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  1. Thank you all Here is a photo, its been a very wet day! Not a great photo yet, trying to let them settle down into their new home and not bother them too much. I hope they'll be happy! Lighting and a nice filter will follow. I think maybe a Fluval 405
  2. Hi all, Hope everybody is doing well! I havn't been around these parts of the internet for a long while... but never stopped keeping fish! I left school and had a few jobs, I guess that occupied a lot of my time! I am just back to tell you all about a new project I am starting today, moving my outdoor koi holding tank into my bedroom (A converted garage) with all of my fish in. I've had my fish since I was about 8 years old, and like many they started out in a small round tank, which received a water change maybe one a month, even with the filter I think a water change would be needed twice daily to keep the levels down! I progressed up, until I eventually had a nice 20gallonish tank with 4 common goldfish. (still overstocked!) I had a few other fish along the way, mainly 'rescues' and thats where the koi tank comes in really. The next door neighbours built a pond that took up a lot of the garden, but they are the type of people to get easily bored of pets and animals... they'll have a hamster one week, a rabbit the next, and none of them seem to last with the two small children. Anyway, they built the pond (which looked nice!) and then stocked it up firstly with 2 fancy goldfish (which both died, I told them not to put fancy goldfish in there) from indoors, that they had in a small tank. I tried to save these but they died so quickly I didnt stand a chance in convincing them to let me take them. Eventually they moved up to 6 common goldfish, which they just sploshed in the pond without acclimatising, and also didn't treat the water with anything, straight from the hose probably full of harmful chlorine. A few weeks passed, and one summer day they were emptying the pond. Wondering why, I had no idea. I asked and it turns out that a lot of the fish had terrible ulcers all over their bodies, probably from the excessive chlorine burning away at their scales. After spending the afternoon fishing them out, they kept them in a bucket, at this point I hadn't asked to keep them since I assumed they had a plan to look after them properly. So I jumped in the shower, and could hear them talking from the bathroom. They were talking about euthanizing the fish since they believes the ulcers were terminal. They said they'd kill them using a brick. This upset me a lot. I was then busy in the afternoon but my mum was around. She heard one of the young children and his friend playing in the garden, and when she looked to see what of the noise was about, they had the fish out of the bucket and in envelopes (the parents inside, possibly not knowing) and they were going to stamp on them! My mum shouted at them like you've never heard and was infuriated. Although understanding they are small children, I think there is no excuse for this type of behavior I would never have done something like this growing up, and had I tried I know I'd have been given a smack and reminded to respect all animals and look after them!! I then took it upon myself to set up a few rubbermaid style storage boxes from a shelving system and create some kind of temporary home for the poor fish in my then, upstairs bedroom. We took them in and gave them nice healthy water, treatment and lovely filteration/bubbles and they recovered to become beautiful healthy fish! One sadly died, but there was nothing I could do about it since the ulcers were so bad. My system was clearly overstocked now, they were put into my main tank eventually with my other fish, which meant that the tank was (hugely) over stocked. I planned to buy a 4ft tank and keep them all, although still not ideal it'd have been better than it was. It was either have 12 fish in an overstocked environment trying to keep up with the water changes, or leave 6 innocent animals to die a horrible death knowing I could have done more, the choice was obvious. I then found Koi tanks and the idea was had that we'd set one up in the garden. They were quite expensive and I didnt have the money for one with other things a priority at that time. Luckily walking along the main road coming home from work my mum saw somebody having some sort of yard sale and they had a huge Koi tank for sale, £20. They had a massive Koi pond which they were building over, it had amazing filteration, 6x6 foot boxes next to each other filtering the main pond, it was a beautiful system. I bought the Koi tank and dragged it home about half a mile with my sister, and then my parents helped fill it up and position it in the garden. The fish were put in and lived happily all summer and winter, with only one passing away. The water had turned completely green making it impossible to see the fish, which was probably due to my own neglect being busy with work and my cars. The other day I was outside quite late at night and I saw a fish gulping at the surface, he had a slight case of pop eye and his mouth seemed torn around the edge. I fear I did this, when I smashed the ice in the winter, but I'm not sure. I feel very guilty His eye has recovered and he looks great now, in a temporary rubbermaid with all his friends! I also have a fish named Charlie, the story is a bit insane. I came home from school one day and my mum had a fish in a tank of misty water, I asked her where it was from very excited and she said it was in the garden on the floor! She went outside to put him in a bag to dispose of his poor body, when she went to pick him up he wriggled into life! I guess a bird dropped him after stealing him from a neghbours pond or something, its a bit of a mystery. We then recovered him into full health and he is truly one of the most gracious beautiful animals I've ever seen. Around 6 inches long now. Emptying the Koi tank outside was scary, with only 3 fish found and about 10" of water left it seemed that we'd caught all we were going to find... but I eventually found Charlie, and 5 others! So that's a summary of the story for now! My room isn't big so it'll take up a fair bit of room, I must be crazy! with 3 fish tanks, a bearded dragon and a bunny, and all the other stuff an 18 year old guy needs! Fish are important and will make a great addition to the room. I think it'll be a great feeling to see them swimming around having a great time knowing I saved them from certain death. I will keep you all updated with photos and stuff as the project progresses :-) Thanks for having me back! Craig
  3. Im jelous! Do you think i could do the same but outside for a few months until my pond is finished? I have 3 commons in a 60 gallon and i know they want a lot more room!
