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  1. The earth tilts on its axis and it happens to tilt at the wrong times.
  2. I love that the temperature is 10˚ cooler in the summer and 10˚ warmer in the winter in your pond. I have a predicament with my pond. It's in the shade in the winter and in the full sun in the summer.
  3. Love the pix! That's a cool pond. You say it's 6' deep? Love that! Is it a hole dug in the ground with a liner? I was wondering about the upper level pond. You are going to put the fancies in there? They might try to swim overboard with the waterfall and wind up in the main pond again.
  4. That's very interesting. Wow. I'd love to see pix of your pond and fish. I was wondering about the aquarium heater in your pond. How do you protect the plug-in part from the elements?
  5. I think it's colder in Tallahassee than here. Hope you stay warm! I'm worried about our pipes during this cold. I hope they don't burst.
  6. Wow! We could be neighbors! I'm in Ft. Walton Beach. I can't believe this cold weather either. It's going to get down to 20˚I think tonight. Brrr. I'm glad the fish have a way to cope with cold temps.
  7. That reminds me of an idea I had one winter. I was going to put some charcoal in a pot and light them like a barbeque. Then set it in the pond to float. I thought it would keep the pond warm overnight. But I thought I'd have to fan the coals to keep them burning. So I didn't do it. lol.
  8. Thanks so much cometgirl. I feel so much better now. I live in the panhandle of Florida so we get the same weather as Houston usually. I know this because my friend in Houston keeps me updated on how cold it gets. lol. You and I have about the same situation fishwise and pondwise and weatherwise. lol. Only my pond is above ground. Do you cover your pond in the wintertime or leave it open?
  9. I live in the panhandle of Florida and the weather lately has been getting below freezing. I have my pond covered with a tarp and a comforter. But the water still gets really cold. In the 50's I think. But no ice, like my birdbath and my other little fishless pond. You could go ice skating on them. lol. Somebody told me to put an aquarium heater in my pond. But I'm afraid to do that since it's outside and I'd hafta connect it to an outside receptacle. We are due for rain too. I just don't feel comfy with that. So I just hafta hope the tarp and comforter is sufficient. What do y'all think?
  10. Perhaps Shushi is a jealous fish. If you say he gets excited when you walk by, then he probably likes you and doesn't want competition. You might could try a catfish. A little one. One that won't pose a "threat" to Shushi's ego. lol.
  11. lol. I just thought they might like the mirror.
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