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  1. I've used dark and light colored pantyhose for stuff and I've never had a problem with either.
  2. Wallaby

    Is This Horrible?

    So, a few months ago, I decided that I wanted to start a female betta sorority. I kinda did it spur of the moment and I really should have spent longer considering it. Basically, now I'm really wishing that I had done something different with that tank. I'm going to be away for most of the summer so whatever I'm going to change is going to change after the summer, but I'm wondering if it's horrible of me to want to give those 4 females away and do something different with the tank... What I kinda want to do at the end of the summer is sell that tank, 23 gallon half hex, with the filter and lid and broken light (it's not really broken, it just buzzes, the ballast needs to be replaced) and try to get maybe $40 for it, then set my 15 gallon tank up and get some bright schooling fish like 8 neons or something and keep my 5 cories in there too. The current tank is really kind of a display tank since it's set up basically in the middle of the living room and right now it's just gross. Since the proper light buzzes so much I have a smaller light on top of it that doesn't go with the tank at all and it's hard to clean since it's so tall. It's just basically an annoyance. I feel like if it were smaller and more interesting, that might be the way to go. I like having a tank there and it's a nice centerpiece, just not so much currently. Not to worry, it's heavily planted so the water is pretty clean and all the levels stay stable so I only have to top it off, but I feel like I should enjoy watching it, not just be all "that tank again." Yknow? Since I already have another filter and heater, I wouldn't really be losing any money in doing this, but I just kinda feel like a jerk getting fish then rehoming them after only a few months. But, at the same time, they really aren't living in the best situation right now so it might be better for them if they were in a new home... Obviously I have to make this decision on my own and I'll have plenty of time to think it over over the summer, but what would you do? Do you think it's horrible of me to consider this?
  3. I'm tempted to get an ADF or two to be tankmates for my betta and I don't know all that much about them, so if someone could enlighten me, that'd be great! BTW, my betta is a very calm, low key guy. He doesn't flare at anything really and he doesn't nip at my snails... I've tried looking them up online but there is a ton of conflicting advice and none of it seems very reliable. Currently the betta man is in a 5 gallon tank, but I have a free ten gallon that I think I'm going to move him to around August (I wouldn't be getting an ADF until August either), how much space do ADF's need each? Do they do better in groups? What do they eat? Can I make some sort of gel food for them? Do they prefer a certain kind of substrate? Do they do ok in a planted tank or will they dig up my plants like crazy? Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry you are having difficulties! D: Over on UltimateBettas they have a guide for making a divider but instead of sewing it together with string (which I kinda wondered if it would do weird things in the water...) they use plastic report cover binder thingys siliconed to the tank sides, then they slide the plastic mesh into it. Here's a link: http://www.ultimatebettas.com/index.php?showtopic=10124 If you wanted to still do it the way you were doing it, I had an idea of something safe to put it together with. Pantyhose! If you cut a strip of it off, then stick a needle of some kind through it, you can use it like thread. I've had lucky with a pin with a larger head, then tying the pantyhose strip to the pin. I have panthose in all my tanks in some form or another and I've never had issues at all. I've also used that plastic mesh quite extensively in my tanks without any problems as well. Good luck! It stinks when cool ideas don't work out.
  5. Congratulations to you and Chase! That's one heck of an accomplishment. And I agree with devilduck, pictures?
  6. Wallaby


    Goodwill is the best! I actually found my 30g goldie tank there too for $20, it didn't come with a light or anything though so that was kinda lame but still a good deal! My best friend and I, she's also really into fish, go there all the time for fish stuff, it's amazing what people just give away! Thanks! I'm just loving Shamus's coloring right now. I wasn't such a fan of it yesterday while I was still bummed that he wasn't blue and white, but I think I'm beginning to like his actual coloring even better. I'm just loving how his body is kinda a pink color with those dragon scales, then the beginning of his fins are so vibrantly red/burgundy, and then how they turn iridescent white/light blue/clear. He's very unique looking, I think. Somehow, he reminds me of a small animal and just brings out my maternal instincts all over the place. Haha *snuggles Shamus* Engelvee- The eggs do just stick. The female comes out of the water and lays them on the tank glass above the water/where ever she can get to out of the water and then you can just scrape them off with a credit card or a knife. Here's a great site that's basically the encyclopedia of apple snail knowledge: http://www.applesnail.net/ Good luck! But watch out, they don't look like much but they have so much personality for an invertebrate, you might get hooked! Heehee
  7. Wallaby