  4. Hi guys, As per title ive caught my Black moore upside at the top of the water He will sit like this for a couple of minutes then start swimming around fine. Ive moved him to a 10Gallon tank of his own while i treat him. Whats the best way? Ive heard fasting him for a couple of days then some pea's? Thanks, Craig.
  5. Im amazed my first fish is still alive actually. Ive had him 10 years now. Hes a common. I bought him and his "brother" and named them Sooty and sweep. They lived in a 3 gallon bowl and we changed the water once a month. They never had a filter either. Then they got upgraded to a 20 liter tank, which i naturally thought, as an 8 year old, wow! more room, and purchased 2 black moors! We changed the water in that tank when it looked dirty really! once every couple of months because we didnt know any better. They were like that for 8 years or so which brings us to last year when i signed up here! now i have a 55Gallon with Sooty in, Sweep died in march he has another common and a black moor as companions
  6. He really is gorgeous. That tank was the first one i got when i was about 6! it was the 20l version. I still love it even today. How does the filter do?, I had one similar but now all my Betta tanks are unfiltered because i found it stressed them, it swooshed them around so much!
  7. Hey guys, I have read all of the inputs that you have added and taken them all on board. I'm a bit tight for time so cant reply to each individually at the moment but i thank you all. I think i will print some leaflets off for them to read, hopefully they will take action, i really hope they do. I think i can bring these fish back to health. Being dropped into freezing cold water un-acclimatised will definitely be enough stress to kill them alone, without being chased by a broom! I am a volunteer for the RSPCA so I've been called out to all kinds of situations before, but never fish, and it upsets me that there really is no protection against them! I plan on becoming an inspector when i get my driving license next year! If this were a dog or cat being mis-treated i would be forced to give them 48 hours to improve the animals conditions or we will have to take it upon ourselves to look after it. It really should be the same with fish. They are a living animal and can feel pain and neglect, it isn't fair Thanks again, il check back later! Craig.
  8. Hey Guys, Right, im facing a bit of a dilemma here, i know what i should do, but i know what my heart wants me to do for the sake of these two fish. Cut a long story short, Next door had a pond made in the summer, but it wasn't deep enough and they lost 8 beautiful fish over winter (it froze over) I told them it wasn't deep enough, they didn't listen. They purchased a further two goldfish 3 months ago, two black moores, and have been keeping them in a 15 liter tank. I've told them many times that goldfish will not grow to there full extent in that tank, but they havn;t listened. Last night they decided they were going to put these two fish into their pond... Cut a long story short, i was helping install an enclosure to my sisters trampoline when they came out and told us what they were doing. I told them they are not suited to ponds and would probably die, but they didn't listen. The younger daughter continued to poor the lunchbox containing the water and the two fish into the pond ... but it didn't work properly and as you can guess, the water went in but the fish didn't, so she just dropped them in from about a meter high... I told them they NEED to acclimatise them, in the knowledge that it was probably already too late they asked me to come over and help them acclimatise the fish... SO i got one of my old fish bags from my LFS and filled it with their tank water, which was FILTHY. I swear in the 3 months it had never been cleaned out These fish are lucky to be alive. Anyways, i caught the fish that were very lethargic and floated them in the bag for 45 minutes or so. This morning i looked out of the window to see how they were doing and the little girl had a broom in her hand and was swooshing the water round and was trying to hit the fish with it!. This is where im at now... Im wondering, i know its wrong, but if i should climb over when they are all out and rescue these two fish? they've had birds take their fish before so they could just think it's that. I have a fully cycled 40 gallon that i could use to bring them back to health. Like i say, i know its wrong, and i was never brought up to steal, but i feel this situation it is for a good cause? Please don't judge me on this, I understand it probably looks like im a thief with no morals now, but I've never stolen anything in my life, i just want to save these two fishy lives that are currently in their death bed. Thanks a lot! Craig.
