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    2, Bella my red cap oranda, Jacob orange oranda

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I usually hate filling these things out...lol what can you really say about yourself. But I shall try. I am a mommy of 2 beautiful children, Matt 16 and Emma 14, who are the light of my life. So far the teenage years aren't proving to be that bad, I think I have lucked out and the good kid department.

This past year has been a very very trying year...I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Feb 17th 2009. Since then I've had a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, but I have made it through. Currently I am cancer free. YAHOOO!!!

Which brings us to becoming a fish owner. I originally started out with a 20g, and some Plattys and Mollies, my husband brought them home for me and set everything up because I was so sick, and spent the majority of my time just lying on the couch. He thought it would be nice for me to have something to look at....and I loved it!!

To my suprise, I had male and female of both fishies, and ended up with a tank full of molly and platty fry, now its time to update the tank. Found a wonderful 35g for dirt cheap, all I needed was a new filter and some decorations...so off to the Aquarium store I go....and home I came with the 2 most beautiful fish I have ever seen, my Gold Oranda Jacob, and my beautiful, graceful and little miss piggy, my Red Cap Oranda Bella (yes I am a Twilight freak).

This was the beginning of another wonderful journey. I didn't know fish could be such a big part of someones life, I lucked out with 2 fish that have the greatest personalities, they bring a smile to my face every time I go near the tank. I have spent countless hours online researching their breed, all the do's and don'ts, their wants likes and dislikes....the work that goes into them keeps me smiling and happy and its deffinately helped with the healing process....

My next adventure is deffinately going to be a bigger tank, with some more of these beautiful creatures. For now I will settle with one more, a deffinate requirement for my new tank is a Calcio Oranda, although I have aquired a calico fantail, who will be moving on over to the 20g since the mollys and plattys thought it would be better to eat their fry as a late night snack and we are back to the originals minus 1.

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