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  1. Hey Fang! Sorry about your tele it's always sad to see them this way. What about 'lifting' him up with a large breeder net (not the hard plastic ones) which you can suck on to the side of the tank, and then putting an airstone under it to keep the water inside/on 'floor' circulating? And cleaning it often in hot water. That's what I would do. If not, I would just keep wiping it. Putting stuff on the bottom seems like a bad idea bacteria-wise.
  2. Welcome back! I was gone 1 year and also didn't realise! I am also currently on a 'break' - meaning no more new goldies, I have 2 left and have started looking a bit more into tropical fish. Sometimes this hobby gets too much and you lose too many that you need a break! But goldfish are so darn cute it's hard to resist!
  3. Thanks everyone! This tank is quite entertaining! Now we will see if I have a green thumb and if the plants grow ahah.. I have 6 sterbai cories and and 6 albinos. It's quite interesting to see how different the characters of the two types are! The albinos are much funnier and hyper! The sterbais are faster growing
  4. Added in my new plants lol. Never did any planting before so we will see how it goes. Am quite interested to see if Beep decides to munch on any of them!
  5. Hi there! I thought I would start a thread with all the happenings in my tropical tank vs having a billion threads everywhere! First off, a few videos of my black molly fry Goliath! First, him 1day old! Him at 10 days and 2 weeks. Will take a new video this sunday as he will be 3 weeks old and is growing like a weed!
  6. Brilliant! The current is quite strong, so I only suggest it for larger goldfish tanks. I am sure you could also rig up some sort of spray bar or something.
  7. I never posted much on this part of the forum as I didn't find many things that blew my mind. Well, my fluvial FX6 certainly does! I got it for my 500liter turtle tank - so think LOTS of dirt, ripped up plants, chewed up and spat out sepia bone, mess and more mess! Especially since they just had a growth spurt recently, and the mess has significantly increased! I used to run a large eheim on this tank, but I felt the need to syphon the dirt from the floor every few days, and the water always had particles flying around it in. Well, I ordered my fluvial FX6 after doing some reading and this baby is a BOMB!!!!! I would highly recommend it for larger goldfish tanks. It is SUPER silent (something I didn't expect from such a giant machine), it cleans like a charm and has a no fuss maintenance. I feel like it is the correct price as it is really good quality and made from sturdy components. I tend to feel like Eheims are overpriced (mine always broke on me!). The fluval is a no fuss, heavy duty filter. It might be a little large to fit into some tank stands tho, so make sure you measure yours before hand. Now my water is clear, the floor is soooo perfect I recently added sand because I trust this filter to keep it spotless (which it does), and the turtles love swimming around the output current! I just did a water change today after 2 weeks of nothing and it was just like if the tank had been cleaned yesterday. LOVE IT!
  8. Cool thread! Just read through it lol. I am so excited you have fry! One of them is a MONSTER compared to the others!
  9. By seals you mean the plastic rings ? I do have one on the very top of the filter that has never looked very fixed. Si annoying because if it was an eheim the store here would take it, give me a new one to replace it, fix it and send it back to me!!!!!!!
  10. He's totally cute!!! Love his face! I liked all his color choices
  11. So; I changed the intake and my husband re-primed it. It's now running full speed, but still making whistling and howling noises (sort of like the wind). Super weird.
  12. Coolest little clam ever! How interesting!
  13. Any suggestions on how I can prevent the loaches from going in without the stockings? I was thinking to add some coarse filter sponge.
  14. Hey guys, One of my least favorite parts of this hobby is dealing with wonky technology! Especially since I have no idea about these things. These past few days my canister filter in my 50Gal community tank has started making noises. First the usual 'I have air in me' whistling which I ignored and decided to deal with when doing the water change, then since yesterday it seems to go from high to low/no speed by itself. And finally this morning it started making grinding noises. Since I have had sand with that filter for about 3/4months, I figured some sand might be messing with the motor. So I took it apart, washed all the 'machine parts' well and rinsed out the filter materials. Turned it back on, the noise is gone but now it has basically zero power. Thankfully, I have another filter running on that tank so I turned it off for now. I have a few ideas of what the issue could be; 1. could the sand have broken something? When I emptied it about a tablespoon of my old black sand came out. So it has been in there for 1week+ at least. 2. Thing is, I have stockings wrapped around the intake because I don't want my kuhli loaches to test their daredevil selves and go into the canister! So 1. How can sand even go in if I have the intakes wrapped. 2. Could the wrapped intakes be the cause for the slower flow? Somehow clogging the intake? Ugh! Any suggestions? I can feel the need to get a new filter coming around!
  15. Lol Alex, I think plecos are similar to goldfish, but more 'hard to get'! Goldies will be your buddies right away, plecos make you work for it
  16. Are they rockers? I can see him as a rocker! Sometimes he flares his fins when he gets annoyed ahah. And his new trick is to suck onto the spray bar and enjoy the current! What a nut
  17. Just couldn't help myself! I have been trying to get him to eat his greens since I got him and finally he got the idea! He is now a veggie addict lol. You can also see why I freaked out yesterday thinking he had ich. The sand sticks to him! He's so fun to watch
  18. Thanks guys. Beep loves all compliments lol. Mollies are actually really cool Koko! They are quite similar to goldfish in terms of personalities, very in tune with the outside world! (and begging for food 24/7)
  19. I have a fantail who is almost 20. Helen gave great advice. Dropsy is pretty aggressive but I have successfully treated in in a few of my fish
  20. Okay, we all remember I suck at taking videos ahahah! Here are some videos of today. The energy in the tank is like this 24/7! Insane! They just don't stop! The first is before dinner time, and then the other 2 are during. You can also see little Beep and why I am reluctant to move him out. He thinks he is a tropical fish hahaha. You can also see my two male mollies righting like bullies in the second video! Those guys sometimes get vicious with each other! And of course, my little Goliath in his net. He is growing like mad.
  21. In the mean time you can always start by doing a water change with temp and pH matched water. Do you have gravel? Is it cleaned often? I think you might have a problem with a high organic load in the aquarium. Your fish seems swollen. Good water is always the first step so a water change would really help. Since you just did a 25% I would do another now, cleaning the gravel well. And another tomorrow. See how it goes. What is the temperature of your tank? When the fish isn't eating, are you removing the uneaten food?
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