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  1. Oh cool thanks Alex! Good to know. Thankfully I really don't think it was ich. He is all clear now. Trying to get some videos up but obviously I forgot my youtube password! So useless lol.
  2. My sterbai corys are in a major growth spurt rofl! I took a video I will post soon. I even caught my two male mollys fighting. Feist little fish those!
  3. I almost had a heart attack before as it seemed the pleco had ick! However, after obsessive observation it seems the very fine sand is getting stick in his rough scales when he forages. Once he was up cleaning the plants most went away immediately. ANYWAYS! For future reference, how are the kuhlis, corys and pleco with salt? I know that mollys really like it.
  4. I love rainbow fish, I saw some fully grown ones at the fish store and they are HUGE! Beautiful, with a little bump on their backs.
  5. Oh good to know about the rummy nose. I saw some of those barbs at the store's display tanks and they get HUGE!!!!
  6. Thanks for all the help scurrie! I swear, that fish store had soooo many varieties I was like WOW! They even had albino plecos which I think are really cool, but after seeing them 'in real' I realize they have a slightly yellow tone to them. My albino corys are cooler because they are really very white lol.
  7. Lol Alex! It's funny because before I was totally goldfish obsessed and didn't even LOOK at tropicals in the stores! Pity because some are really very gorgeous fish! And they have more character than I expected! I didn't think I would be able to tell the schooling fish apart but some have very different personalities than others. I can't wait to get the discus for the 200! I think around thanksgiving I will start setting it up with gravel, plants and driftwood and see. For now it's just running empty with the cycle lol!
  8. That's what I thought. also because the store has similar params than me. I am thinking I will add a few fish and as time goes by and everyone grows I will put the mollies back in the 30Gal (with a new stand) and move some of the corys with my discus. Or something like that! I have some wiggle room with 200Gals + 30Gals + 50. Just don't want to run all 3 now because the 30Gal has no stand. And for now they are all rather tiny. Some of the fish I saw which were cool: This one was the coolest ever! He looked like an american indian fish! He is apparently an Apistogramma Macmasteri. If he is compatible with my tank I so would like one! They had silver hatchets. Brilliant! But my mollies spend a lot of time on top. Plus I also think these fish are for lower pH. Not sure tho. These guys were also very cool! Didn't get their name but some sort of tetras? They also fit the Indian theme lol. Also saw some rummy nose that were very cool. Not sure if they get too big to be my 'schooling fish'. And saw the fully grown sterbai corys so now I know why you guys say I am good with stocking! Those guys were big enough to eat my current corys lol. I hope they grow well. And these 2 just for fun. Now hubby wants a salt water tank because my hobby is 'lame' and salt water fish instead of 'amazing'. The large puffer was the size of a soccer ball!
  9. Today I went to a tropical specialized fish store and almost died! I saw some fish I really loved! Will post pics after. About the angels, do they do fine with a ph of 7+? They have lovely ones with orange faces or black one with very lovely fins
  10. I don't have much luck with bettas. They seem to have a 1.5year expiration date with me! Beep is suppose to live with my other goldfish Snow White. But she is 30+cm and he doesn't like her very much ahaha. When he is alone he just bottom sits all day. So we will see. His BFF Blondie died
  11. Got the full tank shots. This is already of their new 50+gal as I moved them today lol. I had black sand before that I loved but didn't find anymore of it (CRY), so I replaced it with this cream one which is apparently perfect for the corys and loaches with their delicate barbels. I still have some plants coming in the mail soon as I want to try planting the background a bit! I also need to find a way to get the remaining air out of the sand without messing up with the plant substrate thingy. Oh and I am planning a simple black background to make the fish pop Oh and YES there is an infiltrate goldfish in there! I was suppose to move him out but he seems to be thriving in there. I think he thinks he is a molly. Anyways, that's Beep. And in the net you can see the little molly fry survivor, Goliath.
  12. Lovely tank and fish. Really like how you placed the plants.
  13. Thanks everyone! I sure love my pleco! I was told he is a leopard pleco. I know nothing about plecos as he is my first! @waterfaller - that is just a light effect from the camera He doesn't have anything on his back. I will get some pics of this tank and their new tank that i am currently setting up. Just waiting for my plants to arrive in the mail!
  14. The one without whiskers? He is exactly like the other sterbai but it seems some fungus took his whiskers or he hurt them. Apparently it happens. They seem to grow back once they are in clean water and soft substrate. I don't know much about them as they are my first tho!
  15. Took some pics before of the cute little inhabitants of my tropical tank! These are the ones who managed to stay still more than a nanosecond and get photographed! First, my lovely pleco Gordon Two of my sterbai corydoras. I need a name for the one without whiskers. He came like that from the LFS and I didn't notice until he was home. His mouth was all swollen and now he is doing much better, his little whiskers seem to be growing back. Anyways, he is the only one of the group I can tell apart! One of my albino corydoras, these guys are still super tiny! But they have funnier personalities than the sterbais.
  16. Maybe I will put one group of cory cats, probably the Sterbai with my Discus fish. That way I have place for an angel or ram.
  17. Gordon is very handsome indeed lol. For the rasboras, how many do I need? They will be fine and not become accidental food? The store had some with the neon stripes the other day and they were TINY! About the size of my one week old molly lol. How are rummy nose tetra? Those looked very cool! I also saw some sweet looking blue german rams!
  18. I think that as soon as it looks like he cannot have a nice swimming room I will move him to the 200Gal.
  19. Yea, I figured the one inch rule was silly. Okay, I did notice the mollies are major poop machines. The kuhlis are pretty thin and small for now, but I can see the corys also becoming pretty high bio load. I do have quite a lot of live plants and have 20 coming for the new tank! I will see how that works. I also have a large canister filter from the goldfish. And an extra filter which came now with the larger tank. I am thinking of seeing how the parameters change weekly to see how it is stocked. Seems like the most practical thing. If the tank needs water changes every few days I am overstocked. I want to keep it to a weekly water change without having a ton of cleaning to do. Is that okay?
  20. I actually secretly wanted a big pleco! They are super cool! Oh well, once he grows I will move him to a large tank. In terms of feeding I am putting in a piece of a sinking wafer at nights and he seems to participate in the community sinking crumb feedings. Is this enough? How often should I be putting in fresh veggies for him?
  21. I totally love him! I am going to the store after quick for some home stuff so I will get the proper latin name. The guy had a huge theory on how the bristle nose is the ancestor of this guy and how this guy cleans 10x as much. I always wanted a pleco! There are some really cool varieties.
  22. I will post some pics in a few. Point being is, that if he is baby sized now, he won't be 30inches tomorrow right? Or do they grow fast? The large one he had there, fist sized, was 3 years old. He told me they wouldn't grow huge. Anyways, once he is large I can move him to my 200Gal or get a larger tank. But I think it is silly to plan now what happens in a few years. Am I making sense? They had bristle nose ones and he recommended me this type because they clean much better. Clearly I have no idea about plecos!
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