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  1. Your tank looks amazing@!! I love the blue background with the black and white fish. Did you get it from Drs. Foster and Smith by any chance? I think I may have the same one...I was actually not a big fan of blue backgrounds until I got that one. The depth and dimension it adds is really nice and makes it seem more spacious!
  2. I think you were definitely right Trinket....medicating would have been a bad way to go. She is almost completely healed up now. (It is very hard to see in the vid, but the spots were actually either bloodspots or bruises..just so hard to get a good view in the vid.) I have had fish that color change overnight almost though, so I know what you mean! I just get so stressed when one of them gets sick. Hopefully there is nothing else to worry about!
  3. I had them for a little while in my big rubbermaid tub. Right now they (the two fertilized ones) are actually in a net inside my aquarium (until I figure out what to do! I figure at least I know the water is clean, etc.) I read on Goldfish Connection that it's best not to keep them in a small container because it hurts their development -- I just hope my naivety didn't hurt them at all! CFG -- It looks like there are only two that were really fertilized! There was no evidence of milt in the tank after the spawn, so I was wondering if he released any at all. I took out the plant that had eggs stuck to it and put that in the rubbermaid, so maybe there will end up being a couple more....but only two that I can see for sure. I wasn't really watching those eggs so my heart almost skipped a beat when I checked on them last night and saw those teeny tiny eyes!! I think for now I may get a real breeding box (since there are only two that might actually make it) and try to keep them in the big aquarium if/when they hatch. Since I am not really looking to breed, I don't want to invest too much in equipment, etc. at the moment (but I will if I have to, just don't have a whole lot of extra dough right now!) At least if this ever happens again, I will know which eggs to watch and better how to care for them. It would be so cool to have a little baby from those two -- I just don't really want to have more than I can handle, and I don't think I can euthanize healthy fish (or give them to a less-than-satisfcatory pet store.) Can't wait to see what happens with the eggs though...I know the odds are against me, but it's all a learning experience if nothing else! Thanks shellbell! I'll post if there is any new progress! Glad they don't take long to hatch, the suspense to see if they are actually going to is starting to kill me! (By the way, I think the "glassy" eggs were maybe eggs that didn't fully develop when mama was making them. The other eggs, I could see some "things" in them the whole time...the glassy ones were literally completely clear, empty spheres. Just a theory!)
  4. SHe is looking much better tonight. Red spots and fuzzy patches almost gone.
  5. I can see 2 eyes and a spine in two of the eggs! (Not the "glass" looking ones that I thought were fertilized....these are actually tow of the clear, but more opaque, eggs.) I know the chances they actually hatch and then survive are practically none....but this is fascinating nonetheless!!
  6. I have 2 Penguin 200's in my 40 gallon, along with a bubble wand. I am looking for a simple way to add some more oxygen to the tank. Would a diffuser be a good way to do this? If not, what else could I do?
  7. I just read that red splotches at the base of the fins (specifically pectoral fins) can mean an internal infection. She has the red splotches at the base of both of her pectoral fins, plus a couple on her chin, and a couple actually on one of her pectoral fins (along with that whitish-gray stuff.) I just did another 50% water change. I have Medi-Gold on hand, as well as Prazi. Would it be wise to start a round of Medi-Gold to rule out internal infection, and a dose of Prazi to rule out flukes (since that's pretty much harmless and can be used with Medi-Gold?) I am not going to do anything until I hear from someone with more experience...but this just seemed like it may be a good game plan. Or should I still give it some more time to see what happens? If it is costia, I would have to treat with something else, but I am leaning towards that not being the case. I don't know what bruises on a goldie look like, but what is making me nervous is the red splotches in the same spot on both pectoral fins. Eagerly waiting for someone more knowledgeable than I to help!
  8. Thanks guys!! I am actually very confused about the eggs. The "glass" looking ones are just that....completely clear, empty glass spheres. The other more opaque eggs that haven't turned white yet I can see something in there, but it's too small to see. I don't think they've changed much if at all. Not sure if any are fertilized yet, but I will post as soon as anything develops...literally!!
  9. Since I did not treat him for it beforehand, do you think maybe the new fish introduced flukes to the aquarium? Is it common for flukes to cause red splotches like those? I read a little about costia but know nothing about it really...just popped up because I read it causes red spots mainly in the chin area. Anything else you are thinking? Are they maybe just bruises?
  10. It should be clear once it is processed....here is the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4Qq9hsr3r4
  11. I have not noticed any changes with him yet. He did chase her around a bit, but I wouldn't say he was extremely rough with her. I have been trying to see if he has any of that stuff on his fins, but being white, it is really hard to see. i am uploading a vid on YouTube right now to show the red splotches. I think the white stuff on her fins is going to be too hard to see (though I *think* it looks like there is less of it this morning.) She is at the surface a bit, but that's pretty typical of her...she does it very often regardless.
