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  1. They are SOOOO CUTE!!! They are all so beautiful....that lavender tele My favorite though? The red/white tele!!! He is too adorable for words!
  2. The extra filter should definitely help IMO. Just wanted to ask you a quick question about cloudiness....the gravel is not new, correct? Just asking because when I first set up my tank I had a HORRIBLE experience with cloudy water, nothing helped....then I figured out it was the gravel making the water cloudy. It was specifically aquarium gravel and everything, and even the littlest bit in my tank made the water terrible....couldn't even see 2 inches into the tank. I switched to some larger rocks at the time instead of gravel and never saw cloudy water again. Of course if you've had the gravel for a period of time with no problems it wouldn't be the cause. Just wanted to let you know my experience just in case!
  3. I agree with CFG, the main reason I have seen bullying is when a fish is already weak or sick, if there isn't enough room, or even fighting over food (does it happen more when you feed?) Knowing the size of your tank and water parameters will help to figure out what's wrong too. It could be a breeding attempt though too...when my fish are spawning, the male is pretty relentless, head-butting the female, rubbing against her, sticking his nose up her bottom...does this sound like what you are seeing? It might be a good idea to separate if your red cap is suffering due to this...the stress could cause her to get weak and more prone to disease/illness/parasites (do you maybe have a large strainer to put the common in inside your aquarium for now? I wouldn't recommend a bowl even for a short period of time. Just make sure the strainer is cleaned thoroughly with no residue of soap.) I know a lot of people don't recommend mixing fancies with single tails too. If the problem doesn't get better, it may be better to rehome the common. They tend to do best in ponds, if you could find him a nice pond somewhere I'm sure he would be so happy!
  4. Thanks so much guys, yeah it's really perplexing when it's so sudden like that. I must've checked the water 30 times in the past 3 days to keep an eye on it, and her symptoms were just so vague...it could've been so many things. The fact that the other fish is completely healthy helps, so I know it wasn't some weird contamination thing...but she was a healthy fish for the most part so it's hard to accept that she went so quickly. I definitely wasn't expecting her to go like that... I "rescued" her and her tankmate because they were actually the only two healthy fish in the store in a PACKED tank of sick fish. The little calico girl was just begging me to take her...and I chose the other one because he was the only other one that looked healthy as well. I figured they wouldn't last long like that. They grew like little weeds once I took them home too...I just hope I gave her a happy home for the time she was here. My other fish is looking pretty confused and definitely wondering where his tankmate is....poor babes. Thanks again guys....I am sorry this didn't have a better outcome too.
  5. Hi! Any way you could upload a video?
  6. Thanks!! They really are sweet little things. They really do worry me sometimes....especially during water changes when they will not move away from the airline tubing-siphon! I try to nudge them and they barely budge...I have not once vacuumed their container without sucking somebody up...I am SO SO careful but it is SO difficult! And I definitely see being a fishy mommy in your future! (It's pretty funny, suddenly being a mom to a hundred little ones.) Just be careful what you wish for....I was so psyched when I saw eggs the first time, but now that there seems to be a never-ending supply....I have had quite enough for a while!
  7. While I am pretty sure I had them in the polyp stage, I'm not positive the little white blobs are them! I would have expected them to be clear...but then again, what else could they be? ryukin girl, you can have as many as you want! A tank of them WOULD be pretty awesome!! Thank you too Halibut! I am going to try and figure out for sure what they are. I should prob add some food to the tank if I want them to live (though they've done okay all this time amazingly.)
  8. Thanks so much everyone, poor babe did not make it through the night. The only good thing is that she didn't suffer too much. She's a calico, so it's not too easy to tell if she had spots? I thought maybe her belly looked a little discolored/slightly pink, but I can't say for sure. I was really trying to study her the past day or two to get some kind of clue as to what was happening. I just wish I had been given more time with her to try and help her...I feel a little bad because the first couple days she was "off" I was thinking it was constipation related (which has happened before and she had all the symptoms for) and treating it as such. It really is too bad they can't tell us what's wrong, poor things. She has actually been steadily good for quite a while now too, swimbladder-wise. When I bought her and for the first couple months, she was very floaty, but after those few months of continuous gel food, she got so much better! Trinket, do you think it was a swimbladder issue that contributed to her death? She was a joy of a fish....I will really miss the little girl. Thank you everyone for your support, it means a lot.
  9. Thank you caitie...I know we don't have any on hand, but I will pick up some epsom salt tomorrow. I've never used it but I will definitely give it a shot! A QT tank is going to be difficult at the moment since all my tanks/containers contain fry, but I should be able to figure something out... She's a very round little fish to begin with, so it's hard to tell, but I think she is quite bloated. She is so friendly, she came over to see me even though she can hardly keep herself steady. I've had quite a few issues with her being floaty in the past, but it usually resolves itself quickly with peas and gel food. She tends to go tails up, head down -- which is what she's doing right now. She's weak & unsteady, on the bottom, but making her way to the top to get air every so often. I only have one heater at the moment (broke my other one a while ago and keep forgetting to get another.) I can borrow the tele's heater if it will help?