  9. James the 2nd - Common Finley - Common Matt - Common Charlie - Common Sgt Pepper - Black Moor
  10. So he's eaten 5 ants and now flakes? You need to slap your brother, hes going to kill your fish. Bearing in mind that their stomach is no bigger than ONE eye, one ant could potentially cause bloat let alone 5!
  11. Oh dear . Its okay, though, i can share your pain. The same thing happened to me with a 40g just before Christmas. Unfortunately for me though, the insurance wouldn't pay out. I had new carpets fitted, new wallpaper, all new bedding, and i lost 2 computers, a BRAND NEW xbox 360 that wasn't protected under water damage in the warranty. All my guitars got wet including a 40 year old Hofner (?3000) bass that started to warp badly. The main thing though, my fish were fine. Not a scratch. A bit shook up but i immediately put them into the 20G Frog tank with my ADF's so it wasnt that bad. Best of luck to you. Dont get to down because things will get better soon
  12. Most places here in the Uk seem to call them "glass nuggets" ... hmm I had them in my tank last month and have since gone to bare bottom. Not because i didnt like the look, although i prefer natural it looked great, but they just poo SO MUCH! it wasnt worth it, i would syphon the gravel, 3 days later it would be exactly the same, and the tank only has 3 in!!! For me, it was to much work as i have frogs and betta's too, im not sure about you though.
  13. Oh wow, they are very nice! Mine are 100% aquatic and die within minutes if out of water, they just dry up and dehydrate! how hard to keep is your frog? they look LOVELY! Thanks for the comments everybody
  14. Thanks JoJo, they were all buried, so they can rest in peace for sure
  15. They sure are! they must be getting on for 3 1/2" or so now! they doing great, we mainly feed them pea's as you can see on the picture with the pea stuck to the filter! but we also feed them bloodworms, and all kinds of meat when cooking etc, their once than the cats once the meat comes out there going crazy trying to get some! Ham, chicken, lamb, chop it up into froggy sized bites and they love it! Thanks Jojo
  16. Its something that has to be done i guess. Almost a synthesized "Natural selection process", lets hope the chosen ones grow up to be gorgeous fish.
  17. thanks I let my mum get involved with that one, hence the blue stones you know what there like Otherwise it would have been 100% natural . Thanks for looking!
  18. Hey everyone, I just got a new Betta yesterday and would like to share his tank with you, along with the frogs tank. Its very plain at the moment, and simple,e but he was in with a lot of tail biting fish so his fins aernt very well at the moment, so im going to leave him like that until hes better, to reduce any stress that adding ornaments/new gravel might bring him. Hes in a heated and filtered 10 gallon on his own, i think it'l stay that way for a while, unless i see another that i REALLY Like, then il buy him and divide the tank, but for now its staying as it is. The pictures aernt very good since my camera's broken so i had to use my 8 year old one, better ones coming soon And heres the frogs tank They are african dwarf frogs. They have been in SO many tanks in there little lives, and are currently 9 years old. This home is a 20 Gallon and they LOVE it! i feel that keeping a frog in anything less than 3 gallons is cruel, since the love swimming and stretching there little legs! Thanks Craig
  19. But water changes are part of cycling a tank during the first week! im tempted to say that your LFS dont know what their talking about! Good luck with the fishy
  20. Theres 3 in this one 18 liters http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LARGE-GOLDFISH-BOWL-WITH-2-PLANTS-PEBBLES-AND-FISH_W0QQitemZ160404420769QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item2558d938a1
  21. I would have liked him, not to far from me, but i just dont have enough room! Poor fishy.
  22. I think my last little guy is on his way out now. Gasping for air at the surface, took the filter out to give him some rest and put it back in and hes still the same. Not looking good
  23. They are indeed the golden type Jenny. Ive just got the one now, he seems to be doing OK now, i dont think il bother with anymore now. I feel bad because i know they prefer schools, but i just dont have the money. Im going to put him in with one of my Betta males and see how they do together for the next few weeks.
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