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  1. Celebrated my 2nd year here yesterday, and thanks to all you knowledgeable folks all 3 single tails are still thriving. In fact, I did a little eating experiment just the other day. Brought in a fresh navel orange off our orange tree, quartered it, and put an entire quarter in the tank. I pushed it sort of inside-out by pushing on the outside of the peel with my thumbs, in order to expose the fruit better...... .....uhhhmmmmmm, they ate the entire thing, flush to the rind, in maybe 3hrs. Anyway, thanks again for all the help and support over the past 2 years!
  2. I performed a noise test on 3 pumps and it might still be stickied here on Koko's. I posted the videos to Youtube. I tested the Rena 400, the Coralife Luft, and my Tetra Wisper 60 that was a year old at the time. The Tetra was the quietest, and moved the most air. It's no been running for about 2 years, powering a pair of 21" long Marineland bubble sticks that I linked together with a piece of clear PVC tubing. The bubble stick is burried under about 1"-2" of gravel, at the base of the rear wall of the tank. This produces large bubbles that emerge from the gravel, sort of randomly, and then they tumble up the 3D back wall. I like the large tumbling bubbles more than the look of the fizz, but that's just my preference.
  3. Saw a sight that made me shudder a little yesterday. I was picking up my daughter from her friend's house and noticed a small aqarium in her friend's room, on the dresser....maybe 15 gallons. No light on, and a water level that was about an inch below the bottom edge of the top plastic trim. In other words, sort of pathetic. Imagine my horror when I suddenly realized that what I saw from a distance in the tank were 2 large goldfish!! Turned out to be a gorgeous (but kinda pale) orange Comet with a huge tall tail, and an all white Common. Both about 6" long. Upon closer inpection, gravel that was about 3" deep, and in the back corner, one bubbler tower with a little carbon granule housing on the top......you know, like you'd use in a 10 gallon tank with a few neon tetras in it. Holy mamma, I about fell over. The best is yet to come. The girl is 12 and she's been keeping these fish for 9 years, since bringing them home from the fair in plastic baggies. I finally got the nerve to ask about water changes. Oh, about every 2 weeks. Hey, a least she was doing them. She also said they'd gotten sick before and she and her dad had looked up online about what to do and cured them. So that's my story. Time to rewrite Kokos: Single tails only need 7gals each, and a bubbler sucking on an under gravel fitler and 3" deep gravel is more than good. Feed often by sprinkling some flakes on top of the water, and change the water when you get a chance! No need for water testing or treat either.
  4. I only know how single tails eat, and all I can say is, you don't put your body parts in there at the same time! (BTW, I only serve Ocean Nutrician Spirulina Flakes. I feed once a day. I don't fast them. Usually in the afternoon I'll give them 2 slices of lime or lemon, once in a while avocado, or a few pinches of minced garlic, occasionally peas. Never feed them worms or pellets, etc. All three are big methodical chewers. I guess it's because they are so big, but their mouth area extends forward and then retracts back into their face with each chew action. When they tear off a big piece of lime, or hit on a big hunk of avocado, it's a real show with the faces they make.
  5. That's probably too much weight out in the middle of a span, unless you have some really tall floor joists. If you want it in that location, I'd suggest a couple of 4x4 or 6x6 columns in the unfinished basement. Otherwise, move it to a different location where you can have it perpendicular to the joists.
  6. I wouldn't have a problem picking them off. Just wondering if there was some other method. I try not to treat the tank with anything too, if possible.
  7. Is there some "official" way of nuking them in-tank? Prazi? .3% salt? Claymore's? Or do we just have to go hand-to-hand with them?
  8. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! Those things are nasty. Thanks for the great photos and video. And you know I'm leaving the keyboard right now to go inspect!!
  9. Wow-and-a-half!!! That is some kinda nice big tank. Can't wait to see it start to come together. You gonna do a fancy 3D background or ?????
