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    Taking a break from goldfish. A 52Gal tropical community tank and a up and coming 200Gal Discus tank.

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  1. Hey! Yes I have my vegan bakery and it's working very well!
  2. Have been gone for ages again! Not much happening in my fish tank. All very quiet and relaxed. I love it! Have had it running for a year now in november. Haven't had to use meds or even salt. Brilliant. Beep the goldfish is doing amazing. He has grown up quite a bit. And changed colour. Never had such a low maintenance goldie! I got him a little friend this week. Totally unplanned! Was at the store for fish food and I saw this little guy in the comet tank and couldn't resist! I have named him Nemo lol. I hope he will do well and put on a bit of weight. As to my new 'chill' fish keeping ways, I didn't QT him. Just gave him a salt dip and in he went. Back in the days just thinking of no QT would give me nightmares ROFL. Gordon the sailfin has become huge! He is larger than my hand now. Soon he will move to the 200Gal I think. Beep Nemo My star, Gordon Thinking he still fits in his little cave lol And some of my mollies and babies That's it!
  3. That's also a great point! I love my living room one the best because I can see it from the dining, living and kitchen. Unless you want to become that weirdo that just hangs out in the fish room all day Regarding the spills I love my new house because the ground floor is cement! Yay for awesome flooring! On the other hand the second floor is all non treated wood! So one tiny spill and you have a mark! Total nightmare. Not a good floor for tanks
  4. I used to have a sort of fish room and something to be thought about is that it really gets humid if it is too small and you don't have proper air circulation. I had it in an office and we got mold in it during the winter. So be careful and plan it well! Now I have only 3 large tanks left and each in a different room.
  5. Hi Jesper! I can't believe how much Tvilsen has changed! She is still just as cute! Glad to see she is doing well.
  6. Hey Fang! Sorry about your tele it's always sad to see them this way. What about 'lifting' him up with a large breeder net (not the hard plastic ones) which you can suck on to the side of the tank, and then putting an airstone under it to keep the water inside/on 'floor' circulating? And cleaning it often in hot water. That's what I would do. If not, I would just keep wiping it. Putting stuff on the bottom seems like a bad idea bacteria-wise.
  7. Welcome back! I was gone 1 year and also didn't realise! I am also currently on a 'break' - meaning no more new goldies, I have 2 left and have started looking a bit more into tropical fish. Sometimes this hobby gets too much and you lose too many that you need a break! But goldfish are so darn cute it's hard to resist!
  8. Brilliant! The current is quite strong, so I only suggest it for larger goldfish tanks. I am sure you could also rig up some sort of spray bar or something.
  9. I never posted much on this part of the forum as I didn't find many things that blew my mind. Well, my fluvial FX6 certainly does! I got it for my 500liter turtle tank - so think LOTS of dirt, ripped up plants, chewed up and spat out sepia bone, mess and more mess! Especially since they just had a growth spurt recently, and the mess has significantly increased! I used to run a large eheim on this tank, but I felt the need to syphon the dirt from the floor every few days, and the water always had particles flying around it in. Well, I ordered my fluvial FX6 after doing some reading and this baby is a BOMB!!!!! I would highly recommend it for larger goldfish tanks. It is SUPER silent (something I didn't expect from such a giant machine), it cleans like a charm and has a no fuss maintenance. I feel like it is the correct price as it is really good quality and made from sturdy components. I tend to feel like Eheims are overpriced (mine always broke on me!). The fluval is a no fuss, heavy duty filter. It might be a little large to fit into some tank stands tho, so make sure you measure yours before hand. Now my water is clear, the floor is soooo perfect I recently added sand because I trust this filter to keep it spotless (which it does), and the turtles love swimming around the output current! I just did a water change today after 2 weeks of nothing and it was just like if the tank had been cleaned yesterday. LOVE IT!
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