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  1. Hey! Yes I have my vegan bakery and it's working very well!
  2. Have been gone for ages again! Not much happening in my fish tank. All very quiet and relaxed. I love it! Have had it running for a year now in november. Haven't had to use meds or even salt. Brilliant. Beep the goldfish is doing amazing. He has grown up quite a bit. And changed colour. Never had such a low maintenance goldie! I got him a little friend this week. Totally unplanned! Was at the store for fish food and I saw this little guy in the comet tank and couldn't resist! I have named him Nemo lol. I hope he will do well and put on a bit of weight. As to my new 'chill' fish keeping ways, I didn't QT him. Just gave him a salt dip and in he went. Back in the days just thinking of no QT would give me nightmares ROFL. Gordon the sailfin has become huge! He is larger than my hand now. Soon he will move to the 200Gal I think. Beep Nemo My star, Gordon Thinking he still fits in his little cave lol And some of my mollies and babies That's it!
  3. Those tanks are beautiful! I love the plants coming out of the water and the floating ones. Adds a really zen touch! Do they not jump out without lids?
  4. Awesome! I like the wood pieces you have in there too. I can never find any nice shaped ones! Maybe I should get some oscars. Yours get along well even if they didn't grow up together? Any idea if they are male or female?
  5. I just found a pic of him when he was a baby He has grown so much!
  6. thank you everyone! no, he is a leopard pleco. I am waiting for the day he will become the size of my small dog
  7. Cool thanks! I will go on a hunt once I get the tank cleaned and set up. If I get 2 oscars will they get along once adult? What other types of plecos would get along well with Gordon? I would like some cool variety. The tank is 6 feet long.
  8. The plant is growing like mad! Am liking the look so far. The fish enjoy swimming around all the jungle!
  9. That's also a great point! I love my living room one the best because I can see it from the dining, living and kitchen. Unless you want to become that weirdo that just hangs out in the fish room all day Regarding the spills I love my new house because the ground floor is cement! Yay for awesome flooring! On the other hand the second floor is all non treated wood! So one tiny spill and you have a mark! Total nightmare. Not a good floor for tanks
  10. I used to have a sort of fish room and something to be thought about is that it really gets humid if it is too small and you don't have proper air circulation. I had it in an office and we got mold in it during the winter. So be careful and plan it well! Now I have only 3 large tanks left and each in a different room.
  11. @Alex I am done with goldfish for now! I still have SW alone in a large tub who just worries me constantly. So I am good there! Even if I do think single tails are super pretty! One day when I have a pond for the turtles I will get some lol. @Fang I was also thinking oscars! I need to see if I find some cute ones around. I feel so sad having it running empty, but I don't know what I want! The discus would be german bred and the guy assures me they are very low maintenance. But I would need to get 12 and I probably would worry about each and every one of them hehe.
  12. Wow 90dollars? What rip offs!!! I think Gordon was around 10. But he was pinky size when I got him. Sucky fishie is what made me want Gordon in the first place!!! LOL I still have my 200Gal empty. Was suppose to get those discus but I am not certain. I don't want any super delicate fish anymore I get too attached! Maybe it will just be a Gordon palace ahahahahah Beep is pretty funny. He thinks he is a molly by now. He went from one eyed Blondie as a buddy to weird tropicals hehehe. Gordon can take him on now tho!
  13. Thank you! I am not sure how old he is. I got him about 2months ago and I guess he was just a baby then. He will become about 70cm I think so he has a long way to grow still! Once he is about fist size I will put him in my 200Gal. He is getting quite trained! He knows which corner in the tank to wait for his food and he knows right away when I have veggies for him. Yes I have a goldfish with mollies, kuhlis, and cories. His best friend (goldfish) passed and so he is living with them now as I don't have the 30gal they lived in anymore. I didn't want any more goldfish and he was lonely. So far it's working great. I am not saying everyone should do it, but every case is different.
  14. Hi everyone! Was feeding the tank this morning and I realized that Gordon has really grown recently. He is now bigger than the mollies, about the length of my index finger. Super exciting! He is also now large enough to protect his food from those nippy mollies. He is also getting a super lovely pattern on his dorsal fin. The pictures are horrible I know! And a few of Beep for you guys He has also been filling out his hump a bit
  15. Got the pics! And a lovely portrait of Gordon! Full tank shot. The monster plant is the large leafed on all on the right. Beautiful Gordon guarding his cave.
  16. Update! So one of my plants (APONOGETON ULVACEUS) that arrived just as one leaf is growing HUGE!!! I will take pics today or tomorrow. I might have to move it. Can one do this with aquarium plants? Or do they get rooted in one spot and cannot be moved? It is super beautiful! The leaves are like glass Gordon is doing a good job keeping the brown algae off them. My red nymph isn't working out too well. It seems too delicate for the chaos of my bottom dwellers. They keep ripping up it's delicate stems. Another which isn't working too well are the Vallisneria. I think they need more light. They seem to be getting more and more transparent and delicate. I calculated the light and I now have 1watt per gallon. This is too little right? Any suggestions on what I could add? I cannot easily change the present bulbs because they are the tank brand and they are rather impossible to find unless I order them. I just wanted to add a bar of some kind with some extra lights. Also, regarding plant food I had the nutrient substrate under my gravel and haven't been putting anything in the water. Should I be doing that? I also am not adding Co2. The fish are all doing well. One of my albino cory cats is now the size of the mollies! The others are still tiny hehe. The sterbai are growing nicely and uniformly. I haven't been able to locate 2 of my loaches. I did check the filters in a panic moment. Not there I think they must be buried somewhere. So far Gordon hasn't done some huge growing. yet...
  17. Hi Jesper! I can't believe how much Tvilsen has changed! She is still just as cute! Glad to see she is doing well.
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