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  1. thanks for the advice Ryukin Girl.. i hope i can try that what so called "Gel Food" i really want to when i bought my goldfish about 3weeks ago, they only get pellets and peas. i really want other food that is really nutritious and that's Gel food
  2. if i soaked it about 7mins it will sink in bottom? it is ok?
  3. so it's a long process.. if i soaked it with boiling water, will it fasten the cleansing process? how days/ weeks is the most advisable to be soaked before adding in my aquarium/tank..
  4. what should be looked or know about or how to choose a driftwood. a local pet store near our house sell driftwood for aquarium it costs 2$ each about fair size.. is driftwood have benefits? o negative or bad effect on aquarium.. need help..
  5. Add to these is if my 4 goldies can finish a 50pcs of these pellets in 3mins. is it ok or a overfeed? They can eat more if i will follow the 5mins. i soaked the pellets about 2-5mins before feeding these is the size and pic if my current fish food.
  6. Main Ingredients corn,wheat,bean,yeast,fish meal, vitamins, minerals, etc
  7. Crude Protein 30% CRUDE Fat 2% Crude Fiber 5% Ash 9% Brand: Special Fish Food MAnufactured: I think China or Japan. Is this ok for now for my 3 orandas and 1 Black Ranchu w/ Wen. will they wen will still be healthy with this? i also give them peas twice or 3 time a week. i can't find Hikari Lion Head, but i see some Pro Gold in some mall's need feedback's TIA
  8. thanks for the response/reply yey! im very happy for my black ranchu, because it's normal
  9. It is normal to have about little white on black ranchu it's the same as the pictures of the black ranchu of Koko.. these pictures are picture of black ranchu(junbi) of koko's you can notice something white on it's head and whitish in skin's. it seems not to be a fungus to me it's the very same with my black ranchu. is it normal for black ranchu to have these whitish color. im just very curious. and what is it?
  10. your goldie will surely be a giant's
  11. tnx.. my bucket is 1-2 gallon only i have 2 pcs of it. what i do is pour it shake it them w8 from 1-3 hrs them pour to the tank.
  12. no time intervals? even minutes?
  13. i add my 2 GF w/o quarantine. becasue im confident with their health.. i just float their plastic bag 30mins and release them their in 4days now form buying
  14. How long does it takes to be safe when treating a gallon or 2 gallon to be added to main aquarium? I mean, i've already treated the 2 gallon with water conditioner or chlorine eliminator.. how long or how many hrs it takes before i pour it in my main tank..
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