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  1. I always kept my tank warmer because my oranda had issues with constipation...the warmer water really helped with her digestion. She has since passed and I have kept my water at the same temp for my two teles with no problems. It is usually around 78 degrees. My other tank however is not heated and the two baby ryukin are just fine in there at 65-70 degrees. I think just a steady temp is what's most important!
  2. Thank you Koko and Sakura!! Last night I removed the lift tube, it seems to be working much better now! I cut a couple of strips off an established filter, and stuck them in that hole in the sponge filter where the bubbles come out (where the lift tube would normally be.) I figured this would double as not only seeding the filter, but also preventing any over-curious little fry from getting into the filter? Not sure they would be able to with the bubbles coming out, but just in case! Koko -- I wish I had ordered the filter earlier to let it run a while in my established 40g! I was really itching to get filtration starting in the rubbermaid fry tank, do you think the seeding will be enough? Sakura -- thanks so much for that pic!!! I was looking all over the internet yesterday for that exact same picture. I've really been trying to do everything right for the fry...they just seem to be such delicate little things! I've only lost 2 so far, one was not well and died on his own, and one I had to euthanize today with clove oil (he went very quickly and humanely, thank God.) His swim bladder seemed to have an issue or possibly filled up with water. I was going to let it go and see if it resolved itself, he seemed okay despite being stuck to the bottom. Then today I noticed his spine was injured, and I didn't want him to suffer, so I euthanized (something I've been dreading, but it went about as well as could be expected.) I feel like I made the right choice though....poor little guy. Thanks for the help ladies!!
  3. Thank you caitie! Yes they are SUCH piggies, you can see their stuffed little bellies since they are still transparent! A couple of times they even tried to eat each other...its actually so cute though. Thanks kukana! Mom likes to come over and check out the container with the babies quite a bit. I think she is just seeing if anything is edible -- she has a one track mind -- EATEATEAT! One thing I've noticed that's really cute -- the babies like to chase the bubbles on the outside of the container (the bubble wand and filter produce bubbles that get stuck under the container, and float around the outside. The babies can see them through the plastic container and chase them and try to eat them! They remind me SO much of little Pac-mans, because that's what their mouths look like, pretty much! So funny...and they are sooooooo curious.
  4. Thanks!! Yes the "younger" ones have started free swimming now! Haven't actually seen them eat yet, I'm thinking today will be the day they really start. Warmer-temp "older" babies are really growing by the day! They are SUCH piggies, it's so funny. They are still transparent so you can really see their stuffed little bellies. I actually just picked up a breeding box for them, but I am going to wait until they are a bit bigger -- too afraid they are going to find a hole, squeeze out, and become an appetizer for mommy and daddy (or the filter.) I never used the Maroxy (returned it actually), and my meth blue finally came so I have that on hand now. Quick question, has there been anything determined as far what is best for the babies temp wise? Are the quicker growth rates with warmer water best? Is cooler water generally most beneficial, or does it not matter? I think I read somewhere that around 70 degrees was the best, but I have wanted to keep the temp constant for the warmer babies so I haven't moved them. Sorry for all the questions, I have sooo many...I hope I'm not being too annoying!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous bettas! I think Billow is my favorite as well...he really takes my breath away. Lovelovelove your tanks too!
  6. Aww thank you!! I'm not too sure about the Emperors, I know they are probably a little bigger than the Penguins. (My Penguin 200's are maybe about 6-7 inches wide? They are a good size, not too big or anything.) As far as shipping goes, I don't think they'd be too big at all....plus, they are pretty lightweight in the box. I don't see you having too much of an issue there. Really can't say about the Emperor....but I have heard that they are great filters! I know they are better than and superior to the Penguins, and combined with your Eheim, would do a really good job and probably all you would need! I think they (the Emperors) even have adjustable flow rates, which is really cool.
