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  1. From now on, I will show Chinese goldfish to you. All of the pics are from the web. So, some of them you may have seen before, some of them may belong to the westerners. But most of them are pure-Chineseblood, undoubtedly. The crown-pearlscale will come first. Because the earliest attracted me was this kind of goldfish. So the amount of crown-pearlscales' pics, I collected before, is the largest. Best ones were picked out. Nonesense stopping, here we go





  2. i like the one with long tail.

    We call the fish, which owns fin on its back, tigerhead. and call the fish without fin on its back, lionhead in China, just like the above in your pics. Someting is different between us, but the hobby is the same.

  3. Darn it! Darn it! I can't believe you gave away that beautiful oranda!:o It was such a beauty too.

    I like the telescopes and the hamanishiki (crown pearlscale) is quite cute too.heartpump.gif

    haha, my pond is small. Big fishes had been transferred. My fishes are not the best. A lot of good goldfishes are in China.Next time i will show you the best. Unfortunately, i have never seen that kind of elites which i will show, i can only enjoy their beauty from pics

  4. i just went to cooking. Coming back. the last one is my favorite.But most don't like the species,and this style is too few.Even in Beijing this kind of goldfish is hard to find in the market!Its expression is ridiculous,very humourous!







  5. i guess i will not buy any more goldfish in recent time.But i still have some alive,next time i will show them to you.you all are very kind!This forum feels good!

    If you like the goldfish in China, i will upload goldfish pics belonged to someone else showed in Chinese forums. Most all of them are more beautiful than mine,believe me.

    Sharing the wonderful goldfish to people in other countries is my pleasure now!

    Welcome to kokos, your fish were absolutely beautiful!!! Are you planning on getting some more so we can drool over the pictures lol?!

  6. thx! i'll try

    I use photobucket. Register in photobucket.com. It's free and allows you to upload as many pics as you want. Just don't move or delete any pics once uploaded or this action will destroy all the pics you posted across forums as it's a connecting link. So far, I was able to upload there about 700+ images.:)

    Once you have the photobucket account, simply copy and paste the image code when you post here. Each photo uploaded has an image code indicated. Ignore the html code. You want the image code and nothing else.

  7. haha,compatriot~

    can you teach me upload the pic?

    Welcome to Koko's!

    I'm a fellow Asian here, bro.:) Also of Chinese descent although not purely Chinese and neither from China.

    I got the link fixed here.


    I like the demekin. Beautiful butterfly tail.heartpump.gif I plan to get demekins similarly like that for my friend. I'll only keep one for myself though.lol I'm more of an oranda rookie but I still adore demekins having two myself, a Siamese doll and a black moor singletail.

  8. hello,I'm a freshman in this forum. I'm a Chinese in Beijing. Glad to see many people all over the world love goldfish. I used to have the idea that only chinese love goldfish and Japanese feed koi...

    I think I'll often come here to learn goldfish feeding skill.

    here is my pets which had gone. I'm very sad when they were sick. Although i had try my best to heal them, but sometimes i failed. May they were happy in the heaven! I like beautiful goldfish~


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