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  1. My 2 filters(aqueon 30's) draw about 10 watts apiece for a total of 20 watts. That equals a .02 killowatt draw or .48 kw/day. My 200 watt heater runs approx 4 hrs/day for a total of .8 kw/day. Finally my 18 watt fluorescent bulb is on 6 hrs/day for a total of .072 kw/day. Add them all up and you get a total power consumption of 1.352 kw/day. Up here where I live electricity is $.1022 kw hr. Multiply this by 1.352 for a total of $1.38/day or $4.15/month. Not too bad Note-This is the meter I use to measure current draw on my appliances: http://cgi.ebay.ca/P3-Kill-A-Watt-Power-Usage-Voltage-Meter-Monitor-NEW_W0QQitemZ110501488239QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item19ba66e66f
  2. Now that makes a lot of sense, I think we forget sometimes these fish originated from wild stock and some fluctuations are good. By the way daryl, just how much variance are we talking here?
  3. 4 oz Prazipro $11.99 16 oz for $39.99 petsandponds.com-Orillia (Ontario) They also carry most of what is listed above.
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