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  1. I meant blended as in my original 3 plus the two new ones. I love my common boy, so much personality and very gentle. Never had issues with eating platies or Cory cats in the past. He's just getting very very big. So.... Does anyone want a troublemaker fish? Eats long fins but is great with short ones. Did I mention super cute?
  2. It's not a matter of big fish eat little fish, its the little fish eating the big. My plan when I got the babies was to rehome my big common to a pond (when I find someone with a suitable sized one) and just have the four fancies at home. Ah, the troubles of blended families eh? I already have too many tanks at home so I'm not setting up another. The more I think about it, A new home for baby might be the best option.
  3. Thanks for the repy. They are in a 300 Litre tank. I feed them Hikari Lionhead pellets once a day. They get the occasional zucchini slice and bloodworms for treats plus they always graze on the elodea plants.I change between 50 and 100 Litres of water each week, depending on how I'm going for time. Always use a declorinator. I'll post a video when I get home from work tonight, won't be hard to catch the behaviour.
  4. Close to a month ago, I purchased two baby ranchus to add to my existing tank of 2 fantails and a common. These things are tiny. When I first got them they were the size of a large platy. Shortly after buying them, one of the babies began nibbling the tail of one of my fantails. At first it was just a nibble here and a nibble there but now it’s really getting stuck into this poor fish. (Imagine when a fish is trying to tear off a leaf of it’s favourite elodea plant). My fantail’s tail is shredded. I’ve tried putting the baby in a separation net but it spends the whole time stressing and trying to find a way out. Even after a couple of days away from the others, it goes back to eating tail. The fantail used to swim away, but she’s too tired and often just sits there and takes it. What am I going to do with this cannibal of a fish? It doesn’t eat anyone else’s fins, just the long flowing tail of this one fish. I don’t want to take it back to the LFS but if I don’t have any other options, I don’t have any other options…
  5. All the bottle says is to retreat after 7 days to prevent reinfestation. Vague?
  6. ...and here is another brand, although the same stuff. http://www.aristopet.com.au/?page=72&item=760&product_search=&dosearch=
  7. Trinket, Para-cide's active ingredient is the Trichlorfon. Dimilin's active ingredient is Diflubenzuron. Both will work, but the para-cide is much much harsher.
  8. I'm sorry, but I am going to disagree here. It is not available in any aquarium shop or pet shop. It is available to the agricultural community as a sheep and cattle dip. A friend of mine in Melbourne tried to ask her vet for a product with the same active constituents and she could not get it for a small scale application. I was looking for it for a long time and with no luck. Our only other option for lice, anchor worms etc is the Trichlorfon. Lupin, I think Betty and Silke had some luck with the PP solution?
  9. I called AU post and they called the nearest post offices closest to Nakedsnakes address. She told me it has not turned up there. They are formally investigating the issue. They will call if they find out something. On a side note, I went to the denstist today who happens to be in the same building as the AU post that I posted the prazi. The receptionist said that she has tried to send me things in the mail from that post office and I never received any of them. Something screwy is going on.
  10. Oh, and Nakedsnake, can you call your nearest post office and ask them if they have it? If they tried to put it in your letter box and didn't fit, it will be at your post office waiting for you to collect it. The postie may have not left you a card.
  11. I haven't worked out how to take quotes from different posts yet so I will just answer each here. CountryLovah, here is a list of meds that I did up a while ago for another forum. Antiparasitic Treatment Products - Over the Counter Praziquentel - tablet form only, no liquid or powder Various products containing formaldehyde & malachite combintion Acriflavine & Malachite green combination Trichlorfon - This will kill anchor worms, lice etc Levimasole (Sold as a pig wormer or sold by a vet. Unsure whether prescription is needed) Multipurpose Treatment Products - Over the Counter "...designed to be broadly effective against many of the most common infectious diseases of ornamental freshwater fish, including 'White Spot' (Ichthyophtyrius), 'Velvet' (Oodinium), fungus and superficial bacterial infections" Aminacrine hydrochloride, mafenide hydrochloride, malachite green combination Acriflavine, malachite green, methylene blue combination Brilliant green, formaldehyde solution 37%, malachite green, phenoxyethanol Other meds Tri-Sulfa Tablets Potassium permanganate (Condy's Crystals) Sold at the chemist Tetracycline Prescription only meds Pretty much all other antibiotics including: Metronidazole (Flagyl) Baytril flubenol (flubendazole) Virtually unheard of here except in treatment on a large agricultural scale. Products NOT available: Medi-Gold Metro-Meds Kanacyn (Kanamycin or kannamycin) Maracyn, Maracyn 2 Maracyn Plus Although there are no commericial food options available, I have successfully mixed metro, levamasole and tetracycline into a gel food to treat my fish (not all at once of course) Lupin, this carbonate hardness stuff that Nakedsnake has is a mixture of potassium hydrogen and sodium bicarbonate as per the MSDS. Nakedsnake, I have the receipt for the express post satchel somewhere on the floor of my car and I will check it to see if it has a barcode number. I will also ring them as soon as they open and find out what the poop is going on. "Guaranteend next day delivery" My big toe!
  12. I'm not sure. I will have to call them in the morning and find out.
  13. I am getting a little nervous about this prazi not turning up. I sent it express Monday morning but because I was on my way to work and in a hurry, I didn't think to take the barcode so it could be tracked. I would have expected delays because of the public holiday but it should definitely be there by now. OMG, I hope it isn't lost.
  14. Hi everyone, I am Lupin's friend from Australia, the one that sent Nakesnake the Prazi. I've been following this thread and I'd like to answer the query about the AU teaspoon/tablespoon. CountryLovah, you were right the first time. Our teaspoons are roughly the same size, but the AU tablespoon is larger than the US tablespoon in that there are 4 teaspoons (5ml/5g) to 1 tablespoon (20ml/20g), rather that your 3 teaspoons (which would make up roughly only 15ml/g to the tablespoon). I find is easier (seeing as we use the metric system) when using large amounts of salt, to weigh it. 1 gram per litre of water = 0.1%. Can't lose count of the teaspoons when it's weighed.
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