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  1. Thought I'd give another update. All fish are doing just fine and this week I added pink grapefruit to list of foods they'll eat. Almost as funny as watching them eat limes. The big Comet gets herself all flared up when she's eating it, like her whole body is going "BOING." Silly fish. Thanks again to everyone for all the help. It would have been a real drag to loose one and break up the trio...both for them, and for us!
  2. I'm confused about the above instructions. I'm no longer medicating the fish and he's back in the main tank.
  3. i'm a huge fan of the Comets. Love their shape, their speed, and their agility. Cracks me when the this big Common is chasing the big Comet around (they're very bonded), or trying to shove her a certain way at feeding time. She just snaps a U-turn and leaves him behind. If you haven't seen them, I have a few videos of them on youtube under my user name.
  4. Yes, he's a little over 8" long now, maybe almost 9", and pretty tall and thick. The big Comet, which is the fish that started this all, as a 25 cent feeder, something like 10yrs ago, has a 6" body, and another 3-4" of tail trailing behind. I feed them a lot of fruit, or maybe I should say, "Produce." -Persimmon -Lime slices -Lemon slices -Orange slices -Avocado -Garlic -Black Olives -Grape centers -Cucumbers Right now it's Persimmon season, so while I'm standing there eating on (in front of them, of course) I plop a couple spoon fulls into the water and enjoy the antics.
  5. Here are a couple updated photos. He's back in the big tank now.
  6. I think it was maybe 3 days (Friday/Sat./Sun) on the Maracyn 1 before the advice here sent me out after Metromeds. The LFS (not a petboxstore) didn't have any, and that was Monday. They did have "Focus" by Seachem. So I purchased a tube of that and that's what I've been using. The LFS said they'd have more Metromeds by Wed. by in previous experience, they are very unreliable in getting stuff in. So I stuck with the Focus, the 80*F water temps and the 1tsp of Epsom Salts in the 10g tank. The big lug wouldn't eat the focus mixed with avocado, so I decided to just heavily dose the water. I'm doing 80% water changes twice a day, so with each water change, it was a new round of salt, and 3 heaping scoop fulls of Focus, dumped right in front of where he was laying. I figured he'd breathe it in initially in that heavy concentration, and then soak in it the rest of the day. It's been 6 days total, on the Focus, the tube is nearly empty, and as of this afternoon, he's doing even better. His breathing is back to that slow methodical big goldfish breathing (he's about 10 inches), and he's just hovering around in the tank waiting for each time I walk over, and then it's, "FEED ME" eyes as he comes up to the glass. I'll keep treating him until the Focus is gone, which will probably be Monday. I've got the heater off, and he's been in regular 66*F temp water for about 12hrs. I've also stopped salting. Don't know if what I've done is right or good, but I was willing to try anything as opposed to giving up on him.
  7. Still looking good. The rapid breathing has improved to be more normal. All the bloody spots have been absorbed and are gone. The worst one is now just a dark dot in the middle of one scale. So I guess we're getting there, slowly but surely.
  8. He's getting better! Swollen areas were much improved yesterday and fins were unclamped. No freshly bleeding looking areas between the scales and the blood that was showing, was getting dark. By mid-day he was eating from my hand again, and spending less time sitting on the bottom, propped up against he back wall. By late last night, he was swimming around foraging for food and occasionally eating from the slice of lime I'd left for him to find. This morning he's basically back to normal as far as swimming and eating goes. He's got a few more days on the meds, so maybe by Monday he'll be back in the big tank with the girls. Thanks for all the help and support you guys!
  9. I treated them all for flukes, with Prazi, about 18mos ago. Treated them in their big tank. Don't have any metro, but can get it tomorrow. Today makes day 3 on the Marycin.
  10. Helen, thanks so much for the offer to help. If he was otherwise doing great, I might be inclined, but at this point, there's so much other very serious looking "stuff" happening, that IMO, takes precedence, that surgery would just be adding cruelty. The splits and now tiny holes in the tail, have appeared, literally, over night, as did all the bleeding areas. Any idea what the cause is? Just some really bad infection? He's still eating, in fact, just gave him a huge piece of avocado and he inhaled it, as is his usual method. Oh, and he's also been breathing very rapidly for about 2 days. I put him in the hospital tank on Friday.
  11. Thanks for the fast replies! The lump in the mouth is just in from the "lips" so it's easily accessible.....however, it's not an external growth. It's something going on under the tissue. So carving it out would leave a 3/8" diameter raw opening. And that lump is seemingly very secondary to what appears to be a lot of internal bleeding or blood seepage. Stand by for photos. BTW, I know you guys like to know water params, but he's in a 10g hospital tank getting daily changes, so that's about as good is it's gonna get. But I certainly blame myself for his condition, as I've not put any live plants or other fish in with he and his 2 gals in a couple of years. So it's a sealed environment, other than my care.
  12. Hi Gang, Long time since I've posted. Things w/ the fish have been going well, but here I am in the 9-1-1 area for my big Common who I think needs to be euthanized. For a long time now, he's had a lump inside his mouth, on the left side, a the bottom. It was small at first, almost like maybe his mouth just wasn't formed right in that location, but it started growing, and in the last month or so has gotten big. I figured cancer or similar...aka, not much I can do about it. A couple days ago, he started clamping fins, and when I looked at him straight on, I noticed he was starting to bulge out just behind the left gill, and in another location just back from there. I put him in my 10g hospital tank, 1/4tsp of espsom salt, and started him on Marycin 1, with a heater trying to keep the water in the 75-80*F range. No change, of course and today he's much worse. The bulging areas are pine-coned and there's red in the areas around the scales, like internal bleeding. The tail is now getting a couple splits, and there's a red vein in the very middle, just where the tail meets the body. I've been changing the water in the 10g daily, and re-dosing the salt and Marycin, but I think this is the end of the line, and I'm ready to get some clove oil and do the deed. Hate to, but he's been a great fish, and I don't want to see him suffer any longer. Any advice greatly appreciated, even if it's just to say, "Yes, he's not able to be saved."
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