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  1. Okay, so marijuana is toxic. HHhhhmmmm .... makes me wonder how or should I say what they were doing to find that out? LOL Maybe they were trying to find out if koi could get cotton mouth?
  2. Good looking pair of frogs! I tried to have frogs in my pond but the fish ate them
  3. yes still without a pond. I visited my fish this past weekend. It was great to see them, but depressing at the same time. I want them with me soooo bad. I just haven't had the time to start building, my job is way too demanding.
  4. Wow, Andrea, that is aweful. That is the worst nightmare a koi keeper can have. Just horrible. Scott
  5. Microbe lift works. But I would strongly suggest you put in a filtration system. The external pump (1hp) that I ran on my pond only used about as much electricity as a light bulb, very energy effecient. The microbe lift isn't going to do you much good if there isn't any place for the little organizims to live, they generally hang out in your filtration media. You can make your own filter, and filter media. You should check out DYI filters on google, or koivet.com is a good place to get some ideas. I think you'd be wasting your money on the microbe lift since you do not have filtration. Acupunk, I don't know what your set up is, I was just wondering if you didn't have enough filtration or maybe too many fish for your filter to handle? From experience when I would set up my hospital tank, 100 gallons, I would set up a filter and would still have to do more water changes than I desired. I think that part of it was the fish load was too much for the filter I had set up, even after seeding it with the microbe lift. It was a pain. I have read that the smaller the tank the harder it is to keep the water perameters in check. I don't know if that is true maybe someone here can shed some light in on it? Scott pondless for the past two years
  6. will not kill benificial bacteria. The UV light will only help with green water, unless you have your pump going extremely slow and then it can sterilize the water. The best deal I've seen on barley straw is at azponds.com and you can get it as barley pellets by microbe lift, you might also look into the peat that they have. I tried that along with the barley pellets in my pond and it kept the water extremely clean. In fact the water is still clear this year, it's stayed crystal clear for over a year and a half now (I go back to visit my fishes when I get the chance).
  7. Scott


    UV sterlizer is good. What I hear works better is a trickle tower. When I do build my new pond I am going to go with a trickle tower and see how that goes, if it doesn't do as good a job as I hear they do I'll add the UV. The tricle tower is a lot cheaper, DYI project, plus it adds a lot of oxygen and good bio filtration to the pond.
  8. what ever you do post pictures. We'd love to see what you come up with. Daniel has a fantastic looking barrel pond, you should go look at it in the pond pics section.
  9. Debi, can't wait to see how your fish are doing! I know you'll be posting new pics. BTW we got snow on Thursday and Friday morning. When is it going to end!
  10. That is a nice looking pond. Koi need at least 240 gallons per fish. If you live in a colder area your pond should be at least 4 feet deep. If I were you I'd put gold fish in 500 gallons. Koi can grow to be 3 feet long, a fish that size wouldn't be happy in 500 gallons. If you are able to keep good water quality the fish will grow, they do not grow only to the size of the environment.
  11. Algae fix is not good for your pond with fish. It cuts down the oxygen in the water. Plus it effects the natural bacteria the grow in your bio filter. You should use something like Microbe lift which is all natural bacteria. The only time you should use a chemical in your pond is to take care of sick fish.
  12. you have a beautiful pond! When I had my pond I did water change at least once a week. I did backflush and the water went to the grass. I would dump about 200 gallons. Then in the spring did a complete water change plus major cleaning of the pond.
  13. Gold fish would probably be the best. I've never heard of 'bleak' either?
  14. Keep it in the shade, the water will warm up quickly in the sun and cool down quickly at night. Plus when it gets real hot the water will get too hot for the fish.
  15. I thought everyone here would enjoy this. http://www.clipjunkie.com/A-Duck-Feeds-the-Fish-vid1023.html
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