  10. Thanks so much amynmitchell ...and you are absolutely right about being underfiltered. I have a Penguin 150 that is going to make it's way onto the tank once I get it all disinfected. I try to do pretty sizeable weekly water changes in the meantime (80-90%) to try and make up for it a little. The two fish are pretty small too, so I was hoping I was a little understocked and could get away with it for a little while. I really hope she hangs on too, at least long enough to give the MM's enough time to work. Poor little thing, I feel so bad for her..she's such a happy, spunky little fish. If she sees me from across the house she practically does backflips...I really hope she makes it.
  11. She is not well guys.... She is on the bottom of the aquarium, in a corner, breathing heavily. She looks very bloated -- I think she has slight popeye and is ever so slightly pineconing. She doesn't seem to be clamping quite so much anymore. She is just going downhill so, so fast... She ate two meals of Metromeds today, one earlier and one just a few minutes ago (she is in such bad condition but still eating at the moment! She is oh-so passionate about food...poor babe.) She is quite young I think so I am not yet sure if she is female...but I did wonder the same thing about eggs! I'm guessing her current symptoms are not leaning that way though? I feel like I will be surprised if she makes it through tomorrow....or the night even. Is there anything else I can do for her? She seems to be progressing so quickly -- is that indicative of anything in particular? Thanks so much P.S. She was sold as a ryukin, which she definitely is at least part of, but her face and body shape make me think pearlscale. I was assuming she was maybe a mix. She's a little mutt but a total cutie.
  12. Thanks Celina!! I am quite curious as to what they are....
  13. Okay, thanks! I should've mentioned that I've had her for a while...at least 4 months with no issues whatsoever. Not sure why she suddenly started showing these symptoms. I did start her on the Metro, I'm afraid she is going to stop eating so I figured it's best to get her started since she has been getting worse by the day. It's been about 3 days so far with no improvement. Hopefully the Metro will resolve whatever is going on with the poor baby
  14. I was thinking that could be the issue. I have MetroMeds and Medigold on hand, I wonder if either of these would help? Probably the Metro?
  15. Nope, they are almost perfectly round little floating/swimming circles. Like teeny tiny little white blobs. The almost look like they are levitating in the water. They started out as clearish things stuck all over the glass that swayed in the current. I posted on here and someone told me they had that exact same thing, and that if the water became still, they would hatch into freshwater jellyfish. Once the tank was covered with a blanket, I unplugged the fliter, so the water became still. Now, months later, when I lifted the blanket, I see these little swimming white dots(?) They are definitely some kind of living creature....but that's my only insight as to what they could be??
  16. Okay, so I bought a couple of plants a while ago to plant my tank. I did QT them, but did not disinfect. I started noticing weird things on the glass of their QT tank soon after getting them, which I was told were freshwater jellyfish polyps. This really freaked me out. I then proceeded to cover the plant QT tank with a blanket....and have been afraid to lift it up ever since. Now that I am flooded with fry....I need that tank back! My dad was over this morning, so I asked him if he would help me clean it out because I am afraid of it? He bravely went upstairs and lifted the blanket as I hid in the other room. Wouldn't you know......the java ferns were not only alive but doing WELL!! With NO light and funky water!! I was amazed. There doesn't seem to be any critters in there with the exception of these teeny tiny little swimming white dots. Not too many of them....but they are there. They look like little circles, and are too small to see, but they have either feet or antennae or something sticking out. I mean, they are TINY....like, half the size of this circle ---> o Are these the freshwater jellyfish? There is a contaminated Penguin 150 that hasn't been running too. How do I clean everything? Thanks!!
