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  1. Congratulations! Good luck with the babies.
  2. I was wondering if sexing a young goldfish by looking at it's anus is accurate. Do I need to wait until the fish are at breeding age before I can look at their butts, or are their butts always innie or outie? Thanks, Josh
  3. Oh ok. I thought it looked a little like Drew Barrymore...but I couldn't tell.
  4. I like your Chocolate Oranda! I have a question. Who's in your avatar?
  5. I just say "hey"...I think of it a bit pointless to say anymore since they don't know what you're saying.
  6. Well, I put some salt in yesterday, and I see NO signs of ich today. So, if it gets worse, I'll make a thread...but they're moving around great, and they have no ich on them. I'll keep treating with salt for a week to stay safe.
  7. Wow! That's a big beauty! You're really lucky to have such a fish!
  8. It looks like my fish have just caught ich. I'm not sure how...the place I bought them from takes VERY good care of their fish. I've lost over 30 fish because of ich...so if these guys don't make it through it, I'm done...for good. (The fish in my Avatar caught ich, but I treated her with Quick Cure, and she healed. But, apparently, I didn't treat her enough...they came back over night after the treatement, and she was covered in it. The Ich was even on her eyes and in her mouth...parts of her wen started falling off...it was horrible. I guess, when ich's not fully treated, and it returns, it's MUCH more aggressive!!)
  9. Wow, that's awesome. Congrats on your fry!
  10. That's exactly the Symptoms of flukes. When you're not feeding, or doing something around them, they lay down and do nothing. But when feeding time comes around, they act normal. Flukes will not kill you fish directly. What it does is it eats away the slime coat that keeps your fish healthy. If the slime coat is taken away, fish are much more susceptible(sp?) to illness. Here is some info on Flukes: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=21493 There used to be a topic that someone wrote explaining the best way to treat flukes...but I don't know where it went...
  11. Actually, goldfish prefer to live alone. If they're alone, they know there's no competition to eat. It sounds like maybe your fish has Flukes...
  12. Oh, cool! I have some of those! I'll give it a try, thanks!!
  13. I was just wondering...what's the rarest type of goldfish? If anyone knows, I'd like to see some pictures.
  14. Well, I've just recently gotten back into the goldfish hobby, so my 30 gallon tank has been sitting in the attic for a year or so. Well, it's got white stuff all over the glass. What's the safest way for the fish to clean this? Should I just use Glass Plus? Help please!!
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