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  1. Thank you both very much. It's not the poop that is bubbled but it is actually on her body they almost look like eggs but they are bigger... The water quality should not be an issue now as they are both in the 10 gallon tank with new water. I transferred them yesterday. I have wanted a bigger tank but have not had the room for it. So I am afraid they will be stuck in the 10 gallon untill I move. I have noticed a difference since I put them in the bigger tank as they tend to do more middle swimming. I also use the recommended amount of aquarium salt they seem to thrive when I put that in. I will get a test kit wihin a couple days to monitor the water quality. When I move I will find a 20 gallon tank hopefully bigger and get them in that. I think the moor may have breeding spots I am not sure because everytime I try to get a goodlook at him he just tries to eat my face... What are the chances of the two of them mating? Also any thoughts on the best way to move them? The trip should not be more than a half hour tops. Thanks again and thanks for the welcome.

  2. About five days ago I realized my fish had mated after researching why the water was cloudy on seperate occasions on the same day and later that day found some eggs. At that time I had 2 pearlscales and a black moor with 2 snails in a 5 gallon tank with a filter. They all seemed to be quite comfortable. I had been wanting to move them into a 10 gallon but had decided to wait as I am planning on moving in a few months. About a day after i realized what was going on I found one pearlscale (who I am convinced was the male do to the breeding stars) dead at the bottom of the tank. His body looked perfectly healthy and there were no noticeable health issues before this. Also the black moor started to look like a panda with a big white spot on the nose and the holes by the eyes that look like nostrels were also white. That seemed to pretty much disapper now with a hint of where it was still white. I had read that I should have removed the eggs but since I was not set up for breeding at all I decided it would be easier to move the pearlscale and moor to the bigger tank besides that the eggs are in the gravel somewhat deep and by trying to get them I think I would have caused more damage than good. I dropped the water level in the tank with eggs to about 6 inches. I also moved the filter into the big tank and put an air pump in the one with the eggs I also left the the snails in with the eggs. I can't really tell what is going on with the eggs as I can only see a handfull. I can tell some are clear some are not some seem to have white dots in them and a couple may have tiny black dots. It is about the 5th day since I noticed them breeding. Also the pearl scale has some things that look like bubbles below her vent... should I be concerned? I was also wondering how to determine the age of my fish? Any input and advice would be extremely helpful right now. Thank you very much.

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