  17. One of my little pet shop ryukin "rescues" (bought her and the other one because they were the only healthy/spunky ones in a tank full of sick fish...I actually suspect she is half ryukin/half pearlscale, she has the pearlie face and body shape)... ...anyway she is normally my happiest and spunkiest fish, and she has not been herself for a couple days. I suspected constipation at first, so I fasted for a day, then fed peas. She's had bright green poop and looks even worse today, so I am guessing it is not constipation. Her main symptoms are: long stringy poop...bottom sitting....dorsal clamping...occasional gasping at surface. The other fish in the tank is 100% fine, no symptoms. I suspected flukes, but did a thorough cleaning and treated twice with Prazi and no change. All params are normal. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do? Could she still be constipated if she had green poo soon after eating peas? Here all the questions answered: [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? 0 ppm [*]Nitrite Level? 0 ppm [*]Nitrate level? about 10 ppm [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.2 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.2 [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API liquid [*]Water temperature? Room temp, around 70 degrees [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 37 gallons, about 6 months? [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? 1 Penguin 200 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly, about 80% [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 small ryukins....about 3 inches each [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime for water changes [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? Gel food mostly, Hikari lionhead a couple times a week, peas about once a week [*]Any new fish added to the tank? No [*]Any medications added to the tank? Prazi the other day because of symptoms [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? No [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Started looking lethargic, then occasional gasping, now is bottom sitting with fins clamped not looking well. She still perks up when she sees me, and is still eating. She is usually my most enthusiastic and happy fish and she is just so not herself. I am perplexed as to what it could be? Thank you
  18. Okay great! I am actually starting to wonder if I can give a little more food (as opposed to less)....I upped their portion a little today and they polished it right off! They are getting bigger so I probably need to feed them a little more anyway. Found one of my biggest fry deceased today (no clue why), so I am definitely anticipating some die-offs Trinket. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that he was one of the ones with a slightly swooped back. I am really only culling the ones that absolutely need it right now...just did one this morning that hadn't grown at all, wasn't eating, and was just lying on the bottom, wasting away (I am using clove oil, which seems very humane to me.) I hate to see them suffer, I'd rather just make it quick if it seems like it has to happen. I did read about those big unexplained die-offs...hopefully some of the healthy ones will make it! As far as feeding overnight -- I just feed them throughout the day, right before bed, and first thing in the morning. Can't wait until they get bigger so I can get some decent shots! Or I just need a better camera (my regular camera with the good macro zoom is currently not working!!) My fry look just like the ones in the pinned fry thread though -- what a great thread that is, I think I would be lost without it!! By the way....another spawn today! When are they going to be done you think? I'm glad they are happy enough to breed and all, but what a mess each time! I saved some eggs for now, but I'm most likely not going to hatch them....I have no more room, and plus....what if there isn't a die-off? I'm going to be in big trouble!! And YES, fry are a BIG job! Feeding aside, I have most in a cycled rubbermaid, so I just vacuum with an airline every day and change a couple gallons every day or two and they seem to be okay. The guys that are in a smaller container need much more cleaning because there's no filter -- so I vacuum several times a day, and change 90% of the water daily. The hardest part is not hurting the fry in the process, I vacuumed up two today but they seem to be okay. I guess it was just like a big water slide going through the airline tube into the bucket?
  19. Thanks!!! They are still SO little but getting bigger every day! They eat like little piggies and are pretty relaxed during their daily water change (the ones in the little container in the big tank.) They see me the most so they are the tamest. Had about 10 more hatch a day or two ago...I am up to my eyeballs in fry! I almost hope nature will take care of getting the numbers down a little so I don't have to (have a little over a hundred, which isn't that much for a batch of fry.....but still a lot for me!) I just hope at least a couple survive Only lost one I think so far naturally....and had to cull a few that were not doing well...but the vast majority at this point are happy and healthy!! New pics coming as soon as they get a little bigger!! Can't wait until 2 weeks...then 4 weeks....and they start to look like real little fish!!
  20. The general consensus seems to be: feed the fry once every four hours, and feed only what they can eat in about an hour (and clean up the rest.) My guys are absolute PIGS, so they can eat quite a bit in an hour (they will eat all day if allowed.) What are signs they are being overfed? Is there a real worry about overfeeding, or is the main issue polluting the water with uneaten food? Most of my fry are doing very well so far, there are a couple that are way smaller than the rest that I don't expect to make it (literally like 2 out of a hundred though.) Some are waaay bigger (the biggest ones are easily twice as big as the smallest!) Plus, rescued about 10 or so from the big tank that just hatched a day ago from the last spawn (I siphoned and disposed of as many eggs as I could find, but these must've gotten away from me!) The "newborns" are in a netted breeding box (which I don't recommend because they keep escaping...I just have nowhere else to put them.) No massive die-offs yet, but I know it's most likely coming at some point. I have had one so far die of natural causes....and I've culled about 5 that were deformed and were dying already (couldn't swim at all/backs bent/etc.) I can see a few more that will have to be culled soon because of backs that aren't completely straight....but the large majority look to be okay (it's still very early to tell though!) I am starting to see tails on them now -- it looks like some are going to have nice, full ones! Thanks! I just want to make sure I am not overfeeding...their little bellies are always full with food and they are always pooping. They definitely have big appetites for such little guys.
  21. Here's another thread I actually have bookmarked in case I ever need to do this! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51140-moving-with-goldfish/ Between those two threads there should be some good info (I'm going to bookmark the one you posted too Chrissy_Bee!)
  22. API Freshwater Liquid Test Kits are a favorite around here. They are much more accurate than test strips (which are generally not recommended.) I have that test kit (by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) and it's great. There's a test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, PH, & high range PH included, and at the local chain store it runs around $25-30. (That may seem like a lot, but they last forever and are crucial for fishkeeping so it's a really good investment.) You can also buy the bottles individually. Just make sure to read the directions thoroughly for each test.
  23. How big are they? They look massive! They all look very healthy too!
  24. Could you please elaborate on this Trinket? (I have an otherwise healthy surface-gulper too.)
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