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  1. I'm looking to treat my fancy goldies to a lovely new oxygen pump for their 125 litre tank. I was given my first oxygen pump 2nd hand and unfortunately it doesn't have any manufacturing name on it and I'm scared to turn it upside-down and look on the base because if an oxygen tube falls out of it, it's a PAIN trying to wedge it back into a hole! >.< It's getting old now and it isn't doing as good a job as it used to. I would like one with two holes or maybe more? If there are any especially good brands I should be looking out for (or any to avoid!) do tell me. :3 Thank you so much my fellow fishy lovers! - S.
  2. I am glad it went away on its own! One of my fish has had these recurring red spots in his wen as well. If it happens again just keep an eye on it and if it doesn't go away on its own in a couple days or gets worse let us know! Thank you so much!! I am so relived right now. Baby Bub Bub has always been an extremely healthy, active and happy fish. My pearlscale, Moonbub, has been battling with swimbladder for a while; I would hate for them both to be brought down by anything. I'll report back if Baby Bub Bub has any more wen problems! It almost looked like he had a few "angry face" days.
  3. Very, very odd.. It's actually cleared up now - he's pretty much entirely back to normal within a few days. No intervention.. his wen has gone back to his usual white. I've never heard of this kind of thing happening, but I'm glad he's back to normal.
  4. My lionhead goldie used to had an orange head when I bought him. You can see Baby Bub Bub in my signature image. Over time, say, a year, it faded to white. However, through the course of just a week his head is orange / red... ?! It's different to before - now, it is literally his entire head. His health seems fine, he's lively as ever. But I'm not sure about this colour change - is this normal? The colour looks like it's "inside", as in, through the transparency of the flesh of his head, as opposed to the flesh itself. Should I be worried? :S
  5. HAHAHAHA!! Genius!! Your inquisitive Oranda is like "What is THIS?" XD How are they getting along with him?
  6. I've been showing EVERYONE this video but I don't know anyone who loves fish half as much as I do. I thought people here would understand! <3 I took this video on my mobile phones camera, so the quality isn't great, and I also added the music on my phone too. But I am still so proud! The lights of my life -
  7. All water parms are fine, feeding is all fine, etc, but my pearlie seems to ocassionally bottom sit in the night when he sleeps. He doesn't look "heavy" on the bottom of the tank, as though his full weight is on the bottom, and sometimes hovvers just a tiny little bit. He is around a year and a quarter old. He doesn't look unhealthy but I do worry when he bottom sits at night. Should I be worried? Or is this a normal behaviour? I would worry if his bottom sitting was constant, but is night-time bottom sitting a cuse for concern? Or should every occurance of bottom sitting be a cause for concern? <3 Thanks all. x
  8. Woooow those are exquisite! I especially love the 2nd!! <3 Are you going to name them?
  9. Both of mine are wigglers! Baby Bub Bub is much clumsier, especially at feeding time, he gets very excited; Moonbub is a slightly more graceful wiggler.
  10. Eeeee!! Those colours..! Intoxicating. They look luminous. <3
  11. Thank you so much both of you! I am VERY relieved if it is just a regular colour change! I think taking those pictures has helped me better observe him - sometimes it's difficult to properly examine him in his tank because he's especially active when I near the tank! I love that about both my Bubs, but sometimes I do wish they'd keep still and let me check them out! I installed my Fluval filter back into the tank this evening. It stopped working last year and I had to get a new filter, but I turn the Fluval on today just to check - and so far, it seems to be working just fine! I don't doubt that it's got a much, much higher water turn-over rate than the other one. The only downfall so far is that keeping the waterfall above the surface of the water makes a looooot of noise! >.< I'd like to perhaps get more oxygen stones. My pump has two ports for two stones but I'm curious as to if there are pumps with more ports? Although the oxygen stones don't seem to cause a great deal much in the way of surface water agitation so I suppose what I should do is be looking at a more quiet filter. They both happily took pellets from my hand today; they definitely seem to associate my hand with food, so it was very easy for them to just "pluck" the food from my hand under the water. It's so much better than hoping they might see a sinking pellet sinking in the tank and chase it! Sometimes if they see a pellet sinking, they'll chase for a bit and then just leave it! The only problem at the moment, is that they both seem hyperactive and Baby Bub Bub is being quite bossy. I hope they're hyperactive because the changes are positive rather than negative. I hope they are happy though.. *phew* <3
  12. Thanks a million for your responses Tay, you have been so quick! <3 I'll upgrade my cleaning to 50% I have one tub of sinking pellets, and two tubs of flakes. My Ranchu seems to prefer the floating flakes whereas my Pearlie much prefers sinking pellets. I have two large oxygen sticks although I am unsure as to if these, combined with the filter (which is not super powerful but seems to do the chemical job), provide sufficient surface aggitation. I should probably get a more powerful filter.
