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  1. well...to answer your first question even though your a gallon short u should be able to house the three fish, secondly depending on how u feed them and their personality they could be compatible base on these two factors (my moor and bubble eyes are doing very well with a variety of facies...heck i think they end up eating more then them even with their handicap lol)
  2. i'm not sure if Colorado has a china town or not but if they do u should try to find a fish store there? they should have a variety of fish to choose from there in comparison to those chains stores (seems to be the case for me anyways)
  3. since u like number three (I think from a previous post) why not just get that one? It looks the best out of all 7 anyways
  4. That's fine with me although I would like to just say one thing then u can delete and I won't post on this thread hence forth (since you said it so nicely). I didn't start any debates since I'm kind of a passive guy but if u say something about me in a way I fine misleading I will simply reply back nor does it have to continue. p.s your friend really does sound like a good friend (after reading it again) so why not return the crosses without him having to give up his two orandas? would be a nice gesture I think
  5. Clone, I appreciate your response however you should have seen through this series of posts, I had given thought of the options I needed to keep the idiots out of my business. When you consider lying to him, it's not only him who is at fault... 1. This is my friend's conscience. 2. It is also MY conscience for goading him to lie about it. That is selfish of me. Would you do this for your own cause as much as I wanted to but had no courage to do this? You have your OWN definition of a "good" friend but please spare me the criticism. I do not need to redefine what a good friend for me is. This is a good friend of mine whom I would NOT rather lose or have the bonds sever. This is the person who helped me through tight corners with my goldies offering his spare time to build filters, etc. I very rarely find friends like that who offer too much time just to help me through some things. In return, I helped him with his goldfish's health issues, etc. That's what friends are for. He REPEATEDLY apologized about it, in person and online. That was just enough for me to finally resolve myself into this decision however unwilling I was. You don't have to continue this trivial debate with MrsMohr. She does NOT need it. I'm fine if you don't like how I tried to resolve this issue without trying to involve myself and my goldfish but don't misjudge me for what I was. Again, I am NOT the person who bears grudges with anyone too long. That's not how I am and I am not going to change that, no matter the circumstances. I've already said I don't like to be stressed too much over something. This has taken long and I had given EVERY thought about this. I think u should consider re-reading my post and wat I quoted because I think u misinterpreted wat was being said and who they were directed too. Firstly I was stating my priorities because they were being questioned (basically why I chose this over that). Secondly I guess u didn't read that part where u should lie to your friend so he wouldn't have to lie because he think it is true saving u both the trouble and his conscience? Thirdly wat is there to continue? we both came to conclusion an I just reaffirm it (unless she was being sarcastic then...) Also I didn't start any trivial debate to begin with because...I wasn't the instigator? (so I guess I should be the one saying I do not need this?) Lastly did u even read post #39?
  6. and me to u, glad we came to an understand =)
  7. Well I still stand by with wat I said BUT I do however hope u both learn something from this otherwise it would have been all for nothing...and u still have to re-earn the little bit of respect that was lost by posting pictures of ALL your fish and a treating me to a Tim Hortons coffee =P (doubt anyone knows about timmies unless their from canada =()
  8. So your just giving in...? I'm sorry to say this and I'm most likely gonna get flame for this but I kinda lost a bit of respect for you lupin because from wat you been saying about your friend's friends and his dad...u basically gave those two fish a death sentence... Clone: What an absolutely AWFUL thing to say to somebody! Obviously Lupin did what he felt he needed to do to make this guy stop harassing a good friend of his. Honestly would you have kept a couple of goldfish if a good friend of yours was constantly being harassed by someone as relentless as this guy, if so then you should really learn to prioritize. Lupin did what he felt was right in this situation for his friend and obviously he is upset about the decision that he had to make (which i completely agree with btw) and he's having a hard time with it...he has posted this tread for the support of this forum not for people to bash him for the hard decision he had to make. I'm sure your mother tought you the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" and you most likely should have used that bit of advice