    Thanks guys! I'm really excited about his tank. I've always wanted a fully planted tank but I never had the right kind of lighting. Then I found that little tank at Goodwill (for $7, I might add, with the hood/light/filter/etc) and it turned out to have 3 watts per gallon, so heck to the yeah! So I went a little plant crazy, in a good way. Shamus is loving all that water SO much. It's the cutest thing. He is just booking it around the tank right now. Earlier he was slowly cruising along, flaring at everything like "you lookin' at me? huh? huh!?" So funny. *Stops and flares at tank glass, stops and flares at plants, stops and flares at gravel, stops and flares at snail, stops and flares at filter, etc* Toooooo funny. Yknow, I've been keeping apple snails for about a year and I have never had them eat plants that were alive. The only time I've had them munch on plants a little was when I had a plant that was shedding leaves/dying, which I found kind of helpful actually since they cleaned up the tank and put something that would have just been thrown out to use, yknow? The goldies eat my plants way more often than the snails do (and I have snails in all my three tanks). haha A lot of people seem to have an apple snail phobia like they're going to reproduce overwhelmingly/eat plants like crazy or something and I just haven't had that happen at all. I mean, last summer when I had a mature female she laid fertile eggs about 6 times but each time I just scraped the eggs off the side of the tank and threw them out. They take 7 days to hatch or so, so as long as you're paying attention to your tank, you should have plenty of time to find and dispose of them. Of course, you have to make sure you have an apple snail and not a kind that will eat your plants/multiply like crazy since they are mis-ID-ed sometimes, but yeah, they're pretty harmless. *rant over* Engelvee- Did you try an apple snail before? All the male bettas I've had (three, I only have one at a time) have lived with apple snails and I've never had problem. When this current snail's (clutch? what do they call that? lol) was born and the babies were about the size of a pin head, Gideon, my previous (rather aggressive) betta, would eat them but once they got to be about pea sized he stopped even trying. So as long as you get a bigger one, I bet you'd be just fine. Apple snails are lots of fun, and quite entertaining, my brother LOVES them. Heehee
  8. To comment on the pearlscale suggestion, I have my black moor in a tank with a one eyed fantail and a pearlscale and the pearlscale is actually the fastest of the bunch. In my case, the fantail and the moor are actually more compatible than the pearlscale and the moor. However, the fantail does bully the moor away from food sometimes so that's not really a perfect situation either. It probably depends on the pearlscale too. My little pearlie is a major pig who wants to eat everything while my other two are more laid back about food, so that could have something to do with it. I think I'd stick with another telescope or moor.
  9. Wallaby

    So Excited!

    Pictures! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83778-shamus/
  10. Wallaby


    My new boy Shamus! He's a Dragon Super Delta betta. He turned out to be burgundy and white. His fins are white with a light blueish sheen. He's REALLY tiny. Gideon was about 4 inches long including his tail but this guy is maybe 3 inches long, including his big tail, if he's lucky. I can already tell that he's quite the character. He was in a little tiny cup, tinier that Pets*mart cups, with only about the amount of water that a Dixie cup could hold, so I was kinda expecting him to be pretty skittish once I let him out into the "giant" 5 gallon tank. Not so much! He took about 2 minutes to get oriented and then he just charged off. He's been checking everything out and he's not scared in the least. I like him significantly already. Pictures!
  11. Oh no! *hugs* I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for Feldman!
  12. Wallaby

    So Excited!

    Tomorrow I get to go pick up my new super delta dragon betta! I found him on Monday when I went to the LFS to see if they had mm's as a last ditch attempt to save Gideon. They didn't have any mm's but they did have what looked to be a SUPER pretty betta so I decided to buy him and have them hold him there until Saturday since I was pretty sure Gideon was going to pass (and if he didn't, I was going to be thrilled and just go back and get my money back). But, Gideon passed, so I'm picking him tomorrow! The most super exciting thing about this is that I really have no clue what he looks like other than I'm pretty sure he's a dragon, and that I know he's a super delta (or at least a delta, he was marked as an SD). He was on a shelf about 6 inches above me, in a little cup, and in blue water so it's really anybody's guess. I know he has a lot of dragon looking-white on his body, with a chunk of darker color at the base of his all his fins which faded into clear/light blue. So he's like a magic surprise! Also, I've been in absolute love with delta's/SD's/HM's since the day I first saw one AND I've adored dragon's since forever, and now I'm hopefully getting one that's both! I've always had Pets*mart veiltails, never anything too fancy, so this is a big step up! Oh man. SO EXCITED. Oh! Also, coincidentally, on the ride home from the LFS on Monday when I bought him, my brother and I were thinking of names. The name we came to and really ended up liking was Shamus. Since my animals always end up living up to their names, I decided to look it up just in case it was something like Gideon where he became a hardcore fighter when he had previously been a wuss. And yknow what Shamus means? It means "one who supplants." I didn't know what "supplants" was so I looked that up and it means "to replace, take over for"!!! How perfect is that? After I read that, I knew that Shamus was his name without a doubt. I already have the tank all sterilized and set back up, now it just needs my Shamus to call it home. But yeah, me and my bff are heading to the LFS tomorrow at around 2 so I'll probably be posting pictures like crazy once he's home. SO EXCITED.
  13. Really? Toss the media? It's crushed coral and ceramic rings, maybe that changes it somehow? Haha Either way it works, I have plenty more coral but the rings were kinda spendy just to throw out... :/ But it'll be fine, really. Ok, I guess I'll start the filter in vinegar today so it's all set. Thanks Koko!
  14. So, my betta died from body rot and I'm thinking it's probably a good idea to really sterilize the whole situation before I bring home another betta, in case any body rot nasties are trying to hang around. I'm planning on using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for the tank since I've done that before and it seems to work well. But, I'm unsure how to sterilize the filter. It's a whisper submersible filter so all the water and stuff goes through a motor in the bottom of it, and since it's basically enclosed, I can't just spray the vinegar and stuff on like I've been doing for the tank... would it be adequately sterilized if I just ran it in some vinegar? I would use bleach but the other time I used bleach to clean a tank, I distinctly killed three fish, even after I rinsed it quite thoroughly. Also, filter media: how do I clean that?
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