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  1. I used to have an aquaclear on my 29gallon and had constant struggle with diseases. Once all my fish died, I tore down the tank and did a total restart. I no longer use the Aquaclear and use a Fluval Canister since December of 2012. I have now had a 100% sucess rate, no fish death or disease. I just recently bought a 75gallon and once again, bought a Fluval canister. I am very happy with it. (I also would like to Thank my Python water changer and the maltitude of Java Fern haha).
  2. would you say it is too large/powerful for a 75gallon goldfish tank? i can't decide to between this or the 406.
  3. when I first got my python I tried to remove the faucet adapter/connector bare handed, it sliced my fingers wide open (DONT RECOMMEND. painful!!), so I wear a rubber glove every-time I unscrew it now. occasionally, i have put it on too tightly and I've had to take pliers to it on a few occasions to help unscrew it. the gold metal part**
  4. my betta shares his Fluval Chi with a black mystery snail
  5. I have had a Fluval for 10 months now and I love it. Haven't had any issues with it so far. I replaced the carbon with more bio balls, otherwise it has cost me no $$ so far. I have never owned an Eheim, so I cannot compare the 2.
  6. i have had barebottom, gravel and TMS. I love (and currently have) Tahitian Moon Sand. I love how the green of the plants and the colors of my goldfish pop against the black. Although I love having live plants, so if I were to change substrate again I would pick a nutrient rich substrate. edit: plants root A LOT easier in the sand, than they did in the gravel. It takes longer for the Goldfish to uproot them. They also love to shift through the sand, i always see them spitting out mouth fulls of it. They also fall asleep on it.
  7. I just started using Flourish Excel and it has seemed to make a difference. Previous my java and sword plant would grow so slow they were covered in algae and I'd have to scrub them with a tooth brush weekly. So far, I have less algae growth on the leaves!
  8. i also agree on getting a larger tank, so you can have 2. My Goldfish are the best of friends. They swim together, sleep together, etc, so adorable. In the past I have owned 1 and it wasn't the same. Less active and seemed "depressed".
  9. whoa, love Ghostface's chubby face. If they Goldfish "cheeks" were pinchable, I would.
  10. My current plants and plants i just recieved have decent roots. I just find the roots stay in sand, but the base hoovers. Otherwise, it stays in! Here's a small, quick cellphone photo. I couldn't wait, I had to get the plants in my tank! I will probably move them as they begin to grow.
  11. Thanks for the help! The roots stay in the substrate, but the plant base comes out and floats haha. I added more, so we will see how it goes. I hope I can manage to get the plants to grow, theyre all stubby root things right now. not too pretty
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