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    Taking a break from goldfish. A 52Gal tropical community tank and a up and coming 200Gal Discus tank.

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  1. Hey! Yes I have my vegan bakery and it's working very well!
  2. Have been gone for ages again! Not much happening in my fish tank. All very quiet and relaxed. I love it! Have had it running for a year now in november. Haven't had to use meds or even salt. Brilliant. Beep the goldfish is doing amazing. He has grown up quite a bit. And changed colour. Never had such a low maintenance goldie! I got him a little friend this week. Totally unplanned! Was at the store for fish food and I saw this little guy in the comet tank and couldn't resist! I have named him Nemo lol. I hope he will do well and put on a bit of weight. As to my new 'chill' fish keeping ways, I didn't QT him. Just gave him a salt dip and in he went. Back in the days just thinking of no QT would give me nightmares ROFL. Gordon the sailfin has become huge! He is larger than my hand now. Soon he will move to the 200Gal I think. Beep Nemo My star, Gordon Thinking he still fits in his little cave lol And some of my mollies and babies That's it!
  3. Those tanks are beautiful! I love the plants coming out of the water and the floating ones. Adds a really zen touch! Do they not jump out without lids?
  4. Awesome! I like the wood pieces you have in there too. I can never find any nice shaped ones! Maybe I should get some oscars. Yours get along well even if they didn't grow up together? Any idea if they are male or female?
  5. I just found a pic of him when he was a baby He has grown so much!
  6. thank you everyone! no, he is a leopard pleco. I am waiting for the day he will become the size of my small dog
  7. Cool thanks! I will go on a hunt once I get the tank cleaned and set up. If I get 2 oscars will they get along once adult? What other types of plecos would get along well with Gordon? I would like some cool variety. The tank is 6 feet long.
  8. The plant is growing like mad! Am liking the look so far. The fish enjoy swimming around all the jungle!
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