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  1. Thanks so much for the responses guys! It's clean out time tonight I think hehe. They're all pretty happy and getting big now! The tank light is a UV I think, it makes things glow when I put them near it... came with the tank so don't know anything about it
  2. Thanks all, if you'd like to see a scale of how big the pearlie is now I have posted on the comparison sticky thread Took tank photos to give an idea of their size. Currently 3 in a 20 gallon due to QTing newbie.
  3. Hello all. Haven't updated in a while, life has been throwing a lot of rubbish stuff at me. Was not loving being a fishmumma for a couple of months but am back on the bandwagon. Here's the three as ever! There's a newbie but I'm saving pics of him for now. Enjoy P8281912 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P8281923 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P8281918 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P8281911 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr
  4. Haven't seen Roos in some time, I remember when you first got him though. He looks the same but bigger with a longer tail! How big is he now?
  5. Glub glub I need him in my life! What a sweet baby D:
  6. How big is she? If you need any advice I have a nearly 3 year old crowned pearlie I rescued from death so am happy to help! xo
  7. Is Toby on a piece of wire/string so you can pull him up to feed him? I'd give him a special pull round the tank so he can see everything too aw. None of mine are disabled like Toby but they all have fused tail fins bar newbie Squirt. I bought Freckles looking like this: but as you can see it popped out
  8. Everybody's favourite pearlscale since November 2009! Pictures taken every 10 months or so. Yellow tub pics are from 09. Last picture I took tonight whilst cleaning out (therefore a bit dark and blurry one-handed but oh well).
  9. Hi sorry it took ages to reply. The spray bar sits inside the compartment and the tube with the bulb thing on the end goes inside the tank and sucks up water... What I've done before is put filter wool in the compartment and then turned on the pump (with everything attached) and the water came out of the spray bar, through the wool and then trickled into the tank - to be honest it made my tank a bit leaky as water would constantly be on the inside of the lid which isn't permanently sealed to the glass so it'd leak a bit on the corners... annoying!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not a technical whizz. However I need more filtration (especially as my external filter at the moment wont pump more than one filter hmph), and money is pretty tight. I bought this tank a while ago and it came with a perfectly well working pump as well as what appears to be space/equipment for a trickle filter system in the lid. I did try before to make a trickle filter but it was a huge fail. The pump has an outlet for an airline of a certain size I think, and I've tried it with an airstone but it didn't do very much. 1. how does a trickle filter work and can I make it myself? 2. are they any good for goldies? 3. could I use this pump to filter in a different way??? < think this would be the best solution for all. Have included photos of the top of the tank, the pump from one side, and the bits and bobs I got with it. Reallllyyyy want to get this to work as it seems like a waste to have perfectly good machinery sitting doing nothing. P2060515 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P2060517 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P2060518 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P2060519 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P2060514 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr P2060516 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr Somebody was being nosey!
  11. WHAT a cutie patootie! I just love his eyes. I feed my babies Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan sinking pellets and I'd really recommend them, never had a floaty fishie and that's WITH a huge pearlie included in that! Hope that helps.
  12. No new aquarium coming sorry, i said that i had big a plastic container (40*60*60cm =>144Litres) i could put the big ones temporary. I just can't have a lot of aquariums now. So now i will only keep the following... Small Aquarium: 12.5 to 15Litres (don't remember dimensions) - I have added Pothos plant with roots in my small aquarium that helps to reduce Nitrite levels. - I also had an aquarium plant from before - 1 Telescope eye calico with tripod tail, - 1 White Pearlscale with Telescope eyes. I think i might have triggered mating season by accident. I don't know if it was the addition of the Pothos plant that has a lot of roots that they love to get tangled in them or the change of temperature or both. I have the small aquarium in my room and it usually is warm in my room, so from 16-17Celsius the water temperature has recently gone to 20-21Celsius. The tripod tail Telescope is running after the White pearlscale-telescope's bottom. So i will leave these two lovebirds together, although i can't handle having babies now, so if they have any babies i will see what i will have to do. The small aquarium is supposed to be specially made for babies but now know that size matter. Anyway they are too young i don't think they are mature enough to have babies. Aquarium: 120*40*40cm => 192Litres - 1 Huge Orange-White Fantail, - 1 White Ranchu without a wen, - 1 White Ranchu without wen with orange head and orange tail, - 1 Orange Fantail - 1 Telescope eye Tricolour (only metalic scales and the black scales are turning silver!!! slowly slowly) All the rest will be given to new homes very soon or the pet shop The big tank is about right (perhaps a little under if my estimations are right as it's between 40-50 gallons) so I think you'll be ok with that IMO. The small tank is much too small though, it needs to be 90 litres minimum for your little ones (that's 20 gallons, I know some say 20 gallons for the first fish then 10 for every one after that but it is just a guideline). The spare TUB you have would be PERFECT for them. Don't worry about them not being in a proper tank, trust me I've kept goldies in tubs before, and they will be totally fine. I know you might not see them so well but it'll be so much better than 15 litres! Otherwise everything you've done is looking super duper good! OR you could take 1 out of the big tank and the 2 from the small tank and put them in the tub. That would be exactly right containers sizes for all your fish then! xxx
  13. His diet is Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan sinking pellets and they have some weeds in the tank - get fed once a day. That's it! Don't feed them anything else, I know lots do but right now it's not hugely convenient for me. These pellets are really good for them, they show lovely colours and have grown enormously since I've started using them. Swear by them for pearlies, never had any problems with them
  14. Had him since a baby! charleycomparison by Tobeapoet, on Flickr Charlie when I first got him in January '10, then November '11, and the video is of now!
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