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  1. very pretty! great save! I agree that it's a comet.
  2. yay!!! finally! More pics! the little one looks super cute
  3. My 200 gal was made without a center brace on purpose. It just needed thicker glass
  4. OMG I love the one with lots of black! Look at those eyes!!!
  5. Maybe he is stuck? Rofl! He is super cute!
  6. Congrats! Let him bottom sit in peace, it's part of QT ROFL
  7. He looks fuller! But I don't like the yellowing on my fish either. However, like Alex says, it seems to be enough to alternate the soilent green (and super green) with the other repashy foods. So far SW and einstein are still pure white.
  8. Oh my goodness. That is so sad. I cannot imagine what the neighbor will say when you confront her. Best of luck to all the fish.
  9. oh yikes! good thing all is fine. you probably would have smelled it if it wasn't! CUTE snails! Mine are not so cool looking.
  10. So cute! I love the floating plants! With some of my floaty fish I don't put airstones. I think that helps them.
  11. That is exactly why I always freak out when I use the scope!
  12. Phantom is the most beautiful! But Beasty is huge!
  13. SO PRETTY! Mine get brown leaves and melt why?!?!?!
  14. That's so sad Hope she comes back! How about maybe putting up a little fence around the pond?
  15. Oh I missed something! What has been chasing her? OMG poor baby!
  16. WOW yours is so much prettier than mine ! I adore your pond! Where is ducky?!
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