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  1. Zach needs a new boyfriend!
  2. That's the thing, I'm not sure. Once the temperature starts to warm up outside next spring I plan on moving the fish outdoors for the summer. That will give me the chance to pull everything apart in the fishhouse and do any maintenance. I may also change the building to a greenhouse as that's what a lot of local breeders seem to recommend using. But at the moment I'm thinking of keeping the 3 tanks I have. Maybe add another large 5x2x18 and then possibly add 2 180 litre tanks that I could use for hospital/ QT tanks. In my mind, the only thing that's permanent is the fish, the rest is just to house them and I would like them to spend most of their time in the sun to get those colours popping.
  3. Boom! Exactly what I was trying to imply by 'philosophy'. I could give an opinion on how I maintain a filter. You could take that opinion and apply to your philosophy. However, I usually have high lighting and loadsa plants. It's also not uncommon for me to do 50%+ waterchanges a day for a month depending on what I'm seeing in the tank/ on test kits. So you could have low lights, no plants and do 10% waterchanges once a week. Our philosophies are different so advice would be incorrect.
  4. The more experience I get keeping fish, the more the answer to this question changes. For me personally I like to keep stocking quite low. But you have to develop you own 'philosophy' with regards to fish keeping. Most people currently seem to be in this planted tank with all the gadgets thing. High lights with a massive cannister filter and low stocking levels. (Have you even read The Walstad bro? You probably don't need a filter!) Before that it was the sps reef fad with all the gadgets. The point I'm making is people spending fortunes on gadgets. I feel like they don't even have a fundamental understanding of the basics. Here's a thing, how much of the territory outside the tank does the fish consider as it's territory? What happens if there is a lot of activity in that area? Stress? Ill health? Would a tank be better placed as a peninsula?
  5. So, got everything together now. Just need to do some cable management and other tidying up but everything is up and running.
  6. In all the years I've owned tanks this is only the third time a tank has leaked. The first was the same brand of tank dripping from a seam. The second I had a skimmer in a sump of a reef tank that would start overflowing out of the collection cup. The problem was the collection cup had tubing that emptied into a bottle.
  7. Well, it's lucky I started this project when I did. I came home from work yesterday and found a bead of water on the seam of my living room tank. I wiped it only to see another form and run down the tank. Within a few hours it had gone from a bead forming to a small stream. I have put the contents of the tank (ranchu, filters, plants) in the fish house. Not an ideal scenario, but at least I had the choice.
  8. I just have the three tanks atm. I'm hoping to breed ranchu and oranda. I will add more tanks to the collection as and when I can.
  9. First stand complete. Just need to add a few bits to it then get the other stand together.
  10. I cut all the wood for the stands today and started putting them together.
  11. So I spent yesterday and today finishing the insulation then had a tidy round to clear some floor space and shot down to my local hardware shop to buy the wood to build the stands and realised I'd left my stays at home so I couldn't tie the wood to my roof rack and the shop is shut now.
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