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  1. I've been using baking soda to buffer my KH for a few months now and only just came across this thread. I do weekly WC and buffer the fresh water and not adding into tank directly. One thing I'm not clear about is the requirement for the 100% WC due to sodium build up. Is this required in my case as I'm only replenishing the baking soda during WC?
  2. I've also heard good things about Star Fisheries and will be using them sometime in the future. I stay in Aberdeen and you cant get any decent sized goldies up this end so will be trying the mail order route. I'm looking for a 3-4inch Lionhead to go with the one I have now (which I did a 300mile round trip for!) Blinky, what size is your new fish? Just windering if Tri-mar do large size goldies and what kind of selection they have.
  3. Hi, how much will it roughly be for one of the Metromeds including delivery to the UK? Also, I;v heard good things about the metromeds and medi-gold but not 100% sure what illnesses/diseases they treat, do you have any info on them??
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some Metromeds but there doesnt seem to be any where that ships to the UK. may I ask where you got yours from?
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