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  1. Thank you everyone that replied. Glad to hear that my fish is not ill. He is still cute, but no black on him at all now. My dd thinks we should rename him (from pepper) to salty, especially since his belly is white! It's like getting a brand new fish, since he (or might be a she) looks completely different. I'm wondering if his belly will change colors later too? Will my other solid orange color fish change? Wow, these fish are just so amazing!
  2. OK, we decided to add a pair of goldfish to our 2 existing fish. We selected from a pet store where the fish were approx. the same size and seemed calm. One of the fish we choose had beautiful black and orange scales, appropriately named him Pepper. The other had black trim on his tail, that fish (we are calling Lucky). Just recently Pepper lost almost all of his black coloring and is now orange with a white belly. Still learning about goldfish. Did we buy a sick fish? Why did he change colors. He doesn't seem sick?
  3. Wow, thank you all for the kind advice. Hmmm I was hoping 4 would be ok in the 30 gallon. I think I have common goldfish with the single tail. They were originally bought for an outside pond, but starting dying, so were brought inside to a tank. My friend was told to provide 1 gallon of water for each inch of fish, so she gave some of them away in 1 gallon bowls - that is how we got ours. I try not to think of what happened to the fish that were given away. I am leaning towards sticking with the 30 gallon long tank - really its huge. I have a new filter for a 30 gallon tank and could even add the 2nd filter that I'm currently using for the 10. What do you think about 3 fish - is that an odd number? Dont these kind of fish need to be in a community? I've read conflicting information. Pumpkin and Jack (o-lantern) seem really happy! If I can figure out how to post pictures I will.
  4. OK, I have small 2 goldfish (1.5-2 inches) in a 10 gallon tank and know I need to upgrade. One of our pet stores is going out of business and I was able to purchase a long 30gallon tank with lid/light and filter for a great price. Only problem is it doesn't fit on my table, so I either need to get a stand or try to return it while I still can. I was thinking about adding another fish or two, so in case one of my fishes die, so they will still have company. Pet store suggested 8 gallons per fish? I also got a med castle decoration with a hollow center, but it is rough on the inside and am now worried it might scratch the fish. I'm also worried about transferring them, and have been reading that it takes about a week to set up the new environment so that good bacteria will develop. I think I am going crazy worrying about these fish, which tank, how many fish etc. and meantime, they are still happily swimming in their 10 gallon home. The pet store says I have been cleaning my tank too frequently (I change out 20-25% of the water weekly and scoop out/rinse out 1/4 to 1/2 of the rocks as well)so I just bought a test kit so I can measure the ammonia and nitrates properly in the next tank. The pet store has a 28 gallon bow tank with a stand I could trade for, but I think the long 30 gallon would give them more swimming range since its longer? Unfortunatly a 40 gallon is out of my price range. I need to act quickly if I am going to trade. We originally got the fish from a friend, who now has 18 same size fish in a 55 gallon tank - and I know they will eventually die. I have suggested to her she give me one or two of her fish, but don't want to overcrowc my new tank, is 4 fish in a 30 too many?? I am open to advice! Thanks.
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