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  1. Is Bigalspets still the cheapest place to order aquarium supplies & equipment online?
  2. What color is the substrate in your aquarium? I have brown pea gravel in my tank.
  3. Pros: 1. They don't require a heater. 2. They're hardy fishes. 3. Colorful & relaxing to watch. Cons: 1. Require a large aquarium. 2. Expensive 3. Prone to swim bladder disease.
  4. My walmart is also like that. I see dead & sick fishes everytime I go there.
  5. Anyone here perform large water changes (>50%) weekly? Are large water changes harmful to goldfishes?
  6. I lost a small oranda this week because it got stuck on the the intake of a Penguin 350 filter. Do you have problems with your fancy goldfishes and filter intakes?
  7. Marineland Visi-Therm heaters are good heaters. Other good heaters that I would recommend are Jager & Aqueon heaters.
  8. Are orandas and ryunkins goldfishes good for beginners?
  9. What foods should I feed my goldfishes for faster growth?
  10. Powerheads are great for water circulation, but make sure the current isn't too strong for your goldfish. Some powerheads have aerators that you can attach to create bubbles. What kind of goldfish do you have (fancy or common)?
  11. It should be fine mixing these goldfishes as long as your fancies are fed. Personally, I wouldn't mix them. Comets/common goldfish need really big tanks, and I would keep only fancies in smaller aquariums.
  12. Do you use powerheads in your aquarium? I'm thinking about getting one to provide more cirulation but I'm afraid the current would be too strong for my fantails.
  13. Where's the cheapest place to buy the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit?
  14. I have 2 power filters running on my tank, so the air pump is just for decor. I'm using check valves so that water won't back up into the pump. I want to turn off the pump at night because of the noise. So is it okay to turn it off every night?
  15. Is it bad for my air pump if I turn it off every night?
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