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  1. Sorry for the necro, but what should I do if my oranda is choking on gravel if I don't have access to any tweezers...? He's getting pretty tired struggling to get the piece of gravel out.
  2. I'll be moving next year, so I'll just do a more frequent water change when necessary (and acquire a bigger tank after the move) :") The baby is barely 2 inches at the time being... Fortunately, Elvis had stopped molesting the clown plecos! Yay for peace!
  3. Yup! Johnny Cash! I'm a bit troubled because Elvis is bullying the clown plecos (Johnny ignores them). Lots of shoving around the pleco going on He can be fierce!
  4. The baby has been in the tank for about 2 weeks, so Elvis and Johnny are the newcomers. I hope the baby won't be as terrified as those two soon
  5. My boyfriend said since one is Elvis, another one should be Johnny (Cash)--hahahaha They're both ignoring my baby fantail, though What should I do? The baby also looks scared (hiding behind plastic plants) of them. I wonder if I should move the baby into my 10G until s/he gets bigger (` ` )a
  6. Of course, I have to also introduce Johnny! They're getting along quite well :") I hope they will live long happy lives!
  7. New resident in my 30g tank ;"D
  8. Wow. I didn't notice this thread before! Gw tinggal di upstate NY >.<
  9. Thanks! I hope they'll grow chubby and cute ^.^ I don't know if I should start them on gel food. I've never had such tiny goldies...
  10. Yes! There was also a red cap oranda in the store that looks like Elvis (sideburns and all). It's still being quarantined (new arrival), but I've already reserved Elvis :"D
  11. Here are my future inhabitants for my lonely 30 gallon tank! They're on quarantine in my 10 gallon tank for the time being :"D
  12. Thank you! I used acrylics, actually ^^; Coffee's tank is just beside my painting area, so I just scribbled him really quick with blue pencil and painted over the sketch with acrylic paint. I'm painting my friend's bunny next!
  13. I know this section is for goldfish art, but... I'm not sure where to put this ^^ Sketched this up pretty quickly this afternoon!
  14. I have a 30-gallon tank, and I don't think I can upgrade anymore for the time being ^^; My dream house in the future would definitely have a pond! There was an adorable calico one in the mix! Unfortunately, he died His fins were already badly damaged and his body was kind of bent when I got him... I was hoping that I could get him better, but he didn't make it I'd love to keep them... if only I have a pond... They aren't skittish either! Ever since the first chunk of gel food went into that tank, they go crazy whenever I come home from work
  15. A pic of my little commons :") They're somewhat bigger than about 2 weeks ago! I'm still tempted to keep them, although I know I shouldn't ;"O
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