  7. I have the smaller version of the Marineland Emperor (I have the Pengiuns, 200 version) and I am very happy with them. They clean the tank very well, and are quiet enough that I have no problem sleeping with them in the same room. I find that it's better to have several smaller filters than one big one -- so instead of one Emperor 400, I have two Penguin 200's, which get the same gph (400.) This way you can space them out and they do a more efficient job. I think they are also very good for the bio filtration -- they have the BioWheels of course, and I always keep extra filter cartridges in the extra slots just to add room for the bacteria to grow, and also in case I need to seed a new tank. Just my ! Oh yeah, I also use Whisper air pumps and really can't say anything bad about them. I may have just gotten lucky because I have heard people complain about them being noisy. Come to think of it, there was one day a while back where my Whisper 20 was making a weird rattling noise, but it resolved itself (??) I actually just bought a Whisper 40 for the 40 gallon and I am very happy with the power of it. I have heard the Rena's were very good but I have never tried them. Good luck whatever you decide!
  8. Drs. Foster & Smith are by far the best! The customer service could not be better too. I them!
  9. I just got this filter for my fry tank (Hydro-Sponge III.) The lift tube sticks out of the water at the moment...is this correct? The water is kind of low, so I don't know if I should use without lift tube? Thanks!! Also, how can I seed this filter from my main tank? (There is no gravel in the main tank.) SHould I just cut off a piece of filter and stick it near the sponge somewhere?
  10. I am SO sorry....that is truly such a shock. Rest in peace little Chuck...I think we all got attached to him in a really short time. You did amazing with him though Federica...it is not your fault in any way.
  11. My little flip video camera will not zoom up very close, so this is the best I could do! The 3 day olds are LOVING the frozen baby brine shrimp! I don't see any fry-talities just yet...though I thought I saw one that was dying yesterday, today he is nowhere to be found. There is one fry with a HUGE belly...is it possible he could've eaten him??? Anyway....they are doing great so far! I am actually thinking of putting the 25(?) 3 day olds in a breeder net in the big tank. The warmer water seems to really make them grow fast! They are so much bigger and more developed than the 2 day olds, I am afraid to put them together in case they make a snack out of them! The 2 day olds are doing great too, they are in a rubbermaid with a gentle air wand for now. I am going to add a sponge filter when I think they can handle it. 3 day old fry, warmer temp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5IKUb5YduE And here are the 2 day olds, cooler temp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsvPImITieg
  12. The second to last (with him peeking out from the wall of bubbles) is SO cool!!
  13. Rubber tubs work great for QT tanks....I have like 3 and they are so inexpensive and of good size! One is a fry tub at de moment. on your new goldie!!!!
  14. Federica, I am just amazed at how quickly he is healing up. You are a great fish mommy...keep up the good work with him! I've actually become quite attached myself to the little guy...it is good to know he is in such good hands!
  15. I want to post pics oh-so bad!! They are looking less like eyelashes with eyeballs, and more like baby fish by the hour. This is what I think I just saw from the older fry (someone, please correct me if I'm wrong!) They are swimming but still kind of sinking (not yet buoyant.) Suddenly, they get big bursts of energy, shoot to the top, fill their air bladder, and they can swim horizontal in the water! I can even see the little bubble of air in their bellies where there wasn't one a second ago. Then, they go to the bottom, find a baby brine shrimp, and eat! I see a little black spot in their bellies (stomach?) get bigger when they do this. Does this all sound accurate? This is so fascinating!!
