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  1. Congratulations! Good luck with the babies.
  2. I was wondering if sexing a young goldfish by looking at it's anus is accurate. Do I need to wait until the fish are at breeding age before I can look at their butts, or are their butts always innie or outie? Thanks, Josh
  3. Oh ok. I thought it looked a little like Drew Barrymore...but I couldn't tell.
  4. Pretty fish! Nice pics.
  5. I like your Chocolate Oranda! I have a question. Who's in your avatar?
  6. I just say "hey"...I think of it a bit pointless to say anymore since they don't know what you're saying.
  7. Beautiful coral; I like the last one.
  8. Great pictures! I went scuba diving in Jamaica, and it was an amazing experience. I would like to go to Hawaii sometime.
  9. That blue star looks awesome! Is it real?
  10. That little pink fish looks awesome. How long have you had a marine tank?
  11. Nice pics! Great looking tank!
  12. That looks...expensive! Nice pics, you have an amazing tank!
  13. 300 gallons! Wow! That's amazing! It must cost a FORTUNE keeping that thing running! I wish I could afford a marine tank. How long do you spend taking care of it each day?
  14. Well, I put some salt in yesterday, and I see NO signs of ich today. So, if it gets worse, I'll make a thread...but they're moving around great, and they have no ich on them. I'll keep treating with salt for a week to stay safe.
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