  13. [*]Ammonia Level? 0 [*]Nitrite Level? 0 [*]Nitrate level? 0.5. [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 8.5 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 8.5 [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Drops. Nutrafin Essential Mini-Master Test Kit for fresh water. [*]Water temperature? 77 f. [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 120 litres. Since around May 2009. [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Unsure of brand, though seems to do it's job at removing ammonia, etc! Size, aroudn 8 - 9 inches. [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Once weekly - 25 - 35%. [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? Two. Pearlscale around 1 inch, not including tail. Ranchu around 2 inches. [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Nutrafin Cycle & Aqua-Plus. [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? Bloodworm, free-dried Daphnia, Tetra Pro Vegetable, Tetra Goldfish Complete Food, and Tetra Fish Goldfish Japan. I alternate between these daily. I feed them a healthy pinch twice each day. [*]Any new fish added to the tank? No. [*]Any medications added to the tank? No. [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Colour changes on Ranchu. Patches of colour seemingly "wearing off". I can't tell if it looks like colour is fading. [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Fish feeding well. Slightly lethargic. Frequently gasping at surface although stops when I pass the tank. The picture I got today aren't as bright or saturated as the ones I took earlier this year. The colour (where there IS colour on him) are still as intense as on Feb, but you can see the changes where it looks as though colour has almosr rubbed off him to reveal white. Baby Bub Bub frequently gasps for air at the top now. He stops when I near the tank.. Feb this year: Today: * Feb this year: Today: His "stripe" down his nose used to be a lot more "definite".. Could this be natural colour change? Or signs of a problem? To me he looks less healthy than he used to..
  14. Eee I have been in a befuddle just now trying to get pictures! >.< It's almost impossible to get pictures of my fish as I only have a camera on my mobile phone which is really bad quality. I am going to try to get ahold of a camera from someone tomorrow so I can show you guys. For some reason I'm having trouble understanding if it's white spot or not.. I think the general colour of my Ranchu is changing: the orange is fading on the tail fin as well as the orange wen which is making me question white spot and think it could be general colour fade? Fins are not clamped or ragged. But then what could be causing this colour fade? I have pictures of my goldfish from February this year, so when I get images tomorrow I will put them side by side so you can see the changes.
  15. I will update this with details tomorrow morning (it's 2am here ughh), but yesterdays checkings revealed the ammonia to be nil and nitrite also nill. The temp is 75 although reached 81 around 5 days ago due to the heatwave over here in the UK. My ranchu has been slightly lethargic and although he hasn't been either floating or bottom sitting (he sleeps right in the middle), occassionally he'll be almost vertical, face-down but he steadies himself. I think I've noticed white patches on his wen which makes me think he could have whitespot? Aside from his lethargy, there have been no changes in behaviour. They have both been feeding as well as always; there are no signs of flashing or scratching; aside from being slightly lethargic, he still gets excited and comes up to me when I pass the tank. I have no other tank, so would it be okay (and not detrimental to my other fish, a pearlscale) to treat them both in the same tank? I have never treated my fish for illness before so this will be my first time. I'm very nervous of it in case it goes wrong.