  16. I meant to ask about the bigger/smaller baby thing! I didn't know there could be such a drastic difference in size between them....if that happens, I will definitely separate! The 70-or so fry that have hatched have already been switched to a separate container for now, far away from the fungus eggs! I removed the ones that were obvious, but some I just couldn't tell. The water just seems to get gunky so fast....I figured it would be best to move them once they hatch to 100% clean water, away from all the hatching-mess stuff. (Yes, I scooped them up one-by-one in little puddles of water in my hand as they hatched oh-so carefully! )
  17. Soooooooo......... Grand total thus far: 2 day old fry in warmer water -- about 20-30? Fry hatched today in colder water -- about 70-ish? Still hatching...maybe about 10 more possible. I did a partial water change on fry batch 1 (2 day old fry.) They are still in a small container in the big tank until I figure out what to do (and until my sponge filter gets here!) I added a teeny-tiny bit of frozen baby brine shrimp because a few of them are almost completely out of egg sac. I think I read somewhere that there is usually a die-off right after the egg sac disappears (that's when they have to make it to the surface, and the ones that don't, die(?) Don't know if this is correct...... SO....so far, so good. Almost all of the eggs hatched....now it's just keeping them alive! :linedrink
  18. Okay, thanks Trinket! I am not going to add it. I have a little pipette en route from Foster & Smith...can't wait til it gets here! I have mastered picking up bad eggs with my one fingernail though for now. It's still very early, but it looks like the new fry are not swimming as strongly as the ones that hatched in the big tank. Main differences are: they are in cooler water, and have salt added. They took exactly 24 hours longer to start hatching in the cooler water (that is so interesting!) Should I be worried at all? They literally are just now hatching, but they just don't seem as active. I am guessing it's just the cooler water (room temp, don't have a thermometer but's I'm guessing about 65-70 degrees?) The main tank with the more active fry is about 80 degrees.
  19. I asked my mom to pick up some methylene blue for me yesterday (have some arriving tomorrow but wanted to treat the fungus asap!) The store didn't have it, so she picked up Maroxy (Mardel brand) instead. Is this okay to use for fungus on the eggs/fry? I added salt yesterday (about .1%.) If the Maroxy is okay to use, can it be mixed with salt? I see about a fourth of the eggs that were otherwise healthy have some fungus. The healthy ones have started to hatch today, and I don't want a fungus infection to totally take over. Thanks!! By the way, the active ingredient in Maroxy is "stabilized chlorine oxides". It says it is for "true fungal infections of fish and eggs". Just wanted to see what the general consensus was on Koko's before I considered using it!
  20. YAY!!! That is great news Federica!!!! He is looking SOOOO much better, I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the new pics. Big improvement!!! You are doing an absolutely amazing job with him. Keep up the good work and he will be 100% before you know it!
  21. ....you turn your filters off to feed your goldies (I do for some reason), and then you turn them back on and suddenly there are about 10 fry surfing USA in your tank? And you have to try to catch them before they get sucked back up or EATEN but they think it's a big game and keep wriggling away from you and slipping through your fingers and the holes in the net? And then you catch them all (you think anyway) and they are all alive and well and taking a big rest in the safety of the fry container. Ahh....fry adventures. Coming to a tank near you! (Muhahaha!)
  22. Thanks for looking that up for me by the way CFG! I really appreciate the help...trying to keep my cool like this --> and not be like this --> This is what I must look like to the eggs though, if they can see... with how much I have been checking on them. Ha! Thank you to everyone!
  23. She looks really good Sakura!! She does not look like a fish who is ready to throw in the towel, by any means! There is a lot of life left in that little girl. Keep up the good work with her!
  24. Thanks Koko!! I did that exactly....and it says only ingredient, sea salt.
  25. Hope I didn't screw up....but I cleaned the water 100% and added 0.1% salt (or approx. 1 TSP per gallon.) My sponge filter should be here 2morrow! I'm hoping the salt will be okay, I was just really fearing that fungus, it looked like it was getting out of hand quick! I see a few eggs that looked healthy that are now infected with fungus. Many still look healthy though (fingers crossed!) This is definitely very educational...there is something about actually doing it, not just reading about it....you just learn so much more! If nothing else, it's all a learning experience! I am finding it hard to keep the water clean. Maybe it's just me, but it seems so yucky so fast even after starting with fully clean water.....I really can't wait for that sponge filter to get here. P.S. Found another brave little soul swimming with mom and dad! Got him outta there quick -- he wouldn't have lasted long with those two piggies!
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