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  1. okey so i just checked on dropsy fish and the scales are WAYYYYY better!!! could this be the meds?!?! in such a short time?!?! i also saw some nice green poop - the epson is also in there so maybe its both... the meds say to do up to 3 treatments (each after 48hrs with 25% water change). should i do that?! how do i know when they r totally healthy? pop eye seems same as this morning for now. excited that maybe dropsy fish wont die!!! how do i know how much damage has been done internally?! as long as he wants to eat its a good sign right? thanx again devil duck but it seems this is working
  2. i got the metrooooo!!!!!!!!!!! hurraaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! i managed to get 'parasite clear' from jungle labs which has metro in it! they r fix tablets - going to add them to both tanks to make sure the parasites are all cleared... the popeye is a bit better - it less one big bubble, more a few tiny ones under the eye - good sign!? the dropsy fish is same - but still swimming and eating a pea happily when i feed him once every few days... doing daily small water changes too.
  3. i tried to get the Metro from goldfish connection but they claim they cannot ship overseas... the dropsy fish is getting worse!!! will he have any chance of recovery?!
  4. so daily update - the two sick fish dont seem to be getting any better. the dropsy fish actualy looks like he is getting MORE bloated... and the popeye seems the same... what else can i do? im keeping up with daily water changes and with the epson salts...
  5. she def has popeye - it looks just like some pictures i found online... i just cleaned out the entire aquarium... she is in hospital tank with the dropsy fish. i gave them epson salts like the recommended dose - is this also for popeye? she seems constipated so they cant hurt right?
  6. okey so now the two little ones -dropsy and popeye are keeping each other company in the hospital tank... the are swimming and i fed them a few pea bits before which they both enjoyed... they are quite hard to photograph! my boyfriend is now out to get the epson and i just did an 80-90% water change of hospital tank. the antibiotics are done today so i will also do an 85% water change of large aquarium... the dropsy fish seems inflated and the scales have not changed - the area 'fish doctor' told me he will probably die...... the pop eye seemed FINE till this morning - it seemed the eye inflated over night... is that possible? it looks just like her eye has a transparent ballon on top of it... one eye for sure - the other is way smaller but also looks a bit swollen... i will add the epson to both tanks??? i read its 1 table spoon per 5 gallons... is that correct? this is both good for dropsy and pop eye correct? regarding my big telescope with the white growth on his mouth - i dont think its an illness - he has had it on and off since i got him - maybe from gravel cleaning? i have already treated him against the mouth rot etc and it doesnt really help... so i dont think its anything... will see if he still has it with the sand... thanx so much for ur kind offer! i will see if i can get any meds from the US and i will get back to you... anyways it will probably be too late for the dropsy fishie... again, i cant really say if the popeye fish has dropsy as she is a crownhead pearlscale - so she is golfball size normally :s will get to the water change now!
  7. okey so gravel has been reduced to 1/3, about half an inch. the water change has been made... yet - no change in the popping out scales ... BUT new problem!!! the little one in the hospital tank who didnt have any symptoms but the torn fin now has POPEYE!!!! what am i doing wrong?! or is it all connected!? the water parameters are perfect...
  8. You only need enough gravel to barely cover the bottom. Any more then that is more likely to breed stuff you don't want in your tank and make your fish sick. When you take it out take out a little at a time so you don't pollet the water. -if i don't have this much gravel the plants roots wont be able to attack to the bottom/ the gravel wont cover the root part of my plants... i already have it at the bare minimun - some of the roots already stick out. would sand be better? Are you feeding peas? - for now im fasting them for 3 days then i will feed the peas... i usually feed them peas onceor twice a week.
