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  1. After 7 hours of unearthing (pun intended) and solving problems, I'm finally ready to start putting my new drain together.
  2. Well, I've put about 7 hours and a lot of money into this hole today.
  3. I believe the outdoors is far better for living things. I started 2 daphnia cultures a few years ago. 1 I started in my fish room and one outside. I found the one in my fishroom crashed repeatedly but the one outside crashed once, bounced back and then found an equilibrium. I have always put it down to the layer of mulm that accumulated at the bottom. I feel it fueled algae to grow etc which in turn the daphnia hung around
  4. Part of me is excited another part of me is thinking 'what have I got myself into.' 😂
  5. Emptied my my shed and started work. Exposed rainwater pipe so I can put a drain in.
  6. I've had fish like that. I put them in my pond and 12 months later they were like koi
  7. I remember a while ago cichlid pellets were all the rage for goldfish.
  8. I suppose drip systems and culling are over rated and keeping large amounts of low quality fish is under rated.
  9. I don't get why they put their stock at risk of cross contamination. Its so easy to set up a central air system
  10. Lucky I didn't have to pay for it to be shipped. His attitude was I shouldn't be further out of pocket when ordering top quality fish. His customer service seemed great. But for me I think I'd be better going through a breeder to build my collection atm. I think it would prove very costly to build my collection ordering online. Especially if the same thing happens again.
  11. I've ended up with 1 fish from the order. Considering there is lots of hidden extras costs involved. You end up paying postage and tax on the price shown so the price ended up almost double.
  12. I'm in the process of finding some breeders through the clubs. My other half doesn't want me to order from there again.
  13. I've always follow the same QT procedure. One from this forum and every goldfish I've bought before has been fine through the QT. I contacted the vendor after the first fish died, there's another fish on its way to me now. As soon as it hid I knew something was wrong. I kept watching to see if it would eat but nothing. It didn't poop in all the time it was in the tank. I've absolutely stripped the tank bare and left it dry. I'm going to have to do a fish in cycle. I will fill tomorrow before the fish arrives. I am quite upset with the situation. I haven't had a fish die on me in at least 6 years and in that time I've owned hundreds.
  14. So, I've been in work all weekend. I've been quarantining the fish since I got them. I had raised the salt to 0 3% and was doing daily waterchanges. Anmonia and nitrite were in 0. Nitrate was between 5 and 10 (its actually hard to tell on the test kit because the pink just gets slightly darker between 5-20) So I got home from work yesterday and one of the fish was at the surface dead. Tested parameters as above, ph 7.5. Completed 50% waterchange. Got up this morning, checked parameters noticed she was floating a little funny. Went in the kitchen had a coffee went back in and she was dead. I was QTing the fish. Had done 75% temperature matched water changes for 48 hours then raised salt every 12 hours to 0.3 been feeding everyday different foods (peas, brine with garlic pellet, bloodworm, repashy.) Just before changing water giving them a chance to eat before removing leftovers. Dropped my waterchange to 50% while in salt. I noticed one fish went and hid soon after introducing never ate or pooped in a week. This one died first. Other fish seemed fine at first then started to bottom sit on Saturday and stopped eating.
  15. That's the frustrating part of keeping fish. Running out of room
  16. I'm tempted to get an identical tank to mine. But for the same price, I could buy a secondhand greenhouse. I think a greenhouse is the way to go.
  17. I don't have any fish to show at the moment but I'd like to do it once I get some fish to a good size. The breeding side of things really excites me. I'd love to have my own fish and breed some rare types. I was going through the list of what people have bred and what is on offer. There's some jikin and wakin been bred which I would like a go at but I'm going to stick with my ranchu and oranda for now.
  18. I've got got myself a fluval 3.0 plant light ready for when my plants arrive. There's another tank for sale close to me the same as mine. Tempted to get it and order some Oranda. However, I've been invited to a zoom chat on Monday with the BAS who are going to help me decide on setting up a breeding set up. I've also been invited to the AMGK annual show and auction next Sunday.
  19. The customer service has been absolutely amazing!
  20. I think them make a good start to my collection!
  21. I absolutely love them. The one to the right has been scattering eggs since I bought it. At least I know I have a female
  22. They are. I'm really pleased with them. They've started their QT properly today. Started raising the salt in the tank.
  23. Yeah, they're both swimming great!
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