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  1. How many fish are you at now, Sakura?
  2. That is one small fish. Brine shrimp, blood worms and lots of clean water will pump him right up.
  3. It sucks more if you're not around, and it happens. My wife felt terrible, but I don't blame her. I'm sure if I were home, I'd have noticed it before it happened. But that's not something I expect her to notice as well as I would. I've pointed out signs to her, but still, I don't expect her to catch everything. Hopefully whatever it was, it was an anomaly, and won't be a problem in the future.
  4. Ok, the summer wasn't completely frustrating, being that I got married. However, in early July, when I was in Halifax, my entire tank was lost. My wife as far as she and I know, did nothing wrong. I got the water tested when I got home, and there was nothing wrong. I left the tank with only plants until after the wedding, and honeymoon. Then in mid September, I pulled the entire tank apart, cleaned EVERYTHING, and started from scratch. A month and a half later, after a very thorough cycle, I decided I could grab new fish. I'm starting off slow, adding only two.
  5. Definitely a Ranchu. Awesome colouring.
  6. deformity. unfortunatly you see this one a lot. When breeders cull, they don't always do it with the intention of euthenizing.
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