  9. thanx for all your help! i have the tablet baktopur 'direct' - my thumb is indeed yellow - so is the tank! as composition it only says Nifurpirinol 27.6 and binding agent - it seems a very pure version. the man at the store warned me that it was very strong - and that i cannot re-use it before 6months. I cannot do any water change for another 2 days as the meds are in - then i will do a BIG water change and put in some active carbon to clean out the meds - will the fish be clear of the interior parasites with one round? i put 3 tabs that i crushed in the aquarium as it said 1 per every 50 liter and i have 150lt. i usually take out about 50liters from my 150 once a week - sometimes when i see the gravel is letting out more dirt then usual i do an extra bucket - so 65... i have been keeping the filter clean - rinsing it in the syphoned out aquarium water... sorry i don't have the nitrate tester the OMNIPUR i have is sera 'pond' - but i was assured it worked just as well for aquariums (right?) ingredients: active substances in 100ml: amino acridine hydrochloride 105mg, acriflavine chloride 600mg, ethacridine lactate 3,375mg, malachite green oxalate 79mg. - i think that however it should be all out of the aquarium by now as i filtered it for a few days with active carbon before putting in the Baktopur... Some new questions here... Did you quarantine your last new fish? NOOOOOO i realize now that that was BAD! but my hospital tank wasn't cycled yet... I'm new at goldfish keeping so... but i dont think he brought the sicknesses - he is still the most healthy looking one! Were all fish treated with anything else PRIOR to this situation? not really... some salt once in a while - it mostly started a few weeks ago with the hole in the head issue - but we treated the fish (now dead) in the hospital tank... which was probably wrong as she had probably already infected the main tank... How thick is your gravel? about 1inch from the black plastic I can see - maybe 2 total? i am planning to change it all in 1-2 months... the gravel pieces are quite large - but small enough for the larger goldfish to put it in their mouths... Is the tank planted? not planted perse but it has 4 healthy live plants in it. should i remove gravel? i dont really want an empty tank... would thinner gravel or sand help to keep it cleaner? that is what i have in my turtle tank - and that is seemingly easier to clean with syphon... or should i put the plant substrante and actually plant some plants? When the fish died, are you sure the holes in its face were not perpetrated by its other tankmates? How deep were the holes? Did the holes look scattered around the face and seem to be bleeding (red/white edges around the circle)? thats what the man at the store said when we showed him the fish... but he also claimed she was healthy - as if! the holes were pretty deep with red center... she had 2 or 3 on her face and a few on her body - some same and one was infected spot type - fugus? she was pretty messed up when she died - also floated the last day - not able to swim anymore... she had also been loosing color for the last few weeks - she used to be red and clack and died more of a orange and light grey... i will keep fasting the fish. they have all stopped pooping for now. from lack of food? i cannot seem to find metronidazole in my area (!!!). will the baktopur work just as well??? i will try ordering medicated food from the US but by the time it gets here - might be too late to actually come of any help this time... i actually added the baktopur already to the hospital tank- i figured i might as well finish treatment on the pearscale too - since i cant really use antibiotics every other day - and if it is as humans - stopping before the actual end of treatment is harmful... she seems all happy swimming around... they have never bullied her before... should i add salt or epson salt for her injuries? assuming she also has some internal parasite issue... what is prazi??? and i added a few salt in the tank a few weeks ago-does that count? must i assume every fish i get is sick to start with? i get it from a local importer.. as for the flukes the omnipur said it treated that... if you mean gill flukes... thanx for your detailed help!!!
  10. HELP!!! this is getting crazy! so this morning i get up and realize the tank water has turned a light shade of green (could this be from the antibiotics? it wasnt like this yesterday). i did some water tests and the ammonia is still 0, nitrites are up to 0,05 but its still okey right? (the meds said they would ruin the tank cycle)..... sigh....... the telescope with the dropsy doesnt seem to care less of his problem - his scales havent changed - but he is happily swimming around begging for food - should i feed them??? i wanted to fast them till tomorrow - especially now that the good bacteria is being killed... HOWEVER my poor little pearscale has been BULLIED!!! she has a few scales hanging off her and one of her back pelvic fins has been RIPPED up - so much that a big chunk is missing from the front half part - the part closest to the body!!! :o:o !!! the bigger fish kept picking her so i decided to move her to my 'hospital tank' (are they doing this cause they are hungry???) - she seems quite happy but is swimming slightly with her head down... i didnt add any meds in there for now - just very clean water+the filter. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW??? as it's sunday in switzerland EVERYTHING is closed so there isnt much i can do/buy for them...
