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  1. I think taste/preference played a big role in what they breed or kept breeding. Hence why certain varieties of goldfish are gone or no longer available commercially because there wasn't much demand for them anymore.
  2. Looks like a tumor but could also be fungus or a parasite problem
  3. It's a Singaporean coin term (also called head down), http:/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/forums/index.php?showtopic=6302&hl=Head+stand There should be a link in there that goes further on the subject.
  4. I think they kept and breed them as food at first lol. After they mutated and came in different colors did they decide to keep/breed them as pets.
  5. When their head seems to be heavy and they do a hand stand but with their head. The general consensus is genetics, body head composition, and posture. I haven't seen a cure for this condition but other then this quirk the fish is perfectly fine, although it might be better to put them in more shallow water. Hopefully I'm wrong in my assessment.
  6. hmmmm this looks like the helicopter phenomenon to me but I could be wrong
  7. Hmmm.... I hadn't realized. I thought general consensus was 10g for fancies. I think it's 20g for the first fish then 10g each for every subsequent fish now Hmmm.... I hadn't realized. I thought general consensus was 10g for fancies. You could probably get away with it now as long as you have proper filtration and keep up on those water changes I think the rule of thumb is 20 gallons for the first and 10 gallons for each fish after that and 20 gallons per single tail beat me to it lol
  8. It depends but I think it should be okay...just make sure he get his fair share of food and don't fall back on those water changes.
  9. Could try getting establish BB from people or the local fish store maybe?
  10. Lion head most likely...Also, did you end up getting it?
  11. Thanks for the input guys, wish some green water users could provide some insight on the matter...but never the less, I think I'm gonna go for it.
  12. So I was wondering how many people here are using/have green water and what their experience is like?
  13. pond or aquarium? If aquarium go for the shukin
  14. Since your from Canada you could get the pro gold from fish sempai. Plus u might want to try Saki hikari?
  15. Shouldn't be a problem as long as you declared them at the border and have no more then 8? Should check at the link I gave kukan or read this one http://goldfishkeepers.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-3346.html they go more in depth about it there
  16. You might be able too if you don't mind driving and crossing the border into Canada?
  17. from what I read he was still waiting on his permits so he can start shipping to the states again (but that was in June/July) so you could email him and see if he does or not? If he doesn't, you could do what these people did http://goldfishkeepers.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-4274.html
  18. I don't think picture do them justice compare to the videos! His fish are alway so nice...and so cheap [[embedvideo]] <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/SDDiLj0OlsI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [[embedvideo]] I can't wait till he get more calico's in...buying a few of those for sure. In any case took the plunge and bought 5...will have to give one away though
  19. So the fish sempai is getting some nice ranchu's in and I was wondering if anyone from the gta/toronto wanted to get a patch with me? Since the special is 5 for $140 (regular is 1 for 40). They are chocolate or blue and I think they are 8-10cm? If not then maybe I should just get one so I can have more space for calico and red/white tvr ranchus? Suggestions on what I should do =)
  20. wow...that's all I can say...some people might think u don't know where your priority's are for choosing a fish over a friend but I think u dersever a metal or a badge...or something in that nature for saving that poor fish =(. It just sucks that other pets have more rights then other sometimes...So people can treat their goldies badly without any consequences >.<
  21. eh? did I say she was rude in nature somewhere? O.o I just thought the caps YOUR was implying she meant her question in a sarcastic way and implying or rather assuming hendrxy lied (or is doubting better?) about ordering her fish even though she say she did was harsh. Assuming u didn't meant in that way then I am sorry ryukin girl but gosh people sure focus on one word i said rather the me being productive an anwsering your question lol. which by the way thanks koko for anwsering =D it's always good when more people know about canada >.< Hey there Lupin i would like to say as u to me that i'm kinda done talking with u and if u can give me the same courtesy as I gave to u by not responding or replying or posting in regards to wat u said in other post/threads would be great. please don't start anything with me thanks, goodbye, and have a nice day
  22. ugh...wish I new had to edit errr actually I kinda assume your in one of the major cities in which case I can see how it would take three days if u live wayy up north or north west he isn't in toronto anymore >.<, he's in guelph now sadly O_O (my life would be so much easier if he was still located here) ummmmm your rather harsh =( u should maybe give hendryx a break? Depending on where she is in ontario it may cost ALOT for gas alone ranging in the hundreds zone, hence a local pickup is unfeasable...Plus canada is a alot bigger then the states and we only have 10 provinces and 3 territories so...basically ontario is like 5+ states combined? so...yeah...>.<
  23. where exactly are u in ontario if u don't mind me asking? (might be able to help out) and the 3 days is a type o right? (should take u a couple of hrs to half a day...or in a worse case scenario a day depending where u are (personal experience))
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