  12. I did check the water params last night (everything except for nitrates) and everything was how it always is: Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm PH - 7.2 (I've never gotten a different result when checking PH in the past) I will check for nitrates soon. This morning, the only thing that has changed, is about 4 red splotches around her face/pectoral fins, mainly on her front underbelly area. (It would be considered her "chin" if she had one, and the base of her pectoral fins.) Her breathing is a little off too, and she looks a little weak (still swimming normally, but taking more breaths than usual and she looks tired.) I am going to do another large water change (at least 50%) early this afternoon. Thank you Trinket
  13. Thanks Trinket, you really are making me feel better about the situation. I am going to go to bed now and stop worrying! I did just read a little about Pimafix....I am not going to do anything for a while like you suggested because I absolutely do not want to medicate if not necessary, but in case it does turn out to be a fungus that won't go away, can this be used safely and effectively (without killing the cycle?) The reason I fear I may be dealing with a fungus is there was a fish in that tank a while ago that had similar symptoms. I still have him, he still gets the same symptoms from time to time and it usually clears up on its own with extra water changes, but not I am wondering if there hasn't been a fungus lurking in my aquarium just waiting for a weak fish or a messed-up PH to strike. Hopefully if this is the case, she will be able to fight it as well as he has. It has always bugged me though when it comes to the other fish, because it won't be there for long periods and then BAM! Little white cottonish growth on his fins. I am extra worried because she is probably more weakened than he usually is, so I hope she will be just as able to fight it. If, after all, that is what's even going on here. Please..please...PLEASE let it just be a slime coat thing! Can't help fearing the worst though.... Thanks Trinket ....I will keep an eye out tomorrow and post any changes.
  14. Thank you I really couldn't believe it...it was a truly fascinating day. I have been through so much with goldfish though...I'm hoping I didn't just get lifted up only to get knocked back down. I've really tried so hard to do everything right. Okay...not gonna jump to any conclusions yet...gonna try to stay upbeat about the spawn!
  15. Okay, I will do a thorough check of all params tomorrow and just wait to see what happens. I will also change water very often for the next few days to keep it super fresh. This is just what I need...(prays that this will be an easily remedied situation...) So bummed that such an exciting day has me going to bed so worried.
  16. My female that spawned this morning is now showing white fuzzy patches on her fins! I can't believe it...everything has been okay for so long. I am guessing it was the stress from spawning, but it happened so quickly. I have had fin rot before, and it doesn't look anything like this. It's more just random whitish-gray fuzzy patches. Her fins are not eaten away at all..no other symptoms except an occasional twitch (understandable.) I already did a 50% change today because of the spawning, and was planning on doing another tomorrow. I will test all params tomorrow morning (already so late.) If it is fungus (as I suspect), can I treat with methylene blue? Will this kill my cycle?
  17. I did read the GF breeding forum by the way! I've been doing research every spare moment I get today. Still feel like I am clueless but I am starting to get a good idea of what it would take to raise fry.
  18. Thank you kukana! I am starting to relax a little bit....I just wasn't expecting this to happen so soon...or at all! I am starting to have a feeling that only 3 of the eggs are actually fertilized. They have turned into an almost glass-like appearance -- super shiny and clear, like small little glass spheres. The rest are not white yet, but they are much more opaque. Does this sound like an accurate description of fertilized eggs? Also, my female is releasing super zig-zaggy poop tonight! She really didn't release all that many eggs earlier, so I guess she is reabsorbing the rest? Does this happen? What would I do without this forum? Truly a Godsend! Thank you
  19. Because if not dissolved properly, the salt can burn the fish.
  20. Down to about 9 eggs that haven't turned white! Not looking too good for actually hatching any...I have my doubts. Still undecided on what to do....what is the general consensus for putting them in a breeding box (netted) that stays on the side of the tank? Will this foul the tank water too much?
  21. Koko -- awesome idea!!! Would LOVE to see that! Maceo -- I plan on getting very rich by this time next year So pics will be coming as soon as I do that. CFG -- Oooh I would love to see that!! Of course, I love goldfish tanks the best (love going on YouTube and seeing other tanks.) There's nothing better than a ridiculously big tank stocked just right with beautiful goldies.
  22. Can goldfish (safely) eat either one of these?
  23. Thanks Koko! I have been scouring the 'net for hours for all info on goldie fry. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me if I plan to do this. I would be lying if I didn't say I was very intimidated by the thought! It would be nice if I could pull it off, but I would want to make sure I had homes for all fish before I allowed them to hatch ( I would like to keep one or two...but the rest would need somewhere to go, and I don't know of any LFS that I would trust!) It looks like only about 12-15 are actually fertilized, so that makes things easier. Still undecided...I am going to get some more info before I make a final decision!
  24. I have always imagined a tank that ran the length of the wall, but actually flush with it (like, built INSIDE the wall)....that actually went around the perimeter of the room, and was one, big, connected tank. Has anyone ever seen anything like this in real life? When I become rich enough one day (heh heh) I think I will give it a shot. How cool would that be?
  25. I had scooped out the eggs that were on the bottom of the tank (they ate a bunch) and had a total of about 40-50 eggs. I just checked on them and it looks like about 15 were fertilized (the rest had turned white -- this means I should get rid of them, correct? I still have no idea if I am capable of handling fry IF they so successfully hatch and survive...but I am a little relieved it turned out to be a smaller number of eggs! Right now they are just in a little tupperware floating on top of the tank (to keep the temp stable)...now that I know that some were actually fertilized, I need to decide if I am setting up my rubbermaid "fry" tank! I just don't know if I am going to be able to do this. Is there anyone that would want a baby or two if I somehow managed to pull this off? Can't guarantee anything, but I'd like to know I had homes for them before I made this venture. I would want to keep one....two tops.
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