  11. hi again. after doing some research i figured i would try and get some MetroMed or Metronidazole for them. it seems VERY hard to find them in switzerland (!!!!!!!!) () any suggestions??? i thought that that would be the best thing incase it's Dropsy AND/OR Hexamita. i will try and get some Epson salts asap - that should help? for now the antibiotic they have in is - 'nifurpirinol'. not sure it also works for hexamita - it just says it is 'broad range antibiotic againt internal and external bacteria' for now the 4 fish seem okey. no more stringy transparent poop - just a couple normal ones. the small telescope with the strange 'sticking out' scales is quite active - doesnt seem sick if it wasn't for the scale issue - and possible bloated stomach (could it be an early enough case of dropsy?) oh and it also seems like he could be loosing his slime-coat in strings - not 100percent sure about it... :s
  12. hi, okey so- [*]Ammonia Level? 0 [*]Nitrite Level? 0,025mg/l [*]Nitrate level? dont know [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? PH8, KH4.4, GH6.5 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? same as tank [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? JBL drops for nitrite and ammonia and strips for pH etc [*]Water temperature? 73 [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 40gallons - running for 4months [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? JBL cristalprofi 200 (with 3 spong spaces and one with active carbon (unless we have meds inside)) [*]How often do you change the water and how much? once a week 20-30 percent with syphoning of gravel [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 4 goldfish: 1 large telescope (4inches), 1 large oranda (3inches), 1 small black moor (1-1.5inches) and a small crown pearlscale (1inch) [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? SERA BIO nitrivec and Easylife (not sure if these are only European brands) [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? twice a day JBL goldpearls with vitamines added in the mornings (always moist) and twice a week spirulina and terta krill [*]Any new fish added to the tank? last one about a month ago [*]Any medications added to the tank? last week Omnipur from SERA- broad range treatment for mouth rot (thought my large telescope had it), fungus, external parasites, fin rot etc (not interior parasites). TODAY (after large water change and 2 days of active carbon filtration) antibiotic from SERA - BAKTOPUR DIRECT -treatment for external and internal bacteria (is this correct against internal parasites such as hexamita or what could be causing the dropsy???) could the fish have caught what had caused the other fish to die - it died with a few 'holes' in its face and long stringy poop - so we assumed it was hexamita. the 4 fish left dont ALWAYS have the stringy transparent or air-filled poo - it varies... [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? doesnt seem there is anything new - just the white spots (could be fungus) on the large telescope's mouth which wasn't treated with antifungus/mouth rot meds - so imthinking it might be from cleaning gravel - he has always had it. [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? eating fine, maybe slightly less active. small telescope (thought to have dropsy - stays more towards the top) but he eats - until i stopped feeding them yesterday
  13. Hi, I have 4 goldfish in a 40 gallon aquarium. I had 5 but one died last week of internal parasites (i think hole in the head ). My nitrites are good and PH, ammonia and temperature are good too. I do 20-30% water change weekly and have a jbl i200 internal filter as well as an air stone (and also some plants). Today I noticed that one of my small telescope has his scales sticking out. Could this be dropsy? My other 3 fish have long transparent stringy poo. I am currently treating the aquarium with an antibiotic called BAKTOPUR DIRECT (from Sera). It is supposed to be against int.&ext. parasites. Will this help? What else would you suggest? I stopped feeding the fish yesterday and will continue with this diet for 3 days and then start slowly with peas. Until now they were all eating well and acting normal (their fins were up too). Could they really be sick? Thx in advance, C. F. G.
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