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  1. My Pippin had a ring exactly like that, got huge. So no worries.
  2. Hey, guys! My telescopes inside are doing great. Tried some no flash pictures for a change! Introducing Sam: Got this little bugger at Petco. He was less than an inch long in a tank with his kin. Problem? The put the BUTTERFLY TELESCOPES in the tank with the crayfish. Every single fish was shredded to pieces. Now it's been a while since then but poor Sam has only been able to re-grow half of his tail. Sighhh. he's adorable and I love him just the same. Hopping still the 2nd half with grow back eventually, doubt it though. Here's his good side, his dorsal is still healing too. Hope that little divit heals! His pectorals grew back just fine thankfully. Legolas: She looks so traumatized here, Gandalf: The female who doesn't have a name for some reason: Rusty: And Scooter is doing good as well, he's just ridiculously unphotogenic and I never have any good pictures of him. Thanks for looking,
  3. Woah, the first picture confused me 'cause it looks like there isn't any water in the tank, That oranda is gorgeous.
  4. Ahahaha, no fighting guys, Seriously tho, if I had way to catching them, I'd totally send you guys a fish of your pick.
  5. Too cute, Angel is beautiful.
  6. Oh, wow, NICE! That'd be an excellent Angelfish tank, lots of tall plants, heaven,
  7. It's all about the angle. That I'm literally like 2-3 feet away from the water. I sit on the pavement in front of the water and angle my camera, zoomed in, at about a ..... oh 45 degree angle. Omgosh thank you everyone. It's so good to be back on Kokos. My life has just been super crazy lately. I'll get some telescope pictures up later!
  8. Hey, guys! It's been a longggggggggg time. Sorry! It's FINALLY Spring and the goldfish are awake and active and eating. Snapped some pictures for ya. Asher, Creamsicle: Sorry for the spam, Thank you for looking! -Rai
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