on this tread. MrsMohr: Firstly, what I consider a good friend is obviously different then your interpretation because they would: A) wouldn't mind telling a white lie B) wouldn't harass me relentlessly because someone is harassing them relentlessly C) believe in a lie so he wouldn't have to lie because he believes it is true D) etc (I could go on but I will stop here) so I know about my priorities and who I consider my "good" friends...also I may have agree with u on his decision if he didn't include certain things in the post and believe me I did exercise the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all" by not including a lot of things and I did not "bash" I just responded out of sadness and facts from previous post on the subject, if we're to take "bash" or "bashing" for what it is then in that regard you are in actuality bashing me for the hard decision I had to make in posting as I did, I'm also sure your mother taught you the whole "when your angry it's better to say nothing at all because your most likely gonna regret what you say" and you most likely should have used that bit of advice towards my post (because I know when people are angry). So if you would like to further discuss the matter MrsMohr how bout msging/posting on my profile page because I would love to further discuss it with you if you like (and anyone else for that matter so we don't waste space on this thread in regards to my previous post =)) Also MrsMohr I would like to state why I wrote the way I did for your benefit and hopefully you will understand me a little bit more and WHY I posted the way I did A) certain things in the post B) the situation is similar to a situation that happen to me...replaces the two fish with a brother and sister
  9. So your just giving in...? I'm sorry to say this and I'm most likely gonna get flame for this but I kinda lost a bit of respect for you lupin because from wat you been saying about your friend's friends and his dad...u basically gave those two fish a death sentence...
  10. It's probably just me but doesn't anyone else think it's has an eye injury? (I see blood)
  11. I think u mean fishsempai? and he's from canada but he does ship to the states though...good selection of goldfish may I add
  12. if that for one box...then the more u buy the cheaper it is...unless u can only put one fish per box then yeah that's to much
  13. he does? only once a month though or twice depending on the amount of orders
  14. O_O hope your kidding lol plus I still need a camera >.>; can't really bring my lappie to take pics lol but I do plan to go there again XD
  15. well when I got my ranchu and lionhead, I kinda notice that it's tail was different then the other ranchu I had which was like ^ ^ /|\ / \ / | \ while my new ranch had something like / \ / \ | | so I search it up and it mention how there are ones with three tails one with four tails and some cherry blossom tail? I would provide a link to where I read it but not sure if I am allow or not? but if u search google ranchu four tail u'll see wat I mean >.<
  16. u shouldn't feel to bad...unless something happens but as long as u bought it from a source u trust, u should be fine. I had fish for 10 years an I haven't QT once...although I usually buy it from one place...not to mention I only learn about QTing recently
  17. I know there are three kinds of tails types fancy can have but I can't seem to find pics of cherry blossom tail...I know how three tail and four tail looks like so that why I'm interested in finding out the cherry version >.<
  18. http://www.fishsempai.com/gallery_product_Detail.asp?id=505 >.< if only I was there sooner...
  19. I have to say it's was my first time on one an it completely blew my mind...huge tubs everywhere, the water was so clean...I could drink from there (although I don't think I really should hahaha), depending on the fish they put them in buckets for u to view...or in tanks. Very nice experience...I would go again if it wasn't so far -_- (2 hour drive there and back)
  20. then u have to go find and buy/see one D: I didn't really have a camera so couldn't really take pics -_-
  21. http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc315/clone702008/Photo23-1.jpg <---lionhead http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc315/clone702008/Photo24-1.jpg <---ranchu here they are....and I really need to get a camera lol so hard to take good pics from my built in laptop webbie
  22. Since it's only once or twice so far...why not wait and see wat happens before doing anything?
  23. maybe someone on the forums will take him =D?
  24. well thanks for the help guys...so I pick c since it seems everyone prefer that one but I found a couple that I like that wasn't in the pics >.< like a black oranda with lion head wen growth (never had I seen a fish so black...and I have a black moor lol), Huge black ranchu, different calicos like A...and a few others. Sadly I couldn't get them since gf like the lion head most so I end up buying that one lol. Also pics really don't do the goldfish justice lol...since I thought they would be small from the pics but wow...they aren't
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