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  1. A couple of these would do it, but the price!! 2x24wt510000k 2 of these are a little more reasonable: aqualightdoublestriplight30
  2. I can't say as I'm a newb Hopefully those in the know will respond further.
  3. Well you've rolled the dice, hopefully everything works out. Nice looking fish by the way.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I ordered the powder.
  5. Most kitchen cupboards should have no problem holding a 110 litre glass tank. That is the size I have on mine and it is solid as a rock. I am actually upgrading to a 190 litre tank and it will be going onto the same cupboard.
  6. Which is better? Gel or Powder? I am going to put in an order for Bio-Bandage and was wondering which one I should get
  7. Thanks for that info Chrissy. So it is just a krill based food that contains Metronidazole and an unnamed anti-biotic.(As you stated ) From what I gather a person can make their own version using this product: http://www.seachem.com/Products/product_pages/Metronidazole.html Has anyone tried this?
  8. A little off topic here but just exactly what are MetroMeds? Is this just another name for metronidazole? Reason I ask is I cannot find a product that goes by the name of metromeds but I did find metronidazole in crystal form that can be mixed with gel food. Is this what everyone is talking about when feeding metromeds to sick fish?
  9. There is no test kit for cloramine that I know of so you'll have to phone your public works department, waterworks division and ask.
  10. IIRC chloramine does not evaporate, so you should still use conditioner. I do the same as you, I fill containers a day or two before a w/c but I still add Prime to the new water. Good luck!
  11. As to your 1st question, if it is this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Tetra-Whisper-Power-Filter-20-40-Gallon-210-GPH-B13_W0QQitemZ120541187762QQcategoryZ46310QQcmdZViewItem 2nd question-The 10(100 gph) will be enough when added to the 30. Hope your D.F recovers soon.
  12. I think that is a typo on the Aqueon site. I have 2 of them on my 30 gal and the boxes they came in stated 200 gph unless they have since come out with a "newer more powerful model". Yes your lovely Aqueon is Ok.You just need 2 of them.lol That or add an Aqueon 20 to your Aqueon 30. Why do you hate your old Tetra(210 gph) so much? You could use it in conjunction with your Aqueon 30.
  13. I was going to mention that the Aqueon 30 doesn't have enough turnover at 200 gal/hr. Unless you mean the "Aquaclear 300" in which case you are Ok provided the flow rate is set to max.
  14. That deal fell through but I found a brand new 36x18x18(50G) for $65. Comes with hinged glass lids. All I need is to transfer my HOB's and find a light strip for it. Only thing is I won't get it for another 5 weeks and I am not a patient person!
  15. 45g tank (36x24x12) Is this a suitable size for goldies? I would like to upgrade from my 29 gallon (30x12x19) and was wondering if this tank is deep enough at 12 inches?
  16. I was born in Yorkton Sask, but lived most of my life in and around Winnipeg. I've been back in the Yorkton area now for several years but still get back to Winnipeg fairly often. I was at Nestors and Pet Traders just last month. I was pretty impressed with the selection at Nestors.
  17. Don't UV sterilizers lessen the effectiveness of meds such as prazi?
  18. They must be pretty big by now, how about an update?
  19. Is that math correct? $1.38 a day seems like a lot, and wouldn't that be more like $40 a month? I'm hoping you meant to say $.132 a day, I'd hate to think my tanks are costing me that much! Ooops! Decimal point in the wrong place That's supposed to be $.138/day. or 13.8 cents if you like.
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