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  1. The price you can see from the website plantedaquariumscentral.com I got 7 potted Anubias Nana Petite; 2 Java Fern bunches; 3 Giant hair grass bunches; 1 Limnophila aromatica hippuroides; 3 bunches Rotala Macrandra; 5 potted Pigmy chain sword; and 2 hygrophila Corymbosa Stricta. Total around $150 including shipping.
  2. Since the general consensus is more plants, I added more plants. Ordered a whole lot from Planted Aquariums Central and they arrived today. Spent about 3 hours cleaning, washing and unpacking them. Wasn't easy to plan the layout but here is the final product. Just hope my babies don't tear them up. Before After
  3. Thanks, I see all wants to see more plants. More plants it is, will update once I got them and planted them. Nothing more happy than to buy more and more and more.
  4. Been off the site for a while now. Went through different tank setup and different fish but ultimately came back to goldfish. Just love their movement and peacefulness. Here is my redone aquarium setup, Do you think I need more plants? I am thinking to add more dwarf Anubias on the left side making it look like green carpet. Will be leaving the middle section clear of plants. Also wants to add more of the same on the right to make it look denser. In addition, wants to add some taller background plants on the right. My current goldies don't seem to touch these so far, even the moss-planted driftwood.
  5. I have seen this before on my Ranchu, however, I think it is more squinting rather than blinking. Since goldfish do not have eye lid, they can't blink but if the area above the eye is over-developed then it can appear to be blinking when it is just squinting.
  6. I bought a few from Tommy and they are of superb quality, one blue ranchu, one veil tail and one phoenix tail. They are expensive compared to LFS but you just cannot find that kind of quality fish and size in US LFS. If you want the hard to get, Tommy can probably get it for you from China. The other auction would be Goldfish Connection, which is even more expensive but also beautiful fish. I have always paid for next day because the less trauma for the fish the better. Last thing I want is to get a fish that dies right afterward, been there before.
  7. Is this guide more clear or is this what you have? http://www.eheim.com/base/eheim/pdf/en/anleitungen/afilter/2215_2217_classic.pdf Good luck
  8. Hi there, I am relatively new to goldfish but can tell you my experience. I have had a few shipments of goldfish from Goldfishconnection and Goldfishnet in the last few months. My first experience was horrible since it was a beautiful blue ranchu. It arrived from overnight shipping and at that time I didn't know much about handling shipped fish so I did the usual, floating the bag and then acclimating the water, etc. The fish died in 6 hours, the saddest sight, I don't know whether it was the initial bag opening or transport trauma that caused his death. Then I came here for advice since the seller was very kind to supply me with another without charge. The general knowledge from this wonderful site came down to doing this. Upon arrival, don't open the box until you are ready for the transfer. When you are ready, open the box and the bag, immediately pour in some neutralizer, I used Prime, and scoop the fish up with your hand and place it in your tank right away. I also added some Prime in my tank afterward just in case. Since doing that, I have had 3 other goldfish shipments and all went very well. As for putting different fish sources fish in the same tank at the same time, I will let the people that actually know answer. Good luck. Those two places have beautiful goldfish.
  9. No, Tigris and Angel are from Tommy at the other auction site. I saw a "Phoenix tail lionhead" at one of his auction but already sold so I email Tommy and had another one. He sent me pictures and I bought Tigris.
  10. Thanks, learned so much from here and hopefully I am doing a good job in making them happy.
  11. Yes Daryl, he/she looks funny but in a way the black makes Tigris look like he/she has black eye liner with black brow, black lipstick, black finger nail polish and black toe nail polish on. In that sense, he/she looks Gothic, LOL.
  12. If you remember, I bought a Ranchu online a few weeks ago and it arrived but died within 12 hours. I was devastated but Ken was great and sent me a replacement of my choice. This time it arrived safely and I took advice from the good people here. I used Prime in the bag right away and scoop the fish out with my hand. Without acclimation, I just released the fish into my cycled tank and then add some more Prime into my tank water. I didn't want to post too early due to previous experience. However, it has been a few weeks now and "Blueberry" is very happy in the tank and he, I know it's a he because he has breeding star, is such a joy to look at. Since he is doing so well, I went on a buying frenzy and now my tank is full. Here are some pictures, enjoy. Thanks for all your support and advice. Blueberry Angel and Tigris All three together
  13. I just bought two, one "Veil tail" and one "Phoenix tail lionhead". Don't know whether they truly qualify as such but they are beautiful. I will agree that Tommy is a businessman but he does deliver. If there is something that you want but was sold already, he might have another. That's how I got my "Phoenix tail". Some pictures to tempt.
  14. I just bought the Turbo Twist 9 and am running it off my Fluval 305 as well. Do you adjust your flow rate at all? I am using it for bacterial and parasite killing. Thanks! According to Foster and Smith's site, you need to adjust different rates for parasites, algae, or bacteria; parasites being the slowest at 55gph and then 121gph and 253gph respectively. However, I just let it ripped at the max rate for my 305 and the water, which was initially greenish, cleared up slowly in one week. Now it is crystal clear and I am still letting it run continuously at max rate. I suppose you can slow the rate down if you have a parasite problem but you will sacrifice filtration rate.
  15. I have a 72G and had it set up for a few months now but was having a hard time getting the water crystal clear despite water change, decreasing feeding, etc. So I did some research and finally got a Turbo Twist 9W. I had it set up in line with my Fluval 305 which has the ideal flow rate for the Turbo Twist so I don't have to compromise in my filtration rate. I also have a Eheim canister filter. Now one week past and my water is crystal clear. I have it running nonstop just to be able to do bacteria, parasite killing, etc. I think you have to change the rate for different purpose, 55gph for parasites, 121gph for algae, and 253gph for bacteria (from Foster and Smith website). My research showed that the internal UV sterilizers have a lot of problems as regard to cleaning, shorting, etc. but the Turbo Twist is highly praised. In addition, you can opt to use a separate submersible power head for the UV alone but that would double the cost.
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