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  1. So I am fully stocked for a 52gal? That seems weird. He will get fist size apparently, but in 5years they said. Right now he is about 1.5inches
  2. Hello everyone! Exciting to be back! Okay, so I need some advice from the more tropical savvy of you! I am upgrading my 30 Gal tank because the stand is about to fall apart (seems that making those stands waterproof didn't dawn on most manufacturers - one filter leak totally killed it). SOOOOO. I got this brilliant cube shaped 53Gal that I LOVE. Okay enough. My current 30Gal is the happy home of: 8 Dalmatian mollies (2 males - one particularly dominant) 1 black molly (mom to my one fry Goliath!) 1 white molly (also female) 6 fun kuhli loaches (now THOSE are super entertaining guys! They do aerobics on my anubias) 6 albino cory cats 6 sterbai cory cats 1 awesome looking pleco which I do not know the type of tho! He is brown with black spots. Fish that I think would be cool in the tank. 1 angel 1 german blue ram (or do they need to be in groups? Saw them yesterday and they are just super cute!) Some smaller schooling fish? Ideas? I wanted a few large fish to be the 'gems' of the tank. And I want to keep it a very peaceful community. In terms of water, I have a pH of 7.2 and hardness of level 10 (which seems to be the beginning of hard water). Apparently this is perfect for the mollies but less for the cory cats? Don't fancy changing the water parameters a lot however. I just obviously cannot get fish which require very soft water. I will be adding quite a bit of driftwood however. Thanks!
  3. What about doing a fish less cycle on her tank and when it is a little more stable bringing back the fish?
  4. Awesome I am glad you figured it out. They are just teenagers
  5. I can't believe how bright orange Charlie got! Love it!
  6. I always find teeth! Sometimes the fish want to eat them up again I also never noticed any discomfort. They sort of spit them out.
  7. Poor Phantom Try more boiled spinach. It works well for me.
  8. thanks Helen Oh and for all those who don't know, one of her tank mates sucked out her eye about a year ago. She had a tough year!
  9. Since many of you have been asking about my little Blondie I wanted to show you some pics of her from today with her buddies in the 85Gal. She has been back in there for almost a month now and is doing wonderful! (Pixel is out on a 'fattening' diet and should also join back in a few weeks time) For those of you who don't know Blondie's story. I basically found her C-shaped, all fins gone (probably eaten by the tank mates), dropsied like a golfball (she looked like she was about to explode), basically waiting to die, about 9months ago. So I took her out and put her in a warm, shallow tub of water and wanted to put her to sleep the next morning. What happened is that while i was feeding the other goldfish, my fiancé mentioned that she was responding to my presence (even if she was C-shaped on the floor she was sort of wobbling around). So I cupped her in my hand and fed her a few tiny crumbs of MMs. I did this every few hours for the next few days. I then woke up one morning and she was deflated and swimming! She finished her entire course of MMs and then I kept her separated all this time, first to grow back all her fins, then to fatten her up, then to make sure she had a strong immunity. So she lived alone, with a plant buddy for about 9 months in a 30Gal tub. She is such a cutie, and a real fighter! (she is the mini sized ranchu!) (with her buddies Einstein (oranda) and SW (veil)) *stupid photobucket! It is refusing to upload a few other pics! I will just post those later.
  10. Yes but Jesper has already medicated against internal parasites in all his fish. Correct Jesper?
  11. what about flukes? could explain the bottom sitting and stress poop and searching for more oxygen at the surface.
  12. I love the close ups of Clover and his yellow face! Very pretty.
  13. I love the man made one with the fountain! Super cute, I wish I could get one.
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