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  1. I saw rave reviewed about bug bites and vibra bites. My fish didn't seem all that fussed.
  2. I've removed the internal silicone and resealed after I found a drip coming through the silicone. But the idea of completely taking a tank down to panels and rebuilding it worries me
  3. I know. In all seriousness though. If I test fill what are the chances of a glass panel blowing? I'm pretty confident replacing the internal silicone. But the structural silicone that holds the pieces of glass together intimidates me.
  4. I can't, I haven't built a stand yet 😂
  5. See, you raise a good point there. Canister filters for ponds tend to be built to a completely different spec. If you combined the features of a pond canister with an aquarium canister, you're looking at a completely different animal. If you could buy a self priming, self cleaning canister filter where you could just connect a hose to the filter and back flush the waste out of it. One with maybe a built in uv and heater with variable speed pump. Then I reckon you're looking at a game changer.
  6. Hard Times. What else do you usually feed?
  7. I absolutely love sumps. Need to add carbon *plop*. Want to change a prefilter *whoosh* One day I will set up a refugium with hornwort, scuds and a deepsand bed. I love the possibilities with a sump.
  8. Everyone who owns a canister is like "I can do what I want I got a canister. Sometimes I clean it and sometimes I forget. Its so good I bought 2." And for the money of some of them I think they're in the sump territory price wise. Now with a sump you get a separate prefiilter that you can change whenever you want without stripping a sump to pieces. You can have tonnes more biological filtration and you can actually slow the contact time with the media right down. You can't oxygenate the media in a canister to get it working at its peak. And with your return pump you can turn it waayyy up or waayyy down. Oh, and you can buy a return pump with an amazing feature called a feed button.
  9. I usually feed deshelled chopped pea. What else do you feed?
  10. I was scared you were going to say that 😂
  11. I've been doing a lot of thinking about filtration lately and I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing I like about cannister filters. They're overpriced and underperform.
  12. I'm not sure what to do next. I'm a little worried about having the tanks in my home because they've been stored outdoors for 5 years. I've seen some people say they'll be fine on Google searches and others say they need resealing. So I'm not sure if I should use them or buy a new 200 litre tank. If I did use them my first job would be to build a stand.
  13. That's the one I was thinking of. This is the one my local shop recommends. The funny thing is they stock bristlenose plecs and hillstream loach but never mention those.
  14. Well, I've moved back into my house. I have the four tanks in the back garden ready to go. I have a linear air piston and 2 hidom small air pumps and a few other bits and pieces. It appears my ex wife took it upon herself to smash my pond up (new pond mkii thread). So I'm unsure where to start now.
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