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  1. I'm starting to like the idea of using air driven filtration. I think They would be handy for my set up. Instead of building a proper pond I think I will use intex style pools to start with
  2. I do like the idea of just running sponge filters. My only concern is whenever I see goldfish tanks on YouTube driven by sponge filters, they seem to be really cloudy and have a lot of particulates in the water column. Is this to be expected?
  3. Thing is, I'm pretty much set, however way I go. I've got the tanks, I've got a linear piston air pump, hundreds of bioballs, 100 litres+ of k1. I also have an old ro system I can disassemble and convert to just carbon for the drip system. I have a few big pond pumps, a uv steriliser and power heads. I just need to decide which way to go.
  4. Yeah, I was weighing up the pros and cons. I like the idea of having a big central filtration system with loads of k1 and a big uv steriliser and being able to set up a drip water change system. At the same time I don't fancy the idea of all my fish being able to get sick from the one water source. Especially when I'm considering ordering expensive quality fish from a fancy goldfish specialist.
  5. Do you think it's worth connecting all the tanks and pond to one big filtration system or keep them separate?
  6. I bought a few tanks a few years ago. I got 2 tanks that are 5x2x2, 1 4x2x2 and 1 7x1x1. I also have 2 that are approximately 3x1x1 and 1 thats 4x1x1. I'm thinking of building a fish house for orandas and ranchu. I was also thinking of building a goldfish pond for summer months. I was thinking of keeping one of the 3x1x1 as a qt tank but plumbing the rest of the tanks and the pond to a big central filtration system that I can shut down flow to the pond in the winter. I'm interested in others opinions on the idea.
  7. That's what our market is like. In stores they just sell tanks as 'complete' systems with lights and filtration and they are all nano sized. It devastates me when people have a dollar per gallon sales. In the UK you're looking at 30 pound per gallon with most aquariums.
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply. I think the market in the UK is just pushing planted aquariums. Before that it was sps reef aquariums.
  9. I think that problem is after you've bred a few times you flood the local market with your stock. That's my theory anyway. Either that or they don't want hobbyists making a profit.
  10. I do miss those fish. I was just disappointed that I couldn't even give the fry away.
  11. Hi peeps, Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to start a discussion to see what everyone's opinion is about the ultimate planted goldfish aquarium is. For me, the first plant I've always added is elodea densa.
  12. Oh yeah, I decided to go with lake Tanganyika Cichlids and try for the 'freshwater reef' with shell dwellers, rock dwellers and open water swimmers. Erm, they all bred within 3 weeks of setting up the tank. I had 3 little clouds of fry, about 50 in each cloud. Then a month later they all bred again, then again and again. At first I thought it was epic, 12 fish had turned into 150. But then all hell broke loose and the parents were causing murder swimming into other territories and they were all fighting. So they all went to live at the LFS.
  13. It drove me mad. I gave mine to the lfs a year ago and I'm still find fish in the overflow
  14. I was thinking of getting a large piece of driftwood and adding loads of anubia nano to it. For an idea of what I have in mind do an internet search for raft style bonsai.
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