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  1. Mine's a total grump too and he has sooo much attitude. His favorite "toy" is a terra cotta pot that he grabs by the rim and drags around his tank. He also likes to "redecorate" from time to time and I'll come in his room and he has moved all of his plastic plants and river rocks to the very front of his tank and he proudly wags his bottom as if to say "Look at what I DID!!".
  2. As it's been pointed out, 55 gallons is too small for 2 oscars, but don't feel badly about it!!! Also, don't feed them danios or rosys either. Any live fish you feed have the potential to carry parasites that you don't want to introduce to your new fish. Oscars are meat eaters by nature, BUT necropsies on oscars taken from the wild have shown that their stomach contents are mostly of insects, not other fish. A good staple food is Hikari Cichlid Gold (it's on the pricey side, but tis very good), and then you can feed them nightcrawlers, crickets, miscellaneous bugs, bloodworms, a BIT of krill (try to get the low salt stuff) and my boy will even eat algae wafers once in a blue moon. The most important thing is to feed a highly nutritious staple food, and then give them a variety of other stuff to supplement. Congrats on the new oscars, you will really, really enjoy their personalities... they're a highly intelligent, often hysterical fish!!!
  3. Thanks Toadie, but he is extremely well cared for. This is a temporary set up. I bought him a couple years ago at 8 inches from a pet store who was selling him for $5 because he had hole in the head and they didn't expect him to make it. He's my buddy and gets nothing but the best!
  4. Hey Trinket, you and I posted at the same time! I figured that salt would eventually work in the pond at that cold of a temp, but a month??!! I don't know that the frogs would have held out, poor things. Hopefully my plan works out... I'll be up to my elbows in water changes for awhile though. Thank god for Pythons!
  5. Okay, here's what I'm doing...... I frantically called a friend who I knew had an empty 55 gallon tank in her basement. Luckily, she still had it. I got that home, set it up and transferred my big oscar (Groucho!) into it. He's about a foot long now, and soaked our walls all the way up to our 9 foot ceilings!!! Now that he's settled, I emptied his previous home, a 75 gallon, cleaned it out, and filled it back up. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to SLOWLY bring the fish in from outside and acclimate them to room temperature and put them in the empty tank. Once they're settled, I'll get the heater in that tank on to bring it up to 80 degrees. Then I'll start adding salt. I know that this is drastic, and will probably stress my ick ridden fish to the gills, but I really don't have any other options. Hopefully they pull thru. Some of these fish have been with me before I joined Koko's... Wish me luck everyone!! Oh, and once the pond is "fish-less", what should I do to treat it?? There will still be a couple of frogs in there.
  6. Hey ladies and gents, it's me! I know I'm not around much anymore; school and family life, ya know? Anyway, I've noticed that my fish have been acting very solemn for the last month or so, and I initially figured it was the changing weather since it is now winter here and the temps have been in the 20's and 30's. I winterized the pond about a month ago and put in my usual sinking de-icer. I was checking on the critters today, and I noticed that one of the fish (offspring from last spring's breeding extravaganza) was "dusty" looking. I gently netted her out and saw what I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing.... ICK. This is the first time my pond has had an outbreak of it, and I'm freaking out!! My problem is, the pond is right around 40 degrees F now that it's winter, and I don't know how to treat at such a temp. Salt? I'm also stumped because the water temperature outside should be cold enough that the ick's lifecycle is severely hampered, right? If anyone has any ideas, please......... Oh yeah, it's a 300 gallon pond, no newbies added since the summer, it's been established for approx. 3 years, it has some crazy pond filter with a UV clarifier ( don't remember the brand name), fish haven't been eating for about 3 weeks.
  7. I bet they do Andrea, I had just a slight smattering of them originally in my filter... now I have about 50 in my PREfilter. I guess they're right about them loving fast moving water!
  8. Yep, that's them! The first group is them, spot on. Now what the heck IS a limpet? I'm assuming they're benign?
  9. I noticed some of these weird things last fall when I was shutting down the filters and stuff, and now this spring, I saw more. They're small, brown, POD things that in a way, remind me of fish lice, but they're dark to light brown and always stuck to the insides of things. They don't get on the fish at all, they don't move, and they don't seem to have any eyes or appendages or anything. They can be scraped off with a fingernail where they stick. I've tried finding them online, but alas, nothing. I'm gonna guess that Andrea knows the answer to my query.. let's see if I'm right! (I just HAD to use this one, hehe!)
  10. It IS therapeutic (spell check corrected my spelling Annette, LOL!). Now if only I didn't have so many darn plants! Ah well, there's always something!!!
  11. I have TOO MANY plants, haha. I have a lily, an umbrella palm, and hordes upon hordes of hyacinth. The stuff didn't do this well last year, so I bought about 12 plants in May. I then had 30 some, transferred some into the fry tub and sold some, and I STILL have too many!! The UV cleared everything up very nicely. I finally got a glimpse of my baby (well, not anymore) bluegill, Percy.
  12. Sounds good Andrea, at least you were still getting peeks at them! I wasn't at ALL and I got worried about them all. I wanted to see with my own eyes that everyone was thriving. Now the water is CRYSTAL clear and I can affirm it! Haha. I've had to clean the filter sponges out already, they were full of barley straw pieces (don't ever put barley in a pond unless it's in a sac or something, I learned the hard way, EEK!)
  13. The thing is, with the pleco, he's most likely a common plec, and they need tropical temps which would be OK during the day, but at night if your pond drops temperature, he might not do well. Plecs also get a little squirrelly and jump at times, he could find himself outside the pond. He sounds amazing though, you should snap a picture of him!! As for the koi in the tank....eh...... how big are they? I really, really don't recommend having 4 koi, no matter how small in an 80 gallon tank. Maybe if they were just TINY you could get away with it for awhile, but that'd only be about 20 gallons per koi (not counting that massive pleco, he's a HUGE poop factory!) Can you take the koi back? Oh, and you said you wanted to wait until next year so the filter is seeded, right? Depending on how many fish are in the pond NOW, a small amount of fish in 5,000 gallons of water shouldn't be too harsh of a cycle for the fish. You could always put them in the pond and keep a very close eye on the water quality?
  14. Congratulations Debi, I'm still working on clearing mine up.... what's the DEAL with the murky ponds this year?!
  15. Yes, I need to get my water hyacinth thinned down a bit and my water clear, then I'll snap some pics.
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