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  1. The reason i brought up this question is that i use crushed coral in a mesh bag in my tank and it keeps my ph pretty steady at 7.5 but still need to get my kh up i use the kit from my pond in which i do not have a chart but the koi farm near me said in the pond i need to use 8 drops to change the color in the vial and i only need 5 drops in my tank. In the pond i use baking soda to achieve this should i use this same principle in my tank.
  2. I have read allot about this on this forum but i would like to know what happens if not diagnosed and not remedied are there consequences to letting nature take its coarse.
  3. Sorry but computers are just not my thing and i cannot seem to figure out how to get my pictures on. but since i last posted my tank sprung a bad leak and i got a 72 gallon bow front tank which is excellent and started to plant it with sucess so far and am asking questions on the planted tank post under {looks like a lawn} please visit and give comments. My ryukins blotches may be becoming better but that might be just for today {he is making me nuts}.
  4. That was great and when i set up my next tank with angles and neons i am going to try to duplicate that video. As for my gold fish tank i just found the site of { Arizona aquatic gardens} and found some real good ideas. I think dwarf baby tears and dwarf hair grass is what i am looking for.This site also sells the tools that where shown in the video. I am thinking that the bottom cleaning may not be a major issue if kept up and beleive that creating a more natural habitat will be benefitial to the health of my fish and more enjoyable for me.
  5. Thanks, i did some looking around on the web and am wondering if what i am looking for might be dwarf hairgrass. Anybody using it with goldfish?
  6. I have seen pictures of planted tanks and have seen what appears to be low growing, wide spreading plants that resemble a lawn. can someone please tell me which plants may give me this effect.
  7. The color is pure white body eccept for even orange markings behind the eyes and all fins are orange. He is a short tailed beauty. I know it is supposed to be red and white but believe me he is orange and white.
  8. I do not believe this is color change because the fins went clear only where the iodine was placed. Also the blotches were removed to some degree with my fingures. since posting the blotches seem to have lightened some as they do sometimes and in the past they seemed to get beter or worse almost daily. maybe it is stress buy you would not know it by watching him.
  9. Pond care test kit drops,feed twice a day New life spectrum pellets in mourning frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp in evening,nitrite 0,dechlor. only,this was first fish which cycled tank 7 months ago,this has been going on since before adding newcomers,acts and eats fine, do not have nitrate kit ,water is crystal clear,no other symptoms,do not know how to send photos. this is my first time on site and do not know where my listing is. THANKS AGAIN
  10. ph 7.5 ammonia 0 temp 73 tank 55g water changes 20 percent weekly 5 fish between 2and3.5 inches filters 1/aqua clear 70 and 1/110 aquaclear
  11. I have a Ryukin which has reoccuring white blotches on one tail fin and dorsal fin. All of my readings are fine and my tank always been ammonia free. With advice from my local fish expert i treated it by removing it with my fingers and swabbing on iodine. this seemed to work but also removed the color from the fins and now several weeks after treatment the white blotches are reappearing in the same areas as before. None of my other fish have any signs of anything and some are dark colors which would make this easy to see. Ihave high quality filtration and nothing in the tank to cause damage to the fish.Open to suggestions. THANKS
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