  10. I think the multiple filter idea is an excellent one. I've often thought, "What if this thing grenades at zero-dark-thirty." Although, I guess if that happened, even late at night, they'd survive just fine until I could get to the petbox store in the morning and buy another. Still, I keep thinking that if I ever stumble across a Fluval 205 or 305 for cheap at a garage sale/swapmeet/craigslist/etc. I'll grab it and add it to the tank.
  11. Uh-oh, maybe I spoke too soon. I just did a google search for "rena xp4 problems" and found some archived threads of people having problems with them. The gist is that the xP4 is just an xP3, with a more powerful motor and a taller case. Apparently the more powerful motor causes the impeller to break fairly quickly because it's just all the guts from the xP3 without being upgraded to handle the power of the bigger motor. So Alex, it might be worth a quick search/read before you head out. That said, a lot of people in that same thread stated they loved the xP3's and had been using them for a long time. One guy even suggested just buying a pair of 3's which would be cheaper than the purchase of a single 4 (at the normal retail prices) and give even more gph. The other Rena xP's were on the same clearance pricing, so maybe a pair of 3's would be a better play?
  12. No problem, and I'm glad they had some. I didn't know if it was store wide, or if ours was just blowing them out for some reason.
  13. I'm just going to carry 'em in in the 2-1/2 gallon bowl that our oldest Comet lived in (in the middle of the kitchen table BTW) and set that down on the table: "Hello. Welcome to Applebees. Would you like to hear the specials?" "No, we're ready to order. I'll have a bacon wrapped Filet, medium rare with roquefort on top, and my friends will share the mixed greens salad w/ no dressing.......you don't need to bring a plate."
  14. Alex, would you like me to ship you one? It'd be $114 + 8% sales tax, and whatever FedEx Ground would be.....$25ish? maybe. They have 2 left.
  15. Was just in my local Pet$mart and they are having a clearance on their Rena canisters. The huge xP4's are $114, regularly $229. They are listed at Amazon at $175. They're rated at 450gph, and my Fluval 405 is only 340. With the problems I've been having with my Fluval, I'm seriously considering the purchase. Anyone have an xP4 and want to comment on quality/longevity/performance?
  16. And the same with the Anubias Nana at $8 per!!!!! It'd be cheaper if I just took them to Applebees for mixed greens salad.
  17. Yeah, mine actually get a piece torn enough that they can get it in their mouths, and then they jerk their heads side-to-side just like a shark, in order to tear it free. The are serious hunters.
  18. LOL!! Success! Glad they loved it. Mine have gotten to the point where they recognize the slice if I hold it up to the outside of the tank.......then swim to the glass and just watch it intently until I put it in the water.
  19. I didn't feed fresh anything to these 3 until coming here and learning that people did it. By then, they were all several years old. I actually think they enjoy working at something like this. It seems to give them something to do. Heck, they normally spend most of the day rooting through the gravel, uprooting the live and plastic plants, tearing the the leaves on live plants, and even knocking over the petrified wood. So time spent on a hunk of citrus is less time spent vandalizing the tank......I'm just sayin'!
  20. Funny that some of them don't like lime. Mine are that way with oranges and lemons now. They will eat them, but not with the vigor that hey have for lime. Wonder if it's a single tail thing?
  21. You sir, are a genlteman AND a scholar! Mikroll: Try a lime. It's priceless!
  22. Just kidding! But have some fun with your Goldfish today and feed them a couple slices of organic limes. It's a hoot to watch the faces they make!
  23. Sounds like the valve assembly is not being locked in place by that silver paddle-handle latch. That latch has a thin curved "claw" on the underside. With the valve assembly turned off, and the filter turned off (unplug it) lift up on that silver paddle handle and inspect that claw. You may find hat it's snapped off because that valve assembly can't be lifted out of the Fluval's lid, if that claw is in the lock position with that paddle handle down. The good news is, the valve assembly can be purchased seperately, via ebay or Amazon.
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