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  1. Thank you. I know it ain't the right size yet. I was just going to get one or two fancy goldfish and then when I get my bigger thank put them into there. I'm not sure the name off these but these are the fish I'm getting Where I get them from they only stock small fish so like the fish I'm getting are only about this size ---------- So if you guy thinks it alright I'll just get one and then when I upgrade tank put that fish and buy about 1 - 2 more and put with it?
  2. Thank you, It's only 60L But looking at getting about 150L what is already on a stand. It's a week you have to leave a tank to set before adding fish ain't it? I'm adding 1 or 2 Fancy goldfish.
  3. My fish died other day that you can find out more in this topic http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/91436-my-new-tank-no-rish-rip/#entry1061645 I just want some help with the tank now. First off I use Gold Fish Safe & Gold Tap Safe, I can never work out how much I should put in my 60L tank. So could you tell me. Gold Fish Safe > One Capful treats 2.05 litres / 4.5 pints. Gold Tap Safe > One Capful treats 2.05 litres / 4.5 pints. Also, this time I want to breed fish I hope, do I need a heater? I know I've asked about breeding loads but this time going to make sure I do it. Thank you, Paul
  4. Hey there, Sadly the other day the 3 goldfish all died over night. (I don't know why, every thing was ok in the tank) So, today I thought I would buy all new stuff and start over again this time with less fish as last time they was to many in one thanks. So here is some pictures. Thank you for looking, Any ideas what to put in it is welcome. Thank you, Paul
  5. Sooooooo many replys Thanks people, it's hard to keep the cat in though as we have 3 others and no cat tray /: Putting a tag on him sounds like a good idea. I'll try and find the owner, I would not mind much if he bring them alive then I could put them in my tank and keep them for free Thanks, Paul
  6. Thanks guys, it's not my fish as don't have a pond or next door. I don't know any one around here with a pond at all /: I wonder if maybe he is going into some one house and getting them out a open fish-tank and they don't seem like pond size fish. Thanks Paul
  7. My cat Josh keeps bringing in goldfish /: This is the 2nd time he as brought in a goldfish, gone upstairs with it and eat it :/ I do try and stop him but it's already to late. I'm just wondering if they is any thing I can do to stop him and where is he keep getting them from :S I'm sorry if this topic don't fit in here. Thanks, Paul
  8. Thanks for all reply I'll tell him. Yes he as a cycled tank. I don't think he minds about the shape etc he just don't want a normal goldfish. So, the Orandas seems like a good idea for him. Thanks Paul
  9. My mate as got a 60L fishtank and he wants to get one or two fancy goldfish. He as asked me but I don't know much info about fancy goldfish. So any way, He wants fancy goldfish that will get bigish and he looking for one or two. So, what fancy goldfish should I tell him to get? Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks. I was thinking of maybe getting some Neon Tetra? Also I've just seen > biOrb with Light 30ltr Silver. So, how many tetra could go in a 30L tank? Thanks paul
  11. I want to get a tank for my desk. I was thinking of this 20L http://www.aquariumsdelivered.co.uk/catalog/boyu-zj201-aquarium-set-p-3807.html Now, I know gold fish need a lot of space so not good idea to get one off them, so.. I was thinking about small hot water fish, So, what hot water fish? So, first off what tank? Bamboo Glass Cylinder Aquarium Kit 16L BiOrb Baby Aquarium with Light 15L Blue Life Aquarium 13L Hagen Fluval 19L Chi Aquarium 19L Mini Aquarium Starter Kit-Fish Tank 8L AQUA ONE TROPICAL FISH TANK Thanks paul
  12. Not rely something I want to do thouah, I've had them for about 2years now But then agani, I have to think what is best for them and not what I want. If I was to do that any way, would want some one on this forum to have them, and that why I can get up-dates on how they are doing. If I was to do that, I think I would just try tropical fish as I've always wanted to have them and I ain't 100% sure, but if I go for tropical they ain't as messy and can also have more than 3 in a 120L tank.... So, what hotwater fish can I get that are small but also do breed some times and easy to care for & how easy is it to look after a tropical tank? Thanks Paul
  13. Give it me? Like every one else said, Would be ideal for Betta.
  14. Rely I don't have money to even buy one with that much liters, or even any where to put one so big.
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