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  1. Not so much the pellets themselves, I'd just like smaller packets of them so I could mix a few together.
  2. It would be handy if I could get fishfood for goldfish in smaller sizes. Bug bites and tetra japan are in smaller containers, they would probably be a good starting point?
  3. I'll pick up some bug bites. I might get some nls thera a also. I'm debating whether to mix a few different pellets in a tub but I just think each pellet is fresher if fed one at a time rather than mixing multiple. I came across kenta goldfish food which in theory seems good
  4. Thanks guys! Sorry to ask this question, I kind of regretted it as soon as I posted. I'm just struggling to find a pellet in the UK that isn't hikari. I've seen bug bites (opinions?) So I'm looking for some I can Google and order.
  5. What pellet foods are people feeding?
  6. I tend to do a lot of research. I watch certain YouTubers for hours on my days off. I'm at a point in the hobby now where I can happily sit and watch someone take apart a canister filter for 2 hours and discuss the pros and cons of it rather than watching someone pacing up and down talking really really fast like they are borderline caffeine overdosed. Maybe I'm just at a different point in the hobby than I was back then. There's only so many new people you can talk though a cycle.
  7. I didn't know that's how flourish excel worked! I wish there were more resources online to learn about stuff like this in depth. That's what I loved about this forum when I joined. There were a lot of people around who were very knowledgeable about fishkeeping. Now everyone seems to be on groups on social media and think their opinion is fact. Just this morning I've witnessed someone tell a newbie that if they do a 50% WC during their cycle they are restarting their cycle. Now, If I stepped in and said 'well, I've actually cycled an aquarium while doing 75%+ everyday' egos would get hurt. There's a goldfish rescue group that states they will ban anybody who recommends salt as a medication for goldfish as its inhumane and that they won't rehome fancies to people with ponds. I suppose what I'm saying is I miss the times when there was a depth of knowledge available. Not just loads of groups spreading around the same half-truths as gospel. When I first joined this forum I literally trawled the site absorbing everything.
  8. So, I've been doing a fair bit of reading about cycling an aquarium (well, what else is there to do while your tanks cycling?). Anyway, one thing I noticed in the scientific papers (yeah, I went there too) is that they were discussing the carbon source for the bacteria. Which got me thinking, would the use of a carbon source such as seachem flourish excel turbo charge the process?
  9. Thanks, I just found a guy on Instagram that keeps ranchu outside over winter. He has loads of pics of his pond frozen over apart from where he runs air. I'm starting to thinking its doable.
  10. That was an interesting read. I think the greenhouse idea is a good one. There's a guy who built one on YouTube for aquaponics a few years back. I'll have to look for his videos.
  11. I don't really want to put them at risk. I like the idea of them being outside during the warmer weather but If the cold is going to put them at risk I'd rather avoid it. I have 3 options I was thinking. 1. Set up 2 tanks under my stairs. With the space I have I'm looking at about 200 litres which, given that I'd like 6 ranchu and 6 oranda doesn't offer enough water volume. 2. I have a few 5 foot tanks I could set up but building a fishhouse is an expense I would rather avoid atm. 3. I was wondering if housing the tanks in a greenhouse is an option. Those are the ideas I've been thinking about. Long term I'd like a fishhouse and a couple of ponds. I know what my end goal is I'm just unsure what steps to take at the moment.
  12. That's the same pool I was thinking of using. I already have 1 and was thinking of getting another.
  13. What sort of depth would I be looking at? Do you have any photos of your pond?
  14. I get mixed emotions when my goldfish nail my plants. Part of me get cross and another part finds it endearing 😂
  15. I'm getting back into the hobby and I really would like to keep and breed Ranchu and Oranda. I have a rule that I like 100 litres/25 usg per fish. Ideally I'd like 4 of each type or maybe a couple more say 6 ranchu and 6 oranda. I have a small sized house but a fair bit of land outside. I'd like to keep the fish outside at much as possible and I'm thinking about options for overwintering fish outdoors. To keep my budget down I was thinking of possibly using intex pools at first or maybe building 2 smaller (800 litre) ponds. I'm just a little worried about leaving the fish outdoors over winter. I have been thinking about greenhouses or building a fishouse. I'm interested in other people's input to help me form a decision.
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