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  1. Your reply is amazing~ making me happy!haha
  2. Thank you~GreenTea,channelle,fishtankbabe and yafashelli !
  3. We can log to some web site like yahoo and so on, but we can't see the web site like youtube. I understand, they have a censor on the stuff on the site, the site url will load just not all the images and stuff Im sorry You shouldn't be sorry, maybe that's my computer's problem. And some website is restricted here. For example I can't access koko forum when I am in my office. Only when I am at home, I can communicate with you.
  4. I still cant see your pics even though I installed another browser. I think we dont need to be bothered by this problem. Maybe next time I can see the pics~
  5. We can log to some web site like yahoo and so on, but we can't see the web site like youtube.
  6. i Sometimes I can see pictures at this forum. But today I can't see any pic. That's OK, I am used to face with this condition. Chinese government don't want shitizen(what we call ourself,just like ######) log to website abroad
  7. I can't see your link(http://s29.beta.photobucket.com/user/mikroll/library/)either. What a pity!
  8. 1.I think that area have some of very best tiger and panda tele to be found. wish it were easy to get them here but is big difficulty but worth it. 2. now live at Pitloo. 3. you can sow us a picture of side view of that fish too? Love the tails very much with the strong stripes. I can't log in photobucket. I give you a link: http://www.lanshou.net/read.php?tid=252962&ds=1 Can you see that? The second fish is its sideview
  9. I also thought that as soon I see your beautiful fish as I too have some butterfly from fish farm in Jiangsu ,rugao , ELI fish farm . Most beautiful fish for the tele , I am supprised about you having fish from RuGao. Where are you living now?
  10. Thank you tithra and Mr.B! I was busy in second half year of 2012, I will be back when my network speed is OK and I have time!
  11. Thank you all! I think I will try but not recent years, because breeding fry needs a lot time and room. Anyway this time is my closest try to success, maybe next time I can acheive it~
  12. Sigh Thank goodness, their father and mother are OK now
  13. I am so sorry to tell you that they all died because the water quality sudden change when I moved house in July 2012
  14. Thank you everyone! I don't know where it is from. I guess it is from some farm in JiangSu province or FuJian province of China.
  15. Just got it for 3days. It was found in a crowd tank. Fortunately I saw it! My network speed is so slow...I can't see the pics. Can you?
  16. I love the fish without dorsal fin so much!
  17. Thank you ! Update the pics: they are bigger, I can see someone's scales now. they are in different size And this is their father in the same container: And their goose mather
  18. Thank you for your attention! These are the photos taken just now: Although they are growing slowly, I am glad to see that they are getting bigger~
  19. How old are the babies? 2 month old?
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