  16. I think a lot of my fancy goldfish. To me, my Bubs are a source of great pride, joy, and satisfaction; I invest as much as I can in them and love seeing them happy, and I prattle on about them to almost anyone who seems even vaguely interested! However, the worry they bring me at times is almost overbearing. The fear I felt some months ago when my Ranchu got a large piece of gravel stuck in his mouth had me physically trembling, I was so panicked. It took me a while to calm myself down after I managed to dislodge it enough for him to spit it out. I know it could easily sound completely ridiculous to some people (especially to those who aren't fishkeepers - "they're only goldfish" - ugh), but I can honestly say I don't know what I would do if anything happened to one of them. I would be exactly as heartbroken as if a friend had passed away. Aside from any of them passing away, I find myself worrying about everything - from an ammonia spike, to the tank randomly bursting despite it not being too full / overstocked, to even just one of them showing signs of lethargy for an unknown reason. I've had countless nightmares about things happening to them; there have been times I've drempt of them at least three times a week. I suppose I don't know how normal this amount of paranoia is for us fishlovers. I have always been a chronic worrier, so I suppose it could be something I'll always have about anything I put my heart into. I know that excessive worry about anything is not healthy, but I see many people who invest so, so much in their goldies on this forum, and so I wonder if I'm completely alone in the anxiety I feel when or if something goes wrong.. I feel embarrassed bringing this up here, as I know this is the kind of thing I should likely speak to a psychologist or counsellor about! But I'm very curious as to if there are any other goldie-keepers out there who worry this much! Much love to you all and your goldies. ~ Samantha.
  17. I think I would worry about the sensitivity of fancy goldfish in an outdoor pond - as other have said before: temperature... :S And the tank would likely need to be dedicated to fancy goldies to avoid commons competiting and bossing the slower fancy about. But yes I guess if the temp stays good and there aren't any commons, I guess there is no reason it can't happen? x
  18. Oh my... you are the GOLDIE GODDESS!! I LOVE this idea!! It's absolutely fantastic and I am sure the goldies are ecstatic in there! Good going!
  19. I was a little worried when I read your explanation - the "pinning down and going for her eye" bit! - but on watching your video it didn't seem too bad. Actually, I see my fish behaving the EXACT same way from time to time - including the "nose up butt" thing. I have noticed with mine it happens very often at feeding time, so I believe for mine it could be a territory thing rather than a mating thing. It just goes to show it can be very difficult to tell! Feeding at different ends of the tank gave each of them a little more space, as they get adjusted to whereabout they are fed each time. Have you noticed any sort of pattern with your own fish? Or is it constant? If it's constant I'd be tempted to get a divider, or until then, rearrange the "furniture" in the tank a little bit. Giving both fish somewhere to hide can sometimes help a little. Your fish are pretty though! I hope you manage to get things sorted.
  20. I floated a bag of ice cubes on the surface of the water last night but just the same, little happened, and I honestly don't think the bubs were too happy about it. My tank has never had a lid so it's always been "open" so to speak. I've just put a fan in my room and although the fan is pretty rubbishy, the tank temp is 79 - 80 now. It's a very minor improvement as the temp reached 81 a day or so ago. Pontosfan - you are very lucky to have a ceiling fan! While I've been worried, I've been observing my goldies very closely and I can honestly say they seem more active than usual. My pearlscale especially seems perkier. I can't help but think this is a good sign? I wish it were easier to understand when goldies are happy! Imagine if we could just ask them what they like and what they don't - life would be SO much easier! x
  21. My Moonbub (pearlscale) lost ALL his black markings. He was like a baby dalmatian goldie when I got him as a baby, but now he's white and orange. Baby Bub Bub (ranchu) has not changed one single bit in colouration! I find this quite interesting and almost have a feeling that Baby Bub Bub may not have changed colour due to his hardiness? Perhaps being less affected by any changes via spikes? Moonbub is more sensitive and has changed colour.
  22. Thank you all for your replies! I am scared of ice cubes being in my tank for some reason. I assume the ice needs to be dechlorinated? Or do any of you just plop them in?? Also I worry about the temp of the ice stressing my bubs? Or, when the ice cube gets small, a bub eats it? I just tried to put some ice cubes in a plastic bag to float on top of the water but it did absolutely zlich And they melted really fast.
  23. It is very hot over in England at the moment and I have a small feeling my goldies are unhappy about it. It is 81 / 27 C in my tank at the moment, and my fish are being very active - more active than usual. :S I know it has likely been asked before, but what can I do to lower the temp? And what are you all doing to lower the temp in your tanks lately? Many thanks x.
  24. My Baby Bub Bub got a piece of gravel stuck a month or so back! It was terrifying and he was really worried. I managed to dislodge it by hand and he spat it out so now I am in the process of making my tank bare-bottom with large stones so there's no way they can fit in their mouths. Gravel can be dangerous!
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