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  1. Let me first say I know next to nothing about worms in fish, etc. I noticed the last time you found worms -- forgive me if I'm wrong, i didn't reread the whole thread, though I have read it all before -- but the last time you found worms I *think* was around the beginning of March. Maybe those worms laid eggs and those eggs (now towards the end of May) are hatching in his belly right now. Is he on any meds now? Maybe if you tried to medicate him around the time the eggs would be hatching (once every 2 months-3 months possibly?) you could time it right so you could kill the worms before they have a chance to lay more eggs (since they lay encysted and untouchable in his belly for those months.) Maybe you just need to get him on the right meds at the perfect time, and you could nip this thing -- it would just all be about timing. Does this make sense to someone who knows more of what they are talking about? I'm thinking that all the meds that were given, etc., maybe as luck would have it, they just haven't been given at that "perfect" time, and maybe to solve this, we just need to figure out when that "perfect" time is (when the eggs have hatched, and before they are able to lay new ones.) Just trying to help...Bandit has totally won me over, and I would like nothing more than to see him cured!
  2. There has got to be something to get those encysted eggs...there just has to be. Someone brought up a good point -- if the worms are killed as soon as they hatch, where do the eggs keep coming from? Who is laying them??
  3. Thanks! I have no idea how many are going to live....I know there is supposed to be a big die-off at certain stages....3-4 weeks for example...so I am just trying to take care of them as best as I can and waiting to see what happens! I definitely can't handle all of them for long, so I'm hoping a little bit that mother nature will let the strongest & healthiest survive. Culling is something I am having a hard time with (I've done it a few times when it was in the best interest of the fry, but it is not easy for me.) I am going to wait until the die-off periods pass like Trinket suggests and then take it from there (and not cull too much beforehand.) We shall see...it is really exciting! I never dreamed I would be raising fry...it's quite an amazing experience! (I do have a batch of eggs from this morning, if anyone local wants them -- free of course -- just let me know! The parents are the two butterfly teles. I can't wait to see what the babies turn out to be. )
  4. Good news! I managed to snag that very inexpensive 3 gallon Eclipse system from Craigslist! Here are a couple pics of him checkin out the new digs soon after I added him. In a couple pics you can see the darkness on his fins that was not there before...almost looks like a faded black in spots, and blue on the tips. I'm wondering if that will darken as he gets older? (I checked and he is actually not even as big as my pinky, including fins.....he's such a little guy!) You don't think the blackness could be ammonia related, right? He seems pretty happy in the 3 gallon, though he is VERY confused at the water flow (don't think he's ever experienced that before.) The first time it swooshed him he did a confusion-flare! He's a pretty mellow guy, a little shy at first. I am thinking of naming him Kazue (which means "harmonious") or Haruko (which means "spring child")...they both seem to fit him well! Here's the pics of him and his new home:
  5. They haven't written back yet so it may be a no-go on the 3g! 5 gallon would come sooner or later so it's all good! The betta guy is changing colors a bit! His fins are getting blue tips and what looks like might be a black stripe? Guess he was faded due to stress? Should be interesting to see what happens with him
  6. Badfish

    Another Beauty

    WHOA...Absolutely stunning. Truly.
  7. I am really hoping to seed the new tank and have it cycle pretty easily...I am thinking the betta will be less messy than the goldies, so some media from the well established goldie tank should be able to handle a betta pretty easily? I seeded my 10-ish gallon fry tank and it was fully cycled in a couple of days...gotta love that!! He is so small devilduck!! Probably the size of my pinky, including fins! It looks like he may develop some darker colors in his fins too, should be exciting to see what he turns into! I've never had such a tiny young betta before. If that 3 gallon is still available, I may have to consider it (they are only asking $10 and it looks to be in PERFECT shape!) I don't have a ton of extra cash at the moment, so that could even just make due for the time being. If not, I am going to buy a brand new 5 gallon...which is what I want ultimately!
  8. Is it possible to cycle 3 gallons? I read that you can do 5 gallons quite successfully...and I really want to be able to cycle his tank. Can this be done easily enough with 3?
  9. Latest update! Almost 2 weeks old. Actually showing up a little bit on camera now YAY! (Should be much clearer once it is processed...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haI1M4bMUd8
  10. Thanks!! Yes he's a cutie, and does resemble Mr. Chow! He has that iridescence too...hopefully when he's full grown he will be half as beautiful as Mr.Chow Thanks Kukana, yup I am actually looking at both the regular and the Hex (looks like it will just depend on where I plan to put it.) There is actually a 3 gallon for sale very cheap on Craigslist...would that be too small? I want there to be plenty of room...that 3 gallon is a steal if it will be big enough!
  11. Wow, love his intense coloring! He's a beauty
  12. Thanks kukana!! Eclipse 5 it is. I will make sure to have a little cave for him too! You have some of the most stunning bettas I have EVER seen in my life! It seems like you give them an ideal life, so you should definitely get as many as you want!
  13. Here's a pic of the little guy (and I mean little!! He's so tiny!)
  14. Apparently I've been bitten by the betta bug that's been going around here! I went to Pet$mart to pick up water conditioner and a little crowntail caught my eye. I couldn't resist...I used to have bettas and I really enjoy them, so the little guy came home with me. He is in just a small bowl for now, but I am looking to get an Eclipse system for him (5 gallons.) Is that filter too strong for a betta, in anyones experience? Are they generally good tanks for bettas? Thanks!!
  15. Oh I know!! Some of the best products/meds I have come from there. I always feel confident that if it's coming from Goldfish Connection, it's the best quality and most worth it. So awesome to have a source you can trust like that! Anything they don't have, I get from Drs. Foster & Smith. I am truly amazed by their level of customer service! Whenever I call, they talk to me on the phone so patiently and are quite educated on their products and fish in general. Even when it turns out I am not buying anything, they still will stay on the phone for as long as it takes to figure stuff out. They have really earned a repeat customer with me. So awesome to have places like these...too often I deal with HORRIBLE customer service with other things so it is SO refreshing!
  16. Totally forgot that they had this, thanks Koko!! Was hoping to pick some up today...but I will have to be patient and order it.
  17. That's exactly what I do. In no way an expert so I would like to hear from others how they do it too
  18. That is so sweet! And people say they have no emotions and only a 3 second memory...pffft.
  19. I've been calling hardware stores, etc., and no one seems to have this. Does anyone know where I could get some? I am in New Jersey if that helps at all. If I can't find it, I guess bleach (1:20 bleach/water ratio) is my next best option for disinfecting an aquarium/filter? Thank you!!
  20. My sponge filter is completely different than my regular filters. I think it would be impossible to make using another filter....but maybe not impossible if you bought the materials to make a whole new one? They are pretty inexpensive though so it would probably just be easier to buy one. I have bars over my intake tubes too and yes, the eggs do get sucked up! Fry get sucked up VERY easily as well. Also, the current from the regular filters are WAY too much for the fry. The sponge has little to no current, and the fry seem to even have minor issues with that at times (not enough to not use it, but I do see them getting pulled around sometimes.) I think mine is called the Hydro-Sponge III from Drs. Foster and Smith and it works pretty well, I would recommend it. They included an air control valve for the air pump so I can turn the air pump's output up and down (you need to purchase a separate air pump to make the filter work.) I do suggest getting one of those little air control valves...my air pump is rated for 20 gallons (which is small) and I usually have to keep it turned down pretty low so the fry can handle it. Good luck! =]
  21. kukana, yours was the little one with the plants in the container? That was one of the most touching goldfish stories ever....and he is SO cute. Halibut...there's a good chance you could find more! Hope your little guy does great!!
  22. By the way, check your filter for more little miracle babies...I must've found about 10 in the filters alone! Surprising, they were 100% fine and are still doing well!
  23. That is so cool! Miracle fry are my favorite!! Sakura, I don't wake up during the night to feed (if I thought I had to I would, but I really don't think they need it.) I do the last feeding pretty late, close to midnight or so, and then feed them first thing in the morning (around 6 a.m.) It seems like there is food that scatters everywhere that they graze upon 24/7 (I do a thorough vacuum once a day because of this.) At any given time, there are fry munching on something...eating is really all they do! A few have discovered the sponge filter to be a feeding station now... I just can't wait til they get bigger and start to look like genuine fish!
  24. Yay!! Someone else with fry! I would be careful about the breeding box -- I had a few fry in one and they kept getting out (like over and over...I eventually just removed them.) Mine was blue with white netting...if you have this one, just be careful. I am new to fry but I have been feeding every few hours and keeping the water clean....that's about it! My fry love the Hikari First Bites. They get that along with frozen baby brine shrimp. Good luck with him!!! How big is he? How old did you figure he was?
  25. Okay great, sounds like a plan! Im sure you will get it straightened out in no time...the extra filter will be great, what a difference an extra filter makes!
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