2 Goldfish. As I am at the stocking limit I wanted to improve the water quality. (plants provide oxygen, etc) so while I am waiting I thought I best do research. I recently replaced my gravel with carbiSea TMS. I have a Fluval 206. To help the sand release and deal abit of potential algae issue, can I add a snail? (mystery, etc). Can't find Nerite Snails in my area. i realize they make lots of babies and I am prepared to do a lot of egg removal haha. How does one clean a planted tank? I have a python water changer. I currently have a driftwood with java fern and when I clean (weekly 80%) I need to move it due to my goldfish loving to lay below it when they sleep resulting in lots of trapped poops. So, do I just siphon carefully, very carefully and deal with the fact that I can no longer move the driftwood?
  15. I am in British Columbia, Canada and my Pets*mart is clearing out the TMS. I got a 20lb bag for $12.97!!!!
  16. your plants are so green, I'm jealous. I lack a green thumb. Do you use Co2 or fertilizers?
  17. I also agree on the go big. I started out with like a 5g (lady at the store told me it could hold a goldfish back in the day). If only I had googled and found Koko's beforehand, oh well. Once I did, I got a 29g. It's been 2 years of googling/looking at ads of 40g, 55g, 100g and DREAMING. But I think of how much my LED's , my fluval, the tank itself, etc. cost me. and i cannot bring myself to upgrade.
  18. This is so cool. What a fantastic idea!
  19. My goldfish love me the most, of course. But for some reason, my betta seems to prefer my mom!
  20. it's alright. Rookie panic mistake, haha. I now know to not be cheap and keep a 10g on hand. My dad said he will help me with the tap situation. I went to buy a python, but the store only has them online now. 25ft after shipping is approx $70 (ow). Hope it's worth it.
  21. Very nice! I am jealous I want a